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Tags : | Funk | 8.20 MB | Logic Pro

Description : a bit funky i think?

vocals of Nina Moody

Description : This is a Hardstyle like song with a bit sad and dark feeling to it. Feel free to use it, but remember to give some credit ;).

Thank you all for your awesome loops!

Tags : | Pop | 4.16 MB

Description : Very early experiment in learning the MPC software and a short bit of fun

Posting old things whilst without my daw and other software ;(

Description : ....err...I'm..err, maybe alternative, I dont know, it's so far from me, that's for sure. Ive been messing, certainly wasn't started with that intention, but it's different for me, but going back to good old hip hop funk now for a bit

Description : I'm a bit back on looperman after trying to improve my beatmaking.
Hope you like this track, be sure to come on private message if you want a collab/buy a beat !

Tags : | Trap | 2.77 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Welcome. The Free Bit Is 140 BPM. The key of Fm. Without Fx and additional sounds. The bit is clean. Enjoy your listening. Prod.Lil Lepris

Tags : | Pop | 6.16 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Five years ago I recorded 55 songs with a great singer and guitar player named Sunny War in a five-and-a-half-month fever dream of musical creativity. Now I am finally getting this music up onto Spotify etc. What's taken so long? Damned if I know. Maybe it's all the 5s. Anyway, here we are. This song was too long so I trimmed it down a bit and now I like it better. But very curious what y'all think.

Description : I uploaded the pieces of the chorus to the loops section, when they'll become available there, I'll put the links here. The mix might be a bit too loud, but it's a demo.
The drums can be found here:

I did everything else on my own. If you like it, you can put your own vocals on it. Feel free to use it!

The song is 100 BPM and A Minor (or C Major)

I need some feedback please ^_^

Description : haha lofi go brrrrrrrr

Im gonna be flowing away from EDM for a little bit and heading more towards lofi and chill out genres.Hope you understand :)!!

Description : So I made this today. It's my 83rd demo. I know it's a bit short, and it doesn't have a bridge. I wanted to make it sound like an 80's song but in a modern way. I hope the compression is good enough and the mix isn't too loud. And I also hope that the beat is enjoyable.

If you like it, you can use it anywhere, you can sing on it, or even request the midi or the stems from me, but please if you use this beat, don't forget to mention my name: (ft. Rivus)

The song is in G Major and 100 BPM

Description : Produced by yours truly using a loop from a user RUC here on the site..
Profile # : 3109920

Regarding the track, I started writing some bars and realized I didnt want to take the track anywhere too serious..
To be honest I havent produced a track myself in well over a year so getting back into it a bit and just trying again....
This a little experimental/freestlye if you will..
hope you enjoy, thank you so much to all the ones coming back for more

Much love

thanks again RUC


Tags : | Rock | 10.53 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : when i was a kid you could go down and buy acid drops at the dairy - sour boiled sweets....Bass a LM loop by megapaul which I used already in an ambient piece called Nothing's Gonna Happen. But that's a bit different to this...

Tags : | Weird | 1.90 MB | Samplitude

Description : It´s a bit crazy and different.
Hope you enjoy it.

Weird Cinematic Chill Out House Track

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 13.88 MB

Description : lofi electro garage jazz
Loop from looperman-l-1319133-0258953-blowing-tiny-blip 60bpm aflat minor. A rework of last deleted track dropping acapella as didnt work,adding bass line and remixing guitars etc. Hopefully this works a litte more! Still a bit odd. MPC as Daw
Feedback Appreciated

Tags : | Pop | 10.50 MB | Colab Request

Description : I guess it's a lofi pop song made in early April and using largely vst instruments and MPC kits.
Now reinstated an 11 word phrase (was removed) from a hit song at about 1.43 and 2.50 - however needs an original rather than 'dummy' vocal ... collaborators?? REPOST As a feature whilst without Daw and software. A bit more conventional(boring?) than my other efforts

Description : Used 2 loops from this lovely user - Zachmatt
thank you for the hard loops Zachmatt

Hope you all enjoy
Sorry for the russian ;p we were feeling a little bit of it

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.96 MB

Description : AVALANCHES LITE,horn driven - hip hop or something else? - from a few months ago before I knew as much (as little as I do) about mastering - maybe a a bit loud overall. another REPOST as feature whilst dawless ; ( suspect folks wont like it as much as some of my more recent ones but thought I'd post for feedback for how to improve. Perhaps also needs more structure - still trying to learn to use that. I was happy with it at the time. MPC as daw. Please do comment

Description : United Kingdom -Cyberflares.
America - Xstokes.
Netherlands- Ritajustrita
We all make our own track on a piano tune from Cyberflares ,so much credits for him.
I change it a little bit and make a beat for it.
It was great working to make this track.
Thank you mister Cyber!!

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 12.44 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Another (3 of 6) experiment where Im using a vocal sample/ narrative to drive or add interest to the track. The music is a little different from my other tracks - but sounds good loud with subwoofer bass - that's what I thought when a bit drunk ;) - and actually worth listening too for the news broadcast alone! MPC - still in Lockdown - now without my DAW and software - so reposting

Tags : | EDM | 4.55 MB | Acid Pro

Description : One of my first. I found the (rather long) intro a bit to "soft", so on Juli,9th, 2021 I gave the intro a boost. I think it's better this way. Agree?

Description : I know I haven't uploaded anything in a bit but I just made this and I really like it. The premise is a theme for a jewelry and clothing store where everything is made of garbage.

Description : Here's something little bit different. Haven't done this type of music in a long time.
I hope you like this dark trip into nightmare.

Loops used:
(Yet again)
-Random Freddy Crueger quotes from Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

What even is this type of music anyway?
Is it trap, dubstep, edm? Experimental may be right word to describe this.

Description : Greetings community, I did a fun & side project along the way for a game called the sims 3. I never heard of it before, until a kid of a aquintance of mine approached me saying, Verdi do you know a game called the sims? where i replied, i never heard of it. And she showed me what kind of game it was and i was amazed by it. Although i did find the theme song a bit dull, i decided to create my own variant to that theme song. Let me know in the comment section if i did hit the spot there.

Description : Hi im back this is an expansion from the cream song I made a little while ago it's a bit longer hope you enjoy it. I am not doing collabs, But! If you wanna put lyrics in one of my previous songs go into my profile and email me there. and we can do a lyrics collab

Tags : | Trap | 6.60 MB | Reaper

Description : This is Witch House. It's got that CBC sound, but it's obviously Witch House. The heavy low frequency synths made this a bit of a bear to mix. The balance between the desired Witch House Feel and rumbly mud is a tricky place to get to. If you're familiar with Witch House, you know what I mean.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3216
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