funky munkey with a banana out
  • From : Berlin, Germany
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About Me


LOVE music since Backstreet Boys. I really started to dig in, when i found out that you can take alot of heroin and shoot in your head while you have a music career. I played a lot of punk and rockbands but Bob Marley charged his gangja gun at me. Im in love w jazz and blues and played in trios. But 9-5 hit me and i fall asleep. This year 2021, i thought fuck that bullshit and now im broke with 45,56 in my account. I love music and i love people. Im a wannabe producer with a weird mind. I love cheese. I want to share my cheese and mix it with your cheese. Lets go to switzerland dig in caves for the best cheese. climbing up mountains, just to find the most beau cow in the world and get out the best milk for the best cheese out there.

Instruments I play

Main: Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer
Im fucking shit at this but i alwys try: Drums, Keys, vocals, Choir, Percussion. Horns.

Software I Use

Ozone, Fabfilters. That whole wave shit gold premium bumba bum. Using Fl, Studio One, but just as daw, dont use the build in Vst. Eq 2 from fl is not that bad.

Hardware I Use

Audio Box Usb. Compressor-DS-Eq-Chain with cheap Stuff upfront for vocals, everything with Di and in the box. Somtimes mic up a crappy drums in unknown garage.

Listening To Right Now

Jay Z- Story of OJ

Santana- Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock 69 version)

Kanye West- FOLLOW GOD

Nirvana- in Bloom

10 Favourite Albums

Jimi Hendrix- Electric Ladyland

Captain Beefheart- Trout Mask Replica

Bruce Springsteen- Born in the U.S.A

Amy Winehouse- Back to Black

James Brown- Sex Machine

Kendrick Lamar- Damn

Korn- See you on the other side

kanye West- DONDA

Wendy Carlos- Switched on Bach

50 Cent- Get Rich or Die trying

The Doors- The Doors

My Influences / Fav Artists

Fu yeah The Doors made a incest baby with the voice of James Brown and the face of pre-operated King of Pop MJ, smashed the beard from James Hetfield and sang luulabyys with the Cure, got into a heavy cokain addiction with Ziggy Stardust and sang Amy Winehouse Rehab song under the kitchen table. This baby would have the perfect timing of Jeff Pocaros little finger and Dave Grohl influenced samba bamba and Kanye West out of mind energy mixed with Jay Z black exellence.

My Music Sounds Like

weird fart noise with a low pass filter and kissed by SSL- E Channel with a ton of reverb and hihly proceesssssssseeeeddsssed Shiaat. Wizard gave me once a bean, now i can controll Freqgencies with my mind. No Bs -just ask my guitar.

In My Other Life I ...

i smoke to much and listen to old blues.