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Description : Virginia Beach, Virginia

Description : Virginia Beach, Virginia

Description : I'm looking forward to seeing your result for this vocal I made. If you publish it, don't forget to put it as "Guineer, Obligal, LT DR - Not My Fault (Your Name Remix)".

Description : Acapella available for use, visit my profile for details.
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Description : Description : This CANNOT be used commercially without a license. That includes sampling and rearranging.

If used non-commercially you must add me as a featured artist.
"Track Title" 'You [feat. Mutilator]

I left it mostly dry so that desired fx could be added on your end.

Don't forget to leave a link / comment to your work!

Description : Description : Use this for whatever the heck you want, I don't care. You really don't need to tag me or credit me, just have fun with it.

Feel free to link to it in comments. Love peace and bacon grease.

Description : Freestyle by Louie Bagels

Description : I sang this poem to music Musicwithoutborders

Description : My philosophical poetry in Russian. Words & voice by Igor Pose. Commercial licence required.
Genres: House, Ambient, Chill Out, Techno, Trip and Hip Hop and other sound philosophy

Description : Description : I'm waiting for a remix from you
When loading, specify (feat MYAKESH)

for example, you can find the full track on all sites)

Desired DeepHouse genre

Lyrics - Katerina Bilibina
Artist - MYAKESH

Description : Freestyle by Rapper Louie Bagels
Email me your hottest remix!

I have a beat I made to this already but I want to hear what the community got! You guys and gals are fire!

Description : Tieso Type EDM Vocals!

If you like put Ft. Michael Mayo In the title

If you want to use for commercial use contact me first!

Description : acapella in the style of hyperpop / rage
link what u make in the comments :)
credit me pls (ft. joenuts)
open 2nd verse so if you wanna hop on id love to hear it

Description : Here's another one for you! I have removed most of the deep verbs and delays so you have something to work with. I REALLY look forward to hear what you guys can do with this one, because I think it's a pretty decent take. Hope you like it, and as always you can use it anywhere you want, but if you publish the track to spotify etc please use DistroKid and split the earnings 50/50. All that is in my profile bio.

Pleease remember to post your tracks under so I can hear them!

Description : My family asked me to write a song representing our island Puerto Rico and this is what I came up with. Now all it needs is a tough beat behind it.
Have fun!
Please share your work with this file in the comments and tag me on social media.
Thank you

Description : Put Ft Shinkie Maz if you use it
This is the verse to the comeoutside hook, I write catchy hooks, verses , full songs for those who need some for a very small fee get in touch the next one could be yours

Description : Put ft shinkie Maz if you use it
I write hooks , choruses, verses for those that need them get in touch with me if you need dry vocals my Instagram handle is on my looperman profile , hope you enjoy get in touch for a custom hook the next one could be yours

Description : Pop Angelic Type Vocals - Why Lie


Description : Burner. Contact me for exclusive purchase on my Instagram prod.drezzz

Description : A Punk Rock Anthem!!!!!

Description : To purchase this hard dmx, eminem, lil wayne, drake, future, nardo wick type vocal hit me up on insta. link in bio my g!

Description : Do you want to use this vocal, or work with me? Go to my profile.
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Description : 180.3 tempo :)
Hope everyone has fun with this one! :)
contact me on Instagram if you would like commercial rights

Description : Soaked out in the Grease Pond

Description : This was recorded for a different project but was scrapped after a few revisions so I hope my friends here can do something cool with these vocals.
Have fun!
Please share your work with this file in the comments and tag me on social media.
Thank you!

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 10002