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Description : Original song recorded at Full Sail -Real World Education- now known as Full Sail University, if you look up Dear Jessica by William Gammon on youtube you will see the original video. . .

Description : Original Vocal written and performed by Rycon. Tag me in what you make I'd love to hear.

Description : dry vocals for full song i wrote, not quite sure what the exact bpm is, i'm sorry :( please, if you use my acapella pls pls pls put "ft. Yahali" and also link below!!!

ps. also some pauses, too lazy to fix them sorry :((

Description : fixed the audio took off delay. Original hook written and performed by Rycon. Have fun tag me in your work, I'd love to hear it.

Description : japanese rap

Description : japanese rap

Description : The second part that accompanies the Conspiracies - part 1 of 2 file.

Cut, slice, dice, do whatever you want to do with these vox. DM me if you want a higher res MP3 or WAV.

Please credit Ashes and Dreams in the title (feat. Ashes and Dreams, or however you want to title it). Thank you!

Have fun exploring and creating. :)

Description : The truth is somewhere in between? You decide. :)

This a cappella goes along with part two (uploaded separately).

Verses are in C#minor, chorus is D#minor. DM me if you want a higher res MP3 or WAV.

This song can be used freely under a Creative Commons - Attribution Only license. Please credit Ashes and Dreams in the title. Thank you.

Description : original hook written and performed by Rycon. have fun, free to use.

Description : Composed in Vocaloid4 with Ruby. Composed mostly for rock or any other high-energy genre. Feel free to cover and reupload, :) Lyrics also written by me.
Ruby is a bit weird because I had to tweak her quite a bit to get her to okay, but after that she's great, though I'm used to working on lower octaves.

Description : Feel free to share with me your tracks / Envoyez-moi vos crations
DM Instagram : @guizano_
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Description : Free Use, just CREDIT ME
"Hacia el interior - Ashesndreams"
written and recorded for a trance music project that didn't happen

Love trap trance EDM pop Future bass kawaii guaracha female vocals spanish latino mexico romance anime

Description : The hook to my new song "Chalo", which you can listen to on all platforms

Chalo means Come On/Let's Go in english

Description : The song i made with it can be heard at soundcloud if you search: Henjo - Someone I Knew
I would love to hear what you make with it so don't be afraid to share in the comments!

Description : Drop what you make in the comments!

Description : Show me what you got in the comments!

Description : This is a Swedish song!

Description : Original Vocal, Lyric by Rycon

Description : I made this recording a year ago, for a project with a friend, but we never published the final result. So, I'll leave the acapella here in case someone can make better use of it, it's free, I JUST WANT THE CREDITS LIKE "ASHESNDREAMS"

trap pop reggaeton vocal female spanish sex explicit autotune mexico latin r&b

Description : The hook to my song Karma

Description : French rapping. Its a hook and a verse. Feel free to do with it whatever you want. Please send the product into the comments so i can take a listen :)
(Already mixed for the most part with Reverb and Delay and sorry if the key is not correct)

Description : The hook from my song Inconsistent

Description : The hook from my song Brown Girl

Description : Please only tag " Ft French Summer Breeze"
share and enjoy :)

Description : These are the acapellas to one of my songs, I removed Reverb and Echo so that you can experiment a bit more. I left EQ and Compression and deharshed the S sound so... It should be good from the getgo. Also has autotune so the tuning doesn't need more tuning lol

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 985
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