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Description : Hey check out the chorus to my new song titled nighttime! The full song is on soundcloud in my bio! If you would like the full version download follow me on IG and shoot me a dm! IG: imarka_

If you use this hook please add (FT. I'mARKA) somewhere in your title!

Description : Any and all commercial use of this Acapella MUST go through me and my management. The lyrics are mine, any and all unauthorized uses will be pursued lawfully. Please stay within the guidelines of fair use when using this acapella. Thank you. Enjoy.

Description : Entertainment

Description : original is by jaxxon go support him, this is my cover. enjoy.

Description : Just a freestyle i did call [OUTCOM], if you're interested in getting the license please read profile, enjoy

if you send me the song and it's off tempo or just doesn't match i will immediately stop listening

Do not Upload My Music To Distrokid without license or i will report you when i find out, those that have already no worries your flag is pending and you will be suspended

Description : My poetry in English. Words & Voice by Igor Pose.

Chill Out
Trip and Hip Hop
and other sound philosophy

Description : Dancehall style

Description : Straight from the mind to the mic no backing..30 mins

Description : Wet and dry..

Description : if used include ft metal ed in the title thank you

Description : credit me when you done

Description : links please :D

Description : please use it if you like it
send me links

Description : some sort of dry chorus

please send me your links
would love to see it mastered mixed and with instrumental :)

Description : From my demo track on my trax page.

This is my own custom english cover of Khaled Famous arabic song called Didi
Disabled the delay efx from the demo track

Description : This is a new indie stle version i've sung to a tube instruemental refer to my trax page.

The much older original is also up

Description : My email is on my profile.
Please send me your links, I would love to listen to what you have made.

Soundcloud: Cole The VII

Description : Refer to my sample track with utube instrumental by JAcques Toni

Acapella is wet if you have a good commercial track let me know if you need them dry split..

Description : Ever get that feeling? No? only me..?

5 layered wet mix on first section and dry split all layers..

Description : Mountain Machine - I can see it in your eyes

Description : i dont give a fuck about anything.

Description : energy

Description : wheres the change in my life and when is it coming.

Description : focus

Description : contemplating

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 7152
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