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Tags : | Electronic | 3.92 MB
Description : On this track I experimented with throwing in a little bit of everything from funk to metal just to see if it could work. The artists here on Looperman did not disappoint in that task.

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Tags : | Fusion | 2.33 MB | Featured
Description : This Is not the usual type of things I do but I like bit of expriment too.This track is One of them.
please give me review on this track and what do you think It should be categorized into which genre
Vocals are from Ayyuce check her Other tracks @looperman
Tags : | Electronic | 5.57 MB | Featured
Description : Yeye, did another remix of Mr.M, really creative guy. Thanks Mr.M had a lot of fun remixing this!

M, hit me up on Discord if you wanna collab!
3 Bit Gangster#6464
Description : quick loop
Tags : | Fusion | 6.11 MB
Description : Further inspirations for this song, a little bit of western, a little bit of pink floyd, and some electro chords ! Hope you enjoy !
Tags : | Hardstyle | 7.87 MB
Description : eggs! aka shags EDM do not resit the power of the dark side let it flow through you its only a matter of time.... 12 of 15 loops in this like preview handmade shags loops, 3 run of launchPAD setup freestylin it up Ableton live no fx only limiter on master, too tired after looping for days lol had to record a lil bit but lol please let me know your thoughts. hardstyle?
Description : One of those tracks you put your headphones on and your off too fantasy land for bit.Its all over the music spectrum on this track.*no foul language but does have lyrics that contain adult language
Description : A bit of pop, of disco, of punky guitar and electronic well i stop here because i don't know what really type of music is this any idea ?
But is this really matters ?
I'm in for any collabs
more tracks here
Description : upbeat dance type - a bit of everything.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.33 MB
Description : I'm currently working on a EP, and this will be the instrumental of the second track.
I will sing, with a friend of mine, a song about my fear of death (the metronome is a metaphor of the passing time). The first demo I posted was a chillwave/chiptune track, this is more hip-hop, with a little bit of glitch for the fun !
I would love to have feedback on this, on every part (mix, composition, sound design ...), so I could improve the track !
Tags : | Jazz | 3.03 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Just a bit of over-lapping scat... lots of fun making this. (FYI: I'm more than happy to add my vocs [tenor-bass) on collabs as needed)
Tags : | Industrial | 3.07 MB | Featured
Description : Older track with a bit of rearranging, and remastering...Enjoy.
Description : Going old school a bit, and old one I made 3 months ago, maybe you can listen to it or download it and enjoy it, it's trance or techno

Tags : | Rap | 2.75 MB
Description : a bit of classic street rap beat stuff..,
Tags : | Trap | 1.60 MB | Colab Request
Description : Loop came from @bguttbeatz, just wanted to show it a bit off
Tags : | Rap | 7.89 MB
Description : sad beat .tp 120
Tags : | Rock | 4.56 MB
Description : This one has a slow start but hang loose, it picks up ! This is a bit of a throwback era track in the style of Ronnie Montrose's version of Gene Pitneys "Town Without Pity". Ever heard of Alan Holdsworth, Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck, Ronnie Montrose ? Awesome players, I especially dig Holdsworth's complex chord progressions, diminished scales, intricate soloing etc. Awesome Jazz fusion player and a major inspiration to many iconic guitarists.
Description : This is the third and final installation of the Overmyth trilogy. Each of the three parts represents a period of my life, and the events that have taken place over the last 3 years. The first, "Overmyth I - Inception Of The Truth" is about the facing the journey ahead, and setting out to deal with it. You can hear it here, https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/184039. The second part, "Overmyth II - Cathedral Of The Witch" is about the outer obstacles that were standing in my way that I needed to overcome. It can be heard here, https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/184868. This track. "Overmyth III - Conquering The Bathelyst" is about my inner obstacles. My own insecurities and fears that I needed to conquer in order to finish the 3 year journey, before I could be at peace with myself and the decisions I've had to make along the way. As far as the creation of the song, on a technical standpoint, it was made with EZ Drummer, Shreddage II guitar VST, Scarbee Rickenbocker bass VST, and a little bit of Sylenth1. It's in the Heavy Metal genre, but more specifically, Doom Metal. Inspired by bands like Monolord, Yob, Cough, etc. So, it's a slow, low and heavy aural assult. I started this track in October of 2016, and put in a total working time of 389 hours. That's a total of 16 days if I were to have worked straight through. So, hopefully you like it. I put a lot into it. There are a few things I'm not totally satisfied with, but without using any live instruments, it's going to be impossible to get exactly what I wanted. Thanks for listening. Enjoy. V.
Tags : | Trap | 2.55 MB | Colab Request
Description : Slow-paced trap beat. Spent a bit more time than usual one this one, it would be perfect for someone like xxxtentacion imo. soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/yung-jedi-800446237/elsewhere-trap-beat
Description : Produced By Rae Instrumentals

Follow me on YouTube For more Dope Beats Like This

Description : This track is a BIT THICK with instrumentation, but, they ALL work together in the main construct!
Farisha, Could you put some lyrics to this?
I have Martin Minor's (Minor2Go )Piano, Danke's Dirty FUNK bass, among other loops in this!
FUUUUUNKYYYYYY! I need a VERSE and a Chorus in Vocals.
Tags : | Rap | 9.33 MB
Description : hip hop beat
Description : Whats up guys?! Been a while I know. Iv'e moved around a lot but have finally settled down and have been hard at work with my metal band. Unfortunately I've had to put my solo work on hold for a bit while I'm recording with the band. We are being professionally recorded now, a very big step up from the last recording of my band that I posted here. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy! We are, Raze The Pyre.
Description : A little Hip-Hop cross Club RnB tune i dished up about a month ago when messing around in the studio...nothing much to it...but its getting radio play a fair bit in Canada & North America...so i guess some people out there like it?
Description : A beat I made the other day, thought it sounded a little bit like something that would be in Quavo and Travis Scott's album. Send me the link to your creation if you download!
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