12th Sep 2023 08:43 - 10 months ago
Description : Added a Tiny bit more, mixed a little bit more, overall, just improving the sounds. I think I might be near finished.

I also decided to shorten the name. Seemed a bit redundant.

I can't even with the title, I couldn't come up with a better name. XD.

Comments (9)

If you have time take a listen and give koga100 some feedback.

aziem 14th Oct 2023 18:56 - 9 months ago
Love the beats - hoping it will go great with some epic cycling videos.
koga100 replied 28th Oct 2023 - 8 months ago
I tried it out on one of my own videos. If it in the right context it works quite well! I used it for background music in a racing sim video.
DsideK 26th Sep 2023 05:39 - 9 months ago
I really like the feeling of this. Its bouncy and dancey but also has a dark synth vibe to it. You picked good sounds.

I think having a bigger build up would really help. In the beginning you have the lead fade in slowly which is good but you can also have your snare fade in and get faster as you near the drop. Or you can add a white noise riser to really create tension.
I hope that helps. Keep up the good work!
koga100 replied 27th Sep 2023 - 9 months ago
Thanks for the reply, I was considering making it longer, but I felt I had it about just right honestly. That suggestion in the beginning tho, Imma try it and see how it sounds.

Thanks for the input. ^_^
ClickbaitCabaret 24th Sep 2023 00:59 - 9 months ago
I like it. Brings to mind rubber aliens fighting with kitchen utensils.
koga100 replied 24th Sep 2023 - 9 months ago
Rubber Aliens? XD....XD...XD...I'm dying.
2Sisters 15th Sep 2023 15:20 - 10 months ago
Hello Koga, in my opinion the song now sounds much tidier and the sound is very balanced. The effects and surround sound elements are now much more effective.
Well done!
But I also have to say that it is very difficult to evaluate the sound of a compressed song. MP3 cannot have the quality of an uncompressed wave file. So should a song really be exploited commercially? E.g. as radio versions or on commercial streaming platforms, then you cannot avoid professional help. Then it's about spectral analysis and much more. When it comes to the basic use of effects such as limiters, compressors or similar, it should be said that what works for one song may be wrong for the next song. But the most important thing is to use the tools you have available productively. The most important tool is on your own skull. These are the ears. I can only recommend listening to comparable, professionally mixed songs and trying to imitate not this song, but the sound. At some point you will find the sound that suits you.
And always remember, YOU are the ARTIST, it is YOUR song and YOU alone decide how it should be. Find YOUR path and walk it. Listen to advice, but don't let it steer you away from your path.
Kind regards, Manuela
koga100 replied 23rd Sep 2023 - 9 months ago
A very late reply, I've been taking a break, I'm not fully done with this, there is still much more work to be done. I know the mixing part of it needs a ton of work. I'm trying my best here to make something really special. So, expect me to make changes over time. I don't want this one just to become another project. I want to be happy with it the same way I was about Space Machine which I still consider my masterpiece.
djphildrummin 14th Sep 2023 20:18 - 10 months ago
#DOPE, Great work sounds like a spaced out disco party i wanna go to. Thanks for sharing.
koga100 replied 23rd Sep 2023 - 9 months ago
Thanks for the listen! I am going to be still working on this project. At least until I'm very satisfied with it. Occasionally I'll add some update to it.
dimestop 13th Sep 2023 18:23 - 10 months ago
nice update Koga it does sound better and tbf bro the first upload was good, EQ can be a bugger to get right i can use up to 8 different ones on my work sometimes its difficult to tell though, the use of a limiter as made a difference here, something i was told many times from our friends in the community i know use one all the time as you can alter the low mid and highs to your ears, they are your best piece of kit, ive got some big ass ears :))
it feels more balanced to me, and i will be truthful ive forgotten the first one, if this was my first comment it would have been good work bro, but that's no help really if you get me, again that was my opinion we all here things differently and it really does boil down to personal choice. and remember bro always believe in you first, if you don't agree with someone's opinion let them know, but the good guys here like me want the very best for everyone, we grow together, I'm looking forward to more of your work Koga
koga100 replied 13th Sep 2023 - 10 months ago
It's prob all how you twist it, but I felt the original was lacking a good foundation so hence the gutting of it. I still have the original uploaded on YouTube but yeah. I think I'm a lot happier here. There might be a few finite tweaks I'll make here and there. If it wasn't for the criticisms, I prob would've never made this version.

Thank you for taking a second look ^_^
dimestop 12th Sep 2023 13:13 - 10 months ago
Koga so good to read words like that about our community, this place can be electric if you participate and give back, you get far more out. i like EDM being a dancer first and foremost and like this but agree with Manuela about the mid-tones a little limiting and some EQ on the low and high ends will give it a better tone, keep joining in bro feedback and constructive critique is a must for anyone, i think you know that already but you done a good job here keep sharing
koga100 replied 12th Sep 2023 - 10 months ago
I'm Prob going to re-look at this track. I'm going to see if I can find a similar track to this one and compare. Gunna see this one to completion.
2Sisters 12th Sep 2023 09:21 - 10 months ago
I really hope you had fun! And I also think it’s really good that you posted the song. I hope that more of you will appear here.
Go ahead, it's worth it!
Kind regards, Manuela
koga100 replied 12th Sep 2023 - 10 months ago
I've started posting here more, this community has helped me grow far more than any other community I've been a part of. It's like they want me to succeed here. Tis why I've been uploading here more often! So seriously I appreciate the feedback! ^_^
2Sisters 12th Sep 2023 09:09 - 10 months ago
Hello and good morning. Pretty experimental. What I miss is a line that runs through this song. It sounds improvised. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be? In my opinion, the mix is a bit too mid-tone heavy for an EDM song. But otherwise OK.
Kind regards, Manuela
koga100 replied 12th Sep 2023 - 10 months ago
I thought I'd try, but hey, at least I had fun.

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