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Description : click my profile picture to link up.
[tags] synth, reversed, weird, abstract, dark

Description : used the studio tron strings on omnisphere
bpm 83.5

Description : i was freestyling and this is what i came up with. some ultra relaxing jazzy chords. i added some effects and thought it sounded alright. if you used this sample in a beat put it in the comments. stay cool.

Description : click my profile picture to link up.
[tags] flute, moneybagg yo, trap, dark, midi

Description : Download this loop if you identify with Endif, Nin Kuji, Unter Null, Stahlfrequenz, Mental Ulcer Forges, xotox...

Description : part of golem lil peep killstation
dark atmospheric

Description : Download this loop if you identify with Gridlock, xotox, Ars Moriendi, t_error 404, Ex_tension, Broken Fabiola, Pneumatic Detach...

Description : Soulful Piano Chords external processing threw Sp404 for the original vinyl vintage sound.
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Description : Made with Electra, Fab Q3, RC-20
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Description : Download this loop if you identify with things like space fiction, ambient, electro, neuromancer...

Description : Thanks a lot for all the kind comments and support.
If you want to reach me, please use IG (Click on profile picture)
Greetings and love from India!

Description : Leave me a link in the comments if you made something with it! Would love to hear your work!

Description : Made this sample with Diva - Keys - BT Velo Toy Splatter and throwed some HalfTime, Soundshifter Pitch, Reels, EQ, Ghz Vulf Compressor and Little Radiator on it, to make it sound saucey.
If you made something with it, i would love to hear it.
IG & Twitter: Check profile
Drake, Cubeatz, Travis Scott, Future, OZ

Description : rhodes / electric piano sample i made while freestyling. thought it was really nice. if you used my sample put your beat in the comments. stay cool.

Description : just a random melody comment if u done anything with it

Description : boombap beat

Description : G minor on a boombap swing at 84

Description : Show me what u did

Description : 2-5-1-6 chord progression, dm me on instagram to get the midi! show me what you made in the comments!

Description : Vintage RnB Rhodes Piano loop in the style of Pop Smoke x Bryson Tiller. 90's
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Leave a link if you make anything with the loop so I can show some love!

Description : Pvlace / cubeatz / future / Southside / 808 mafia

Description : horn acoustic band boom bap
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Description : Keep going or click image for similar stuff

Description : Made in FL Studio with guitar bass and percs

Description : thanks for downloading the loop, xd.

Loops 1 - 25 of 567
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