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Description : //COLLAB NEEDED//

Its not complete, but on its way. Every new day comes a new modification, and something new to add.


Modifications :

Tweaked and lowered the DB on the bassline.

Deleted elements, added new sounds and changed the main melody.

Redid the whole build up again, and added some snare/kick rushes.

Changed the Breakdown.

I changed the kick, tweaked and added a sub bassline, changed the melody, shortened the track, and created a breakdown ( not sure if it works out ).

And deleted unnecessary elements.
Third Update

Levelled bassline again.
Changed Main Melody, and added a Pad to assist the main melody.

reassigned the intro sounds.

Still working on the outro, and still need leveling properly.

Help would be appreciated.
Description : Would like someone to write an inspirational chord progression to slowly form a build up. I will continue to write a part to this in the meantime. Synth must work well with other parts of the song. Dont mind the crazy levels this is not even mixed yet still totally raw. This is open to everyone . Thank you guys !
Key = G
Tempo = 128.
Description : Now for a bit lighter topic I thought I uploaded one of my most recent tracks. I wanted to make a very deep synth and think I managed to do so. Build up to the 2nd part really gives it more depth. Let me know if you like it or give me hints to make it better. I did not use an actual drop in this. Thought it did not fit the track.
Tags : | House | 2.35 MB
Description : UPDATE: A little longer but no drums, no sweeping pads and no build up - yet. One of the synths is sounding like an annoying rooster. FerryTerry on sax. I could be heading towards the wrong direction...
**********************************************************A this working at all or is it too messy? Give me something - anything.
I think I've gone deff.

The AMAZING vocal (I die a little every time I hear that " just fiiiiiine" part) from TheG1t:
I'm trying to re-use that melody I came up with for an other song a while ago, I never liked the old song but I love the melody, hence this project.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 7.09 MB
Description : Got further into the song finally and mixed it down a little more solid. currently working on it solo now. the only thing it lacks is the ending breakdown right after the build up. Currently no vocalist at the time and is taking me longer to finish it since im going to school and working graveyards. i'll make a 3rd post once its finished. i hope you all enjoy it. please feel free to give me constructive criticism.
Description : I require someone who fancies putting down some vocals on this track. The track is finished and I need a verse and chorus (maybe two verses to use in the build up to the breakdown).

If you can help please send in your vocals.

**This track is copyrighted and not intended to be used for remixes, mash-ups or samples**
Tags : | Garage | 6.55 MB
Description : beat i made a while back, piano and bass with a drumkit
because i always take the long way.
its tough to watch your peers pass you in a flash,
but comeback kids are our faves
we can all buy into that story
we can rubberband even harder
just push on against the stream, youll tire and die or get through, both ways your fight ends eventually
if you give up, the struggle never stops

I tried to make the chorus melody stand out, and have the meter build up to its dropoff in tempo but upswing in pitch
Description : Evil Lurks v.10 - Ez Icarus - Label Release for Halloween ______________________________________________

Here is your chance to change a track due for imminent release! Your opinion is wanted, please review and advise on what you like or what could be improved.

What is updated from v.1:
67 New channels! New Bassline linking in with vocal harmony and introducing bars for DJ use, crash's and highs to signal new 8 bars, filled sonic gaps added real FX distorted beats and put some meat on the kick drum break to complement the awesome vocal. Background added to breakdown and intro build up, analogue effects to give a warm rich sound with the cold keys, strings and slow warbling b line.

Dubstep, BreakBeat, Drum & Bass, call it what you like, but its not Garage. I really didn't want to choose a genre! Final to be mastered.

I will let you know when its out, if anybody would like a pre release copy (dj promo only) please leave a review and download from...
Tags : | Trance | 3.15 MB
Description : UPDATE

1- Modified Kick
2- Much More Decent Build Up ( and Much More Progressive Like )
3- Levelled Bassline
4- Changed Sounds [ Elements and Semi Melodies ]
5- Adjusted Effects Volumes
6- Created a BreakDown

Im Still Missing ALOT of things in this track , Help !!!!!
Tags : | Chill Out | 7.20 MB
Description : Classic track from Fusion's original full length release 'Through The Motions'. This track features heavy chord sounds that break through the rhythm and percussion sections giving it a hard and solid sound. It has a long build up to the main finale' where all sections are featured including the live performed synth line. A nice uplifting and powerful track. Possible use for a slideshow or video presentation of some kind. Enjoy!
Tags : | Weird | 4.32 MB | Featured
Description : *Updated*
Remastered this one. Cut out a lot of the low end and some of the highs. The bass was a lil to much for cheaper speakers. Sounds a lot better!

All created from scratch. Pretty weird track. Has a darker sound to it. Has a good build up throughout. I dunno, check it out, probably the weirdest thing you'll hear all day.
Tags : | Trance | 7.67 MB
Description : Been working on this track for about two weeks now (on and off).
Tried to give it an natural feel to it using different instruments than usual, the lyrics where from another looperman user but I could only really use the first few words from the sample as the rest didn't fit in. The track is in my usual style - uplifting and euphoric with a nice build up. Im going to try a different style of trance for my next track and see what I end up with. Enjoy!
Tags : | Ambient | 3.83 MB
Description : Now I've been heading up the development one of my bands called MOUTH. We are kind of an ambient doom metal type extension of Panic Attack (my electronic group) and one half of my Doom/southern Sludge Metal band Electric Ritual. This track that I'm uploading is basically only HALF of the song, because it spans for about 12 minutes, and its too big for Looperman. The thing is, we are very dedicated to the build up of songs, starting with seemingly nothing, and then adding, layer after layer, so some of the power is lost.

Anyway, some of this was done with Fruity Loops, other with Acid, some with good ol' wholesome real instruments and keys.

Let me know what you think, the MOUTH ep, which we haven't decided on a name yet, will be out very very soon.
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