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Description : This is off my friends track Shotty. The rapper is AFGoblin and it features Mikey Nolan of Da Shiznit. You can use it for whatever you want as long as you credit AFGoblin and Mikey Nolan.

Description : Wet only. If u need em dry my email is on my profilw page

Description : I'm not a good singer but it's my first song so if you want to remix it I'll be my pleasure to hear it !
Enjoy or not :)

Description : Wet and dry

Description : hi here is my acapella feel free to contact my adreess is on my looperman profile peace

Description : That girl... 2 verses, 2 hooks, 95 bpm. Please credit OPAG. For non commercial use only.

Description : In this party tonight, I'm not the only one who wants that girl... 3 verses, 120 bpm. Please credit OPAG. For non commercial use only.

Description : We are weird, but cool. 3 verses, 4 hooks, 123bpm. Please credit OPAG Feat. Kamel. For non commercial use only.

Description : About a guy who loves girls. Every girls. 3 verses, 3 hooks, 88 bpm. Please credit OPAG. For non commmercial use only.

Description : Last version of the lyrics. Sorry for those who used the first one. Please replace it if you published it. And thank you for your great remixes!

Description : 119bpm acapella for a pop song

Credits: ft. Sergi Yaro

You are free to use this acapella in your track as long as its a free usage(soundcloud, youtube)

This acapella is also available for purchase for exclusive buyout or royalties split + recording fee. So if you plan to pitch the track to labels or selling it somewhere, plz contact me first through my email in my bio...

Thanks, cheers

Description : experimenting with a diffrent vibe!

Description : Hi everybody this my last acapella i make it with my phone so if you want to make a collab with me on this project ill be glad to work with you peace
feel free to contact me my adress are on my profile

Description : just a funky hook. wet n dry. check out da beat for it same name

Description : If you want to upload this to apple music and spotify and make money, hit me up on Instagram for approval.
(I don't want any money, I just want to authorise it)

IG name on looperman profile.
comment what you've done too.

Hook I made up with vocal harmonies included you can use. Be creative.

the word 'peices' falls on the first beat of the bar.

I can write and sing custom hooks for cheap, any style you need,
hit me up on instgram if you want me on your song.

Description : Please link me to the song or beat make sure you credit me

Description : Closest Key C# min, Can be linked with E Maj Key as well. BPM-170 or 85.
Talks about the unpredictable nature of the world, How one thinks that he got the world figured out and then "LIFE" happens. And that is the true reality.

Description : HMU if you make something fire with this! Dry vox stems available upon request

Description : ENJOY! Listen to the original it is most definitely fire and you will get some great ideas!
Can't wait to hear your remixes!

send them to :)


Description : This song was made in 2010, voice and lyrics created by me! Leave your comment and link from your remix ...
good job beatmakers

Description : Something semi-new to bring some life back to my account. It's a little dark but has enough parts to use for electronic or EDM.

It's set up with:
Ghosted Intro Chorus/Verse/Chorus (regular)/Verse/Chorus (empty)

Chords I think I used are G Bb F C for chorus and G Bb C for the verses.

Description : Wet only. If you the vocals dry u can email me . Profile page has my email. Thks. Nick

Description : This my first ragga acapella i reccord it with my phone so if you want make a project feel free to contact so make it burn!!!
the lyrics is so amazing make a translation if you wat to understand ahahahahha i

Description : My poetry. Words & Voice by Igor Pose.

Chill Out
Trip and Hip Hop
and other sound philosophy

Description : Enjoy this acapella be sure to credit both Ryan and myself in the title!

Support the original:

if you'd like to send me your song visit:

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