• From : louisville, United States
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About Me

I love jamming with freinds live freestyle heavy/speed/metal, I will throw down with anyone under any genre.I have played guitar off and on for years, did alot of drum machine and keyboard programming before i got a PC, I never really formed or joined any bands cause stuff was always to loose or most people I jammed with weren't really into music as hard or electronic as I prefer, but I had always wanted to do industrial/electronic/experimetal stuff, now I am! I've been dreaming of sharing my stuff with a wider audience, doing collaborations with others through the internet since about 1996 finally got reasonable DSL where i live so now I am!

Instruments I play

Voice, Guitar, Bass, Synths, Programming Drum machines, Turntables, if it makes sound I can make it my noise slave sooner or later!

Software I Use

Sound Forge, Fruity loops, Arty torrent samples from pirate bay, speacial thanks to many unsung software crackers for all the free stuff I use, if I ever make money from music im donating some $ to cracker groups, then I'll buy some legal software, so i can sleep at night!

Hardware I Use

AMD Athalon XP 220 2.5 gig ram Delta 1010LT M-Audio PCI interface sound card, hammers ect..

Listening To Right Now

I dont really buy albums, probally never will, if i like it ill recreate it, or play it, the only album i've ever bought was, Pantera, vulgar display of power..
I do often listen to a specific late night talk show Coast to Coast Am,

When im being productive im usally jamming out to

and i like to relax to AOL's classical music selection

sometimes just straight Goa-psy trance or hardcore/hardstyle from digitally imported

and finally when im really, and i mean really feeling the need for strange, i listen to

D FM RADIO TELEVISION INTERNATIONAL, this is some very querky shiet, no musicians station lineup is complete without it!

10 Favourite Albums

I dont have any static favorite album

My Influences / Fav Artists

To many to list, NIN, Ministry, Mindless self induldgence, cannbal corpse, slayer, phantasm, lamb of god, pantera, soulfly, snot, tarkus, moody blues, charles manson, Electric light orchestra, doors, techno bass crew, marilyn manson, slipknot, Deftones, cradle of filth, anything classical, lots of underground local bands from Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio Horror soundtracks Harry Manfredini ect..

My Music Sounds Like

Infected mushroom, Physic TV, Mushroomhead, Ministry
(not my alligations, mind you but others)

In My Other Life I ...

Cook the flesh of dead things, animals, plants, yet to cook humans