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  • From : Birmingham, United Kingdom
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About Me

A nearly-adult male with interests in electronic and acoustic genres studying music technology in college and playing an unhealthy dose of video games, and often listening to the soundtracks of the games I play.

Instruments I play

Keyboard (approx grade 1)
Guitar (approx grade 1)
Vocals (Are there grades for vocals)
Ukulele (Likely wouldn't pass for grade 1)
Bongos! (Aw yeah!)
Penny whistle! (Obnoxious high pitch blowing noises!)

Software I Use

Fl Studio 10 (Primary daw, confident)
Ableton live lite 4 (Beginner)
Pro tools SE (Beginner)
Cubase LE 5(Beginner)
Audacity (Amateur)

VSTs: CM Vsts
Gladiator 2
Synth 1
All FL vsts
dblue glitch
Various DVS and DSK plugins
Various freeware Native Instruments plugins

Hardware I Use

Behringer Umx 61 (Keyboard)
Akai LPD 8 (Drumpad)
Squier Bullet Strat (Electric Guitar)
Yamaha F310 (Acoustic Guitar)
Ashton Uke100 (Ukulele)
Westfield E4000 LP (Electric Guitar)
Acoustic Solutions JE50 Amp
Computer: i7 Processor, 8gb ram, 1gb graphics card, built in soundcard, 1600 x 900 monitor
Prosound general-purpose microphone
Carlsbro speakers (discontinued, speakers + sub)
Sennheiser HD 205 Headphones
Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones
Avid recording studio (M-audio input device)
Lots of wires.

Listening To Right Now

Some pesky flies that have got themselves stuck in my air vent.

10 Favourite Albums

My Influences / Fav Artists

Legs like Tree Trunks
Maps and Atlases
Caravan Palace
Nobuo Uematsu

My Music Sounds Like

In My Other Life I ...

Preach about governments, complain about menial tasks and generally just annoy people on various social networks.