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5th Jun 2024 10:33 -  1 week ago
Description : Sometimes life and music can go into a totally different direction. It all started with a drone and ended with Silvers Bellas beautiful song Diamonds. Together with my personal story about a romantic relationship from the past you can expect a positive mellow song that may surprise you. I'm proud to had the chance to produce SB again. Let me know if you like it :-)
28th May 2024 14:21 -  2 weeks ago
Description : I love this German Rap Style from Mr Tadeus. . They shared the Accapella with us here on Looperman and I immediately went to "work". At the end I made a mixture of Rap, Hip Hop and Lofi. The lyrics are about someone who is always edgy, irritable and short tempered. He found out that at the end is must have been the stuff in the Internet that winds him up all the time. You may listen to the original song on Spotify
18th May 2024 21:01 -  3 weeks ago
Description : It was a long winter here, at Dartmoor. 4 Month of continued rain and damp. And suddenly (Drummroll), the sun came back. That did remind me of a collaboration with Silver Bella and her Acapella "Keep the Faith" from last year. A positive song which could have the potential to make a difference to the day. Thanks SB :-)
25th Apr 2024 15:15 -  1 month ago
Description : I was probably listening to too many Buddha Bar CD's in the past :-) This time I put Clxrity beautiful voice out of his comfort zone.
30th Mar 2024 23:07 -  2 months ago
Description : The original Sound is now more than 30yrs old and it is time to celebrate the beginnings of Trance. The beats should fit into my "Symphony of Dynamics and peace". Hope it makes you People still moving today :-)
18th Mar 2024 21:46 -  2 months ago
Description : I always wanted to produce a classic concept trance or chillout Album.
Enough to talk about, nowadays. I produced a short version of how this could sound (without the long chillout / dance tracks inbetween the swells). It is very hard to genre it at it's present stage.
Thanks to Kay and eSoreni for their voices, Glone and prodSyren for piano and chockehold for his famous Sax Solo. I Would love to finish it with the help from others. Cheers...
27th Feb 2024 05:52 -  3 months ago
Description : I just wanted to produce a hot Dance Track. Found great beats and it all came nicely together in one night. Nearly finished I found Michael Mayo here on this side. I must say, a good match. But is it still some kind of modern production you could play in a club today?
26th Feb 2024 00:05 -  3 months ago
Description : Nice Drums, Bass and a hook quickly made by me. Than I was looking here for some nice piano Loops. Actually I found some real gems. You can really feel the vibe when they produced it. It all quickly came together and at the end it was a Hip Hop acapella with the voice of Vinnybee. Let's see if he likes it.
Thank you looperman.
24th Feb 2024 22:41 -  3 months ago
Description : How does it feel to do a more than 2000 miles Roadtrip? Well, it is fantastic. The biggest freedom I have. I need the "Autobahn", different countrys, different moods, rain & sun, something to eat, a ferry and off it goes in a 30 yrs old Merc. I wanted to bring the feelings into a song. And here we are. The initial “Groove” does come from a cheap Casio Keyboard I bought at a flea market. Listen to a simple 60s. sample beat. Thanks to our community for some loops and let’s start the engine.
13th Feb 2024 01:43 -  4 months ago
Description : I wanted to produce some LoFi sounding Music. I guess it turned out quite catchy. Feel free to use it on your VT videos or elsewhere but please give credit to Vintage Nights
11th Feb 2024 01:08 -  4 months ago
Description : This time I did start with a very catchy piano tune made by Rasputin. It took not long to find a very a perfect acapella made by Emilyn to tune in very nicely. But Djoct (from Lisbon) also did fit in with his acapella called surrender. They both singing about love relationships. At the end I decided to produce a classic Mashup where beats and tunes came out of my DAW. Even Firanga (a German Rap acapella) had a small guest appearance.
Tracks (11)