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Description : Summer is fast approaching, I hope you will enjoy this welcome ...

Description : Memories, how they fade so fast..

Description : One easy listening track that i try aranged in MMM. I also change title method my tracks, because is harder for some and not fully finished tracks give name. I now unablle remember what i meand by TW. But numbers are date and end letter is position track if i make more than one in one day. I hope that you enjoy this track. Thx ManfromStars

Description : mr right


Description : symphonic metal

Description : MODERN BOOTS 43 SIZE from IOANNN

Description : Light dance

Description : Another try arange in MMM some techno trance song?
I hear more in my mind but my skills are childish and poor. And also learning is more and more harder for me. I hope that somebody might interest it.

Description : Sirens are calling. Be avare!

Description : have fun with this track

Description : working on it with someone this was too show how music was made to fit lyrics I know I cant sing my guitars do that for me so this is for some one who can as we rebuild this song

Description : Homemade music using own guitar instruments and several loops. Old fashion country sound of a train on the move. Look for the complete album & video at YouTube (Country Instrumental). Type (search) with the name 'Edwin Schieveld'. Find "Home Made Instrumental country music by Edwin Schieveld".

Description : I was amazed by this Turgen song by artist Mikhail Alperin, and with big love to Turgen i write this composition. Hope you like it. Any comment welcome .

Description : Trap Soul, RnB type track....
First song uploaded in over 2 years. Took some time off now back at it. let me know what u think if u want. hope u enjoy and thanks for the listen.

Description : here im just playing around in an istrumentle way with a oldie but goody song I wrote early early 90s wich still play a lot today the original is way slower lyrics were If you walk ill walk with you if you talk ill copy you if you run ill run with you having me arounds like having the flu im playing electric guitar and electric bass song is about being so into somebody your cramping their styal smothering them making them uncomfortabal and pushing them away

Description : Resistance soldiers

Description : my first song I upload here, on youtube I have much more.

YouTube Kanal: DJMars1985

Description : like I like I like ahh you yea like ahh like you like me too yea 2times I like you you like me too lets catch a movie and then go home and screw this can be just like a dream come true cause I like you and you like me too come over here a little closer take off your dress give me a kiss lets turn out the light and doo it all night cause I like you you like me too --oh yea yea you like me too -lyrics- im playing bass and guitar

Description : haven funn blaa blii blubbbb


Description : JUST TRYING KEEP REAL INSTRUMENTS ALIVE AS WELL AS LOST GENRES IM PLAYING A YAMAHA SY 35 VECTOTOR WITH PITCH SHIFT AND MODULATION IT WAS GIVEN TOO ME FOR SOM WORK I DID BUILDING GAMMING PCS this is just all on one synth while record pugeged into my sound card with guitar lead played in 2 parts in 2 sepret tracks layerd

Description : Made with looperman`s loops :) and other...

Description : had this on for a short time b4 then delited thought to my slef its worthy to stay on im playing guitars and bass on this one drums are loops I arranged and played live too while recording the genre is alternative punk my personal opinion the bass steals show here simple and plain but stands out and holds it all together when I say live jam what I mean is im making it all up as I go along while recording first try

Description : A mashup of "Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island - Athletic" and "Mike WiLL Made-It - 23 (Instrumental)".

I'm not taking any credit for any of this, sorry in advance.

Honk honk

Tracks 1 - 25 of 94
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