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Description : something i just wrote

Description : just randomly recording testing my mixing skills

Description : Recorded from Phone therefore there's slight noise in the background. Sorry about that.
It's all about the emotions linked with the words of this song.

Description : F Minor (Closest Key)
It's a hook about love and life. It can relate to a lot of things in general. That is why it fits as a hook. Sorry it's a bit noisy

Description : hey been a while so i decided to upload something for ya'll

check me out on soundcloud and spotify
and show me what you do with this hook.

-Ty Gets

Description : A simple hook I did for someone and he never used it. He kinda just freestyled it for laughs but... Feel free to use it in whatever you like, would love to hear it.

Description : These are some singing vocals I just did for you all, they’re to be used for personal use only, if you would like to upload any projects using my vocals please read my page on how to get the license

Description : just a quick warmup session before recording other tracks, just a few phrases... do what you like, any genre bpm's ect.. just have fun with them, Any mixes please message me with the links ect..

Description : Contact me if you want the dry version or using commercially!

Description : EQ's + Reverb + Comp + bit of Delay. There is no autotune. I was recording it for BPM 128, I believe the key is F.

Please mention me in your track (feat Ksufus), mention in the description my SC\Ig (@ksufus) and share the link here in the comments.
Do NOT release this vocal before negotiation.
If you want to use this vocal COMMERCIALLY, please contact me through SC\IG\email to discuss details.

Description : My poetry, read in russian. Lyrics & voice by Igor Pose.

Description : A warning to your brain by Shamoozey! A good intro for some dark house music.

Description : just a chorus hook...

Description : Get the rest of the vocal stems on my SoundCloud channel:
Stepa K

Description : something i just wrote an recorded, make a banger but non commercial use or you will be flagged on whatever platform you post it to, i will find out trust an believe, enjoy

Description : Free to use for any purpose.

Description : Please give me credits in the title (Ft. Sehya). For all terms and conditions, read my profile description.

Description : This is all I could come up with for Joe Funktastic's "Love You Again" track.


If you do not post your final work here on Looperman,
I cannot guarantee I can listen. PLEASE post here.
Thanks. Enjoy.

Description : Free!!


Description : Royality free

Description : Free
send me link

Description : Free
Send me a link of your work

Description : Free, send me link of your work

Description : Send me link
Sad accapella for lofi song

Description : Electronic vocal. Use as you wish. Send me links to finished tracks

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 39
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