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Description : Mike Oldfield sample vocals. A lil creepy for the Halloween season lol. ENjoy

Description : Hey, this is my first song so if you like it or don't plz leave a comment for feedback on what I could have done better. thank you

Description : Catchy voxs with ample bass. ENjoy

Description : This came out pretty sweet. ENjoy

Description : TBH was trying for a reggae track. Sounds more boom bap to me. Maybe need to go listen to some EEK A MOUSE LOL. Free to use. ENjoy

Description : Enjoyable club beat with catchy voxs. ENjoy

Description : Toni Braxton and LooN sample vocals. ENjoy

Description : Shout outs to LM's talented EmKay for sharing this acapella. ENjoy

Description : First off I have no idea what genre this falls in. I had tons of fun and I put a lot into from several genres. The second half vocals I'm sorry they're from looperman and I don't remember who they are to give them credit. In any case if anyone recognize please pass the info. Thank u and ENjoy

Description : Now we're going to my sensitive side lol. Free to use just credit me. ENjoy

Description : Rock/Metal I needed to finish it but magix crashed and this butthead didn't save it :(

Description : Rick James bitch sample vocals lol. Hope I did them justice wasn't easy. ENjoy

Description : Shout outs to LM's talented Micah Byrnes for sharing this acapella. I'm digging this, hope u as well. ENjoy

Description : I made this Track a while back and I wanted to share it because I still love it.

Description : The classic disco song of the 70's done from a man's perspective, in a mellow semi-accoustic chill version. Original artist, Gloria Gaynor did this song in 116 bpm, I am doing it in 94 bpm. If I'm granted permission to post the acapella on this site, I'd love to hear what you guys can do with it.

Key : A minor

94 bpm (slowed down from the original 116 bpm)

Description : This use to pertain to me lol. That's where I've been. Catching up with sleep lol. Big shout outs to Michael Mayo and Toni Nesha for sharing this high quality acapella. ENjoy

Description : Rough edit of a dance track ft Stephanie Kay vocals
It's no way a finished track, it's got potential
but just an idea atm
Its too good a vocal not to use more of it. It's just finding the time!
Please let me have your comments or ideas


Description : Shout outs to AAP and King Marino for sharing this acapella. Wait for it. It gets intense lol. ENjoy

Description : Instrumental to Angelusyeux777SC song SUBITO. My friend I did make a few changes, hope u still like it. ENJOY

Description : Dance Track

Description : A redo to Angelusyeux777SC SUBITO song. Again thank u SC. Your beautiful voice calms me. Much Love for this. I will upload instrumental in near future so if u ever want to perfect it. ENjoy

Description : Some Arabic trap. vocals from YouTube. ENjoy

Description : Big shout outs to LM's talented Buddahmann for sharing this acapella. I have to say this joint came out pretty original. For a second I didn't believe I created this lol. Female vocals are from LM sorry I don't remember if it's Sophia Cruz or not. ENjoy

Description : Sorry at the moment can't remember the artist's name whose vocals I used and chopped up for this track. Anyways, ENjoy!

Description : Shout outs to AAP, Dubbygotbars, Kurupt Tha Killa & HDF for sharing this acapella. ENjoy

Tracks 1 - 25 of 338
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