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Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

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Description : shoutout anuuu beats for making the beat for this, the song was bad so i scrapped it.
heres the accapella

Description : NO SPOTIFY OR ANY PAID STREAMING services without contacting me plz.

Very light EDM pop vocal

Credits: ft. Sergi Yaro

You may use this acapella in your track as long as its a free usage(soundcloud,youtube)

This acapella is also available for licensing.if you plan to pitch the track to label or selling it,plz contact me first at my email in my bio - you may support me or say thanks by your donation


Description : don't upload to streaming sites
-feat canifallasleepnow

Description : Use it for free.

Use my name like this (Ft. Fx killen)

Description : Hi!

Please use my name in your song (ft. Fx killen)

Description : Needs volume raised, equalization, little FX, moderate best expensive autotune, might be on 100 tempo and may be in G minor but please check. I'm very insecure with my innate abilities still.
Can be either Pop or RNB or chopped for EDM and EDM tempo or stretched. In 4/4.

Description : Here's another acapella from my single my brother check out the EPIC music video (you can also use music video for your *remix*)

If you use my acapella you must name it "Michael Mayo - My Brother Ft. Seba Dentis (Yourname Remix)"

You may not put on Spotify, apple music, tidal or other monetized services without my explicit permission... HMU on IG: @michaelmayomusic or my website

Ask me about the MIDI

Description : I wrote this after reading "Bloom into you" manga, one of my favorites
Hope you like it

Spanish espanñol mexico latino lyrics edm trap sad love unrequited couple manga anime otaku girlfriend edm dubstep future bass trap hardstyle trance

Description : I like to be up to date with my Pop, Hip Hop, RNB and EDM.
My greatest influences are Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry and Beyonce.
You can check to make the key is G m but it sounds to me like it is. No matter how strong the mic and singing is and 6 inches away, it does need volume raising, slight FX, moderate Antares or other best autotune or melodyne or something like that and equalization because all singing and music needs that to be properly aligned and professional. I am on the 4/4 beat.

More of a Lofi/Indie sound, have fun :)

Please put "Ft. callmedezz" in your remix. Post your remixes below, I'd love to hear them!

Description : Please read the entire description before using the vocal

Check it out, my acappella "All We Need".
For commercial use license details, email me ;)
(email on my profile)

Do you want custom vocals or to buy commercial licenses?
Just email me for a quote.
(email on my profile)


If you do a non-commercial song with my vocal, don't forget to share it below in the comments. ;)
Feat me like (You feat Junior Paes)

Description : part 2 of the rock hook, download the first part of this if you haven't already.

Description : A singer tried to sing a hook for me, I was gonna use it but it didnt work out for personal reasons, so instead of just deleting it I might as well just upload on here. vocal is in the key of E minor

Description : Feel free to use in your commercial work

Hope to hear your tracks!

Check out the full vocal track and Acapella on our links in the profile section of this page.

Description : yes antidote is spelt wrong on purpose :)

If you use name it "Michael Mayo - Anidote (Yourname Remix)"

Vocal stems are available on my website

and if you would like to use for commercial use contact me on!

C# minor

Description : Redid again. 50th time.
I have a bit of Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys in me.

Description : FOLLOW ME @sl.isc insta
Have fun with this, if you want to post anything regarding the accapella make sure you get permissions from me.
there is a chance i will complete the accapella after shown the song.

Description : I added more verses and sung again in the recording.
I think this may be G minor in 4/4 and 100 tempo but please check first.
You can use moderate autotune and mild FX, equalization and slight compression if need to and volume adjustments. And stretching the tempo a bit and place on every first of 4/4 beat and semitones and main key change 2-3 notes if needed.
Volume a tad raised too.

Description : Just singing some frou frou, practicing layering n stuff

Description : An R&B/Pop song I went back to.
100 tempo in 4/4.
Don't know the right key.
I just randomly sung it.
I'm going to guess lower mid G# minor?
It needs volume raising, mild FX, melodyne or autotune, vocal doubling, and equalization to the vocals and music. A very professional touch.

Description : Revised with better recording and better singing!
Just a fun EDM song!
Wants to be made into a 3:28 song!

Description : Needs moderate FX, volume raised, equalization for music and vocals, moderate autotune, pitch correction that isn't melodyne, and any effects for commercial Pop EDM for high quality studio, radio FM, TV, major record labels. I just found these the most best quality and prettiest!
I was told I need a Neuman or Shure instead of Road microphone. Rode is pretty decent.
I can't afford the full price of one or near it.
Maybe someone has one they can give me.
If you feel this isn't studio grade.

Description : Please all I request is simply you contact me with permission before releasing anything having to do with my vocals and projects.It need volume raised and equalization, some FX, autotune or pitch correction, tempo stretching, pasted to the first of every 4 beats.

Description : Please ask me if you want to use this in any way for commercial purposes! The vocals need extra volume and blending 2 of the same tracks together and can semitones for harmonies. Slight FX, moderate autotune or melodyne, stretching to the tempo of 123 or 125, placed on the first of every 4 beat in 4/4. Vocal and music equalization is required also. You can semitone it any way you want if you wish or select the key you want!
I think I'm going to redo it again as it's a little rusty!

Description : You can have commercial license or permission to produce commercial free to use to access my songs. I'm affiliated with BMI.
You are free to semitone higher or lower any notes, volume raise vocals, volume adjust vocals, volume equalization on both vocals and music.
Autotune or melodyne, stretch the vocals around the tempo, copy and paste the vocals to the first of every 4/4 beat, use sparingly and a little FX.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 5797
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