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Description : 3 verses

Description : For non-commercial use - contact me for commercial use. Please send me links to finished tracks

Description : Guestpart, deep, mystical

Description : Long Verse :D

Description : Halluzinationen

Description : send me finished track, stoked to hear! couldnt find bpm... contact for commercial/profit use

sound cloud is searzofficial

Description : wrote for the bjac song sunshine if used include ft metaled in the title also donations are always needed the bpm is 104

Description : A little verse I made up for a friend and recorded it so I didn't forget lyrics.
I personally think it turned out pretty sweet and didn't want to get rid of it.
I'd love to hear if it get used!

Description : not sure bpm, but im sure yall with figure it out. little verse. free for on commercial use, contact otherwise. send me your tracks!

Description : 29 bars of audio
from my last project
use it how you want just put ft. akabedhead

Description : raw vocals

Description : all the best is now and here

Description : Political corruption

Description : I was too lazy to write something meaningful so I used the words that pop up on my phone keyboard to make this. I know it's awesome right you don't have to let me know that ßmile

Description : D# Minor Key.
Game of Thrones Finale Season 8 was disappointing but Arya Stark's character was always strong. She even killed the Night King. So I had to say a verse about her.

Description : I'm imagining a young tarzan boy..

Description : We are only Tourists on Mother Earth, but make a lot of Noise and destroy everything.

Description : not sure bpm, but I believe in yall. please contact for purchase or commercial use. love to hear the finished stuff. hit me up on soundcloud com searzofficial

Description : Extension from my chorus hook. Wet and dry

Description : I gotz dem celebrie
Wet and dry

Description : BPM 120, I believe the key is G.
I recorded it, using the house loop that I found here: 154898 .

Please mention me in your track name (feat Ksufus), mention in the description my SC\Ig (@ksufus) and share the link here in the comments.

If you want to release these vocals or use some other way commercially, please contact me through SC\IG\email to discuss details.

Description : Scrapped song idea
Credit Sean Pharo
Contact me for commercial use

Description : Originally a freestyle to Logic's Homicide
Credit Sean Pharo

Contact me for noncommercial use/collabs

Description : this is the 2nd verse from my track "madearight" (posted under profile/tracks)
Free for non commercial use, contact xxlizzy7 at for commercial use (see profile for further contact info)

Description : Originally a remix to Meek Mill's 24/7
Throw this over a chill lofi beat with some effects or something
Credit me as Sean Pharo
Hit me up for commercial use

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