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Description : piano ands plucks
Description : on synth
Description : made on synth
Description : Show me what u made
Description : Fl Studio,electrax vst, [by Krn Beatz]
Description : ......
Description : Made in Fl Studio 12.
Send me the results!
Description : Loop i made and used to make a beat. feel free to use.
Description : Please leave a link below so I can see what you did with this sample.
Description : .......
Description : been a while
Description : .......
Description : A simple housey drum loop, consisting of the basic 4 to the floor rhythm with some syncopated percussiony bits mixed in. Can be used in any and all types of house music. I used Ableton's drum buss to add some compression and drive, to make the drums hit just a bit harder.
Description : Made with Addictive Keys plugin with Logic Pro as the DAW
Description : Loop I made for a new beat I'm working on, decided to share
The loop was made with Kontakt
Description : made in logic
Description : Made with NI Massive. I loved playing with these triplets, & the delay.
Description : Electra + Sytrus.... Lets get out of hip hop for a bit
Description : ........
Description : Hit me up with what you made
Description : That loop was created in Renoise.
Description : A loop from one of my songs called Empty. I found so many quality loops on this site, I decided to give back. Check out my stuff and show me what you create. Key is F#
Description : Some dope strings from Nexus. Might be useful
Description : If you use, please show me your work
Description : If you use the loop, send me what you've made! I would really love to hear it. Contact me if you have any questions.
Loops 1 - 25 of 1669
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