1st Mar 2020 16:38 - 4 years ago
Description : For indie pop
electronic, Lo-fi, hip hop, etc.
just add "Ft. Ashesndreams" to your remix

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NierKayos 7th Oct 2022 16:55 - 1 year ago
Also did a YouTube video for it
NierKayos 7th Oct 2022 12:09 - 1 year ago
Used for verses on a moody song "Cold, Cold Heart".
Thanks for sharing with us! Hope you like it...
Beatstockpile 28th Jun 2022 15:12 - 1 year ago
Many thanks once again.
tupalosa 12th Apr 2022 20:52 - 2 years ago
I was looking for a vocal sample in c minor. Your song made me rethink the melody and structure of the track.
officialdjustice 10th Nov 2021 13:43 - 2 years ago
Such an amazing voice!! I did this work, hope you'll like it:

IG: djusticeofficial
gennui 7th Nov 2021 22:42 - 2 years ago
distorted & pitched up this vocal on this
KayHonor 3rd Sep 2021 07:13 - 2 years ago
FatBoyMo 16th Jan 2021 00:24 - 3 years ago
I can't express enough how much I enjoyed making this, this is the best lofi I've heard in a long time.

Listen to Ashen Dreams - Hello Pretty Girl (Remix) by FatBoy_MO Beats on #SoundCloud
eeennnjjj 4th Oct 2020 15:59 - 3 years ago
Very very beautiful vocal:)
I used it:
nodisco 6th Sep 2020 20:55 - 3 years ago
Wyborowska 29th Aug 2020 09:40 - 3 years ago
the good link !
bye ;)
Wyborowska 28th Aug 2020 14:26 - 3 years ago
kougory 16th Aug 2020 09:02 - 3 years ago
Nice! i use it for made a song to someone special... thx very much!
AlDenolfo 25th Jul 2020 06:02 - 3 years ago
Your voice was amazingly chill and fit the track really well
AlDenolfo 25th Jul 2020 05:59 - 3 years ago
bravorcarlos 9th May 2020 19:35 - 4 years ago
sorry, the link to the track i made with your acapella is this

hope you like it
bravorcarlos 9th May 2020 16:37 - 4 years ago
oye, me gustaria saber si querrias hacer un collab, en un comentario anterior postee un track de dancehall que hice con tu acapella. soy beatmaker, podria hacerte unos beats de lo que desees y hacemos una cancion
bravorcarlos 9th May 2020 15:59 - 4 years ago
nice acapella, wanna listen to yourself in a dancehall vibe?

hope you like it, pretty girl ;)
joshmead 3rd May 2020 22:59 - 4 years ago
svega 2nd Apr 2020 15:35 - 4 years ago
Hello RubĂ­,
thanks for the nice acapella. Any requests or questions. Do not hesitate and contact me via soundcloud.
Regards, Sandro
MauricioCruz 31st Mar 2020 04:09 - 4 years ago
hoLA ! :)
marek11 24th Mar 2020 16:04 - 4 years ago
Hello Ashesndreams.
I have used your acapella with my track on:
I thank you for sharing!
Greetings, Keram (France).
DJKojo 13th Mar 2020 07:18 - 4 years ago
16x15y14x 5th Mar 2020 17:34 - 4 years ago
you have a great voice, wonderful lyrics and a cool youtube channel
Put a video on youtube.
Timeless Circle feat. Ashesndreams - Pretty girl
Ashesndreams replied 14th Mar 2020 - 4 years ago
I liked it thanks
DjS0nic 4th Mar 2020 21:53 - 4 years ago
Ashesndreams replied 5th Mar 2020 - 4 years ago
Sergeyzer 3rd Mar 2020 16:28 - 4 years ago

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3rd Jan 2022 16:07 - 2 years ago
Description : IF USED pls put "ft. clxrity"

check my profile for how to contact me for more. preferred if you reached out via discord.

lmk if you can make anything with this!

sad type vocals
7th Jan 2019 17:31 - 5 years ago
Tags : 120 bpm
1.53 MB
Key : G
Usage : BradoSanz did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Visit for acapella licensing, vocal and loop requests!

Written to my loop "Severed Heart"
31st Oct 2020 17:44 - 3 years ago
Description : Full song available on SoundCloud @iuriich

Please name your track "Iuriich feat. Annett - Not Lonely When Alone (YourName Remix)"

Feel free to contact Annett on Instagram @annettmusic
24th Jan 2023 09:22 - 1 year ago
Description : 180.3 tempo :)
Hope everyone has fun with this one! :)
contact me on Instagram if you would like commercial rights
14th Jan 2020 21:48 - 4 years ago
Description : credit me please and link me to your work
18th Jun 2023 10:10 - 1 year ago
Description : Vocal From Cover of "Hypnotized" by Fleetwood Mac.
C min
162 bpm
19th Jul 2021 05:38 - 2 years ago
Description : meme song I made A Major or F# Min
1st Nov 2023 09:17 - 7 months ago
Description : don't upload on DSP (for money) without my permission.

It starts before the down beat. The word "Broke" starts on the down beat. Check the original song on spotify, apple, or youtube for help lining it up.

hmu on IG itsFOEVA
7th May 2021 07:23 - 3 years ago
Description : RIP Chester
18th Jan 2019 16:44 - 5 years ago
Tags : 100 bpm
5.64 MB
Usage : MichaelMayo did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Inspired by the 70s and 80s old school era!

Listen to original for ideas!

For all productions with this acapella release name must be "Michael Mayo - Take My Hand (yourname Remix)"

If you wish to use *COMMERCIALLY* (Putting on streaming services like apple music, spotify or TV/FIlM) OR *CHANGE THE TITLE* You must contact me and pay the license fee and sign the contract!


Written and Preformed by Michael Mayo
(C) 2019 by Michael Mayo
6th Dec 2018 18:43 - 5 years ago
Tags : 125 bpm
2.20 MB
Usage : 2nick8 did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Dry split after wet section.
24th Nov 2020 00:18 - 3 years ago
Description : Language: German

Vocal-Aufnahme mit verschiedenen Effekten...
28th Dec 2023 13:04 - 5 months ago
Description : A song that I originally put together about a year ago. I've made tweaks and changes as the months have passed and finally think that it's good enough to share.