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Description : Im not a producer but I put the accapella up, so thought Id put this up. Like Imagine lots of synths sounds and like a slow build up of the music, with a big drop in there somewhere for this

Description : upbeat house track
thanks to a few looperman sounds too
tonypowell for the build up
zatch for the beat
xelaplu fx riser
callmeking for fx
if i missed anyone out im sry but thank you all...this is for you...

Tags : | Electronic | 6.64 MB

Description : This is my first go at a full electronic track. Hope you like it, it was kind of difficult ive never had to really make a build up and drop like this before so i hope i did good. enjoy!

Tags : | RnB | 8.34 MB

Description : A funky dance type track with a slow build up to the drop into song, hope you all enjoy this track. Larry

Tags : | Trap | 935.63 KB

Description : I made this but couldnt figure out a drop... exported it and never saved... Lmao listen and enjoy BITchEZ

Tags : | Dance | 2.67 MB | Colab Request

Description : Another creation by me, this track need a voice any collaboration will be great enough, if you want to put your voice on it put the ft. Danriiv without that you can't use it, a lot of work there, slow trap , intro, build up, drop on hard sax , bass trap effects etc , so my name have to be in there, any comments I'll be appreciated, collaboration totally yes.

Tags : | Dance | 2.08 MB | Colab Request

Description : Description: Track created by me this track is only for singers, is a trap track with a build up and a drop, add you voice and used, but you have to add my name on the "ft" contains copyright leave me here your mix I will listening, give my credits if you like it

Description : I need a singer for the build up. If you can suggest one, please do, it will be a big help. If you want to be one then email me or comment below saying you have an acapella for the track and name you acapella "cheat vocal version"
BPM is 150

Tags : | Trance | 8.99 MB

Description : This track was featured on Beatport for 10 seconds. Its just a continuous build up/down but i had fun doing this. They say its techno/trance fusion.

Tags : | Cinematic | 6.93 MB

Description : I got this really fun idea in my head to plan out the music for a scene in a movie where some seafarers are aboard a ship when the deep-sea monster "Kthulu" (A giant octopus/squid thing) shoots his tentacles from the water and swallows the ship as they try to escape.

It's a lot of build up, but use your imagination. Gets better in the end I promise. :D

Description : A new track I'm coming up with, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested to collab or even write a few lyrics for the build up. Message me if interested :) Key is C#

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.55 MB

Description : The alternate version to "Everything Can Change" and the version that is to be used in a short film. The scene depicts two people falling in love. The track is quietly played in the background, slowly building in volume until 00:36 seconds at which point the dialog disappears and the track's volume is raised. At 1:00 the volume is decreased and the dialog resumes. Also in the final version is a few sub sound effects to really get the build up going. Hope you enjoy! Take a listen to "Everything Can Change" if you'd like to hear the original sounds for this project.

Description : //COLLAB NEEDED//

Its not complete, but on its way. Every new day comes a new modification, and something new to add.


Modifications :

Tweaked and lowered the DB on the bassline.

Deleted elements, added new sounds and changed the main melody.

Redid the whole build up again, and added some snare/kick rushes.

Changed the Breakdown.

I changed the kick, tweaked and added a sub bassline, changed the melody, shortened the track, and created a breakdown ( not sure if it works out ).

And deleted unnecessary elements.
Third Update

Levelled bassline again.
Changed Main Melody, and added a Pad to assist the main melody.

reassigned the intro sounds.

Still working on the outro, and still need leveling properly.

Help would be appreciated.

Tags : | Trap | 3.27 MB

Description : Would like someone to write an inspirational chord progression to slowly form a build up. I will continue to write a part to this in the meantime. Synth must work well with other parts of the song. Dont mind the crazy levels this is not even mixed yet still totally raw. This is open to everyone . Thank you guys !
Key = G
Tempo = 128.

Description : Now for a bit lighter topic I thought I uploaded one of my most recent tracks. I wanted to make a very deep synth and think I managed to do so. Build up to the 2nd part really gives it more depth. Let me know if you like it or give me hints to make it better. I did not use an actual drop in this. Thought it did not fit the track.

Description : This is just a short track I made. I did use some loops but forgot so I can not take all credit for this whole track. I did not make the drums, or the build up. Comment any criticism or feedback - this was my first track.

Tags : | Fusion | 6.15 MB

Description : samples from: FutureAnalysis (voice), shortbusmusic (world drums), doudei (bubbly-rising-build-up),hairlinecrime (slick-keys-135-bpm). This song combines some elements of acoustic jazz, electronic, ambient, d&b, pop, chillout etc.

Tags : | Rock | 8.99 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A simple rock track i build up last time,hope you like;-)

Tags : | Weird | 8.45 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : I do not know why I build up this track, or what genre this is. It´s starts very interesting with guitar and vocals and then .... but why i should tell you all this, please listen to yourself.

Tags : | Dance | 8.14 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Not completely sure of the genre. Starts kinda slow to build up a bit then the bass and such hits. Sounds best loud.

Description : Hello hello! School is finally over so I'll be posting much more now :P Thanks everyone for the loops! I used a bunch of them to which I added some synth, congas and little fillers to make the track build up nicely. Hope you enjoy! ;D
Also if any rappers wanna add a verse somewhere feel free to do it and send me the results! Just put (featuring Charlie Rose) in the title of the song if you wanna publish it.
Happy 420!

Tags : | House | 2.35 MB

Description : UPDATE: A little longer but no drums, no sweeping pads and no build up - yet. One of the synths is sounding like an annoying rooster. FerryTerry on sax. I could be heading towards the wrong direction...
**********************************************************A this working at all or is it too messy? Give me something - anything.
I think I've gone deff.

The AMAZING vocal (I die a little every time I hear that " just fiiiiiine" part) from TheG1t:
I'm trying to re-use that melody I came up with for an other song a while ago, I never liked the old song but I love the melody, hence this project.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.33 MB

Description : Slower build up but its still nice

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 7.09 MB

Description : Got further into the song finally and mixed it down a little more solid. currently working on it solo now. the only thing it lacks is the ending breakdown right after the build up. Currently no vocalist at the time and is taking me longer to finish it since im going to school and working graveyards. i'll make a 3rd post once its finished. i hope you all enjoy it. please feel free to give me constructive criticism.

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