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Acapellas 1 - 25 of 1697

Description : This is an inspirational and motivational hip hop piece originally spit to a staccato type of beat.

Check the tempo
contact at facebook kamalsupreme IM
Description : If used, Just credit "HCNetwork". Original version -
Description : If used, Just credit "H.M.S & Dirt-Digga" Or "HD", Here's the original -
Description : Credit "TBX" if used. (Original Version) Right Here -
Tags : 82 bpm | Hip Hop | 4.90 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : the struggles that a person has to go through when at war is already big enough. So brothers of arms is needed.
Description : Credit "H.M.S. & TBX" if used. World Dries (Original Version) -
Description : Recorded to Yo Gotti- Rake it up instrumental
Description : For pricing & custom verses email
Original track:
Description : 24 bars by Norad. For pricing & custom verses email
Original track:
Description : My poetry. Lyrics and voice - feat. Igor Pose.
Tags : 75 bpm | Rap | 1.55 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Another accapella extracted from my song.
Check it out:
Credit me (Ft.Ss) if you use this.
Description : Going out of the box here and dropping some personal shit here, but yall are artists.. and thrive off real emotions.. Free for anything.. Spoken word poem I wrote about a time in my life were I was weak.. well lost.. and turned to the easy way to forget pain, but ended up going to battle with the worst version of myself. Addiction is serious, happens so fast.. be careful cuz the real support you need in life is your clear head. your not alone.
Description : Credit "H.M.S. & TBX" if used. Unforgettable (Original Version) -
Description : (use Searz not Dsears please) little verse i cant use do to both the women in this being very upset.. heeling me about it hahah.. so free to use non profit... for profit use contact me at or custom work. BPM Unknown
Description : spider to the fly, a Shamoozey masterpiece. Get in touch for commercial use, otherwise have fun!
Description : Credit me as Ft. ISMSeanPharo
Description : Let Me See What yall do with it

Ty Wunnit Aka. My Alter Ego
my version on soundcloud under the title name
Description : Trap Hook I Just Recorded
Description : algo k nunca termine en el studio para que alguien le de uso
Description : algo suerto en el studio
Description : Acapella to an upcoming track I'm making. Enjoy! Please Put 'Feat. Shadow Puppet' in the title of your song
Description : wanna put a banging instrumental on this? go ahead, it starts one beat into the first bar and ends one beat out of the last bar.
Description : Una acapella para el que la quiera usar

for who ever want to use it .
Description : A short little vocal snippet 'Brace for Impact' from the smoothey Shamoozey that could be useful
for that musical 'drop' or other highs, for gamers or monster attacks! Woo-hoooo. Various genres!
Please ft. Shamoozey and get in touch for commercial use of this little stinger.
If you use, be kind to your fellow artiste and give credit.
Description : See 'bio' for use of this masterpiece.
Acapellas 1 - 25 of 1697
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