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Ace Smith
  • From : Lewiston, United States
  • Joined : Thu 10th Mar 2016, 2 years ago

About Me


WELCOME TO THE GREENHOUSE TAVERN: RALTOID OST [Soundtrack, Orchestral/Cinematic, Rock, Electronic, Ambient]


THE NEW STYLE EP [Math Dubstep]


FEBRUARY 22nd BLUES [Rock, Electronic, Dubstep]

Instruments I play

I'm working on it. Does "making stuff on a computer" count? Regardless, I'm learning piano, and I'd say I'm learning guitar but that would be an insult to the art. (I'm not very good at it.)

Software I Use

I use MAGIX Music Maker Premium for a vast majority of my editing. Some I do in other programs, but those are mainly things like Audacity and Melodyne for additional editing. I also dabble in LMMS and I occasionally use BeepBox for its unique effects.

Hardware I Use

I have a Yamaha DGX-230 keyboard that I use as live input for my synths, as well as for its great presets. I have an additional Yamaha above it that, while in comparison is practically a toy, has some great lo-fi sounds I love to sample.

I've got two Blue Yetis, one hooked into a full Yeticaster setup and one I keep anchored to its original stand via LEGO that replaces the screw I lost. They share a windscreen that I swap between them depending on which one I'm using.

I have a nice Stratclone that I tend to use for purposes other than traditional guitar use. It also came with a nice low-tier amp that provides a great analog effect when I run sound through it. Its overdrive, as well, is killer. I can combine it with my DGX-230 and turn an organ preset into metal guitar.

Listening To Right Now

Left At London - Purple Heart EP. Check it out!

10 Favourite Albums

My Influences / Fav Artists

Who isn't an influence? A few I can think of:

-Griffin McElroy
-Fall Out Boy
-Against Me!
-Left At London
-George Watsky
-Kendrick Lamar
-Dak Sugden
-Childish Gambino
-Aesop Rock
-Knife Party

My Music Sounds Like

I don't understand how people can stick to just ONE genre. There's SO MUCH GOOD EVERYTHING. I can and will listen to and make almost any genre.

In My Other Life I ...