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Description : As the world turns I churn in silence thinking about space and time, why einstein chose to dine and nap constantly, spending only emotion to increase the intellect of a gazillion insects to increase our understanding of this earth.
Hope that you guys are well.

Description : mau5 vibes

Description : Send what you make!
Inspired by deadmau5

Description : A really simple pluck with that "Faxing Berlin", Deadmau5 Kind of vibe.

Description : Kinda reminds me of a deadmau5 song lmao

Description : I couldn't not did it has a fan of Deadmau5

Description : Comment me your beats. Let me hear it.

Description : Some Pluck Arp like Deadmau5

Description : Pattern line like Deadmau5.

Description : I have no idea, came out of playing with serum

I promise I can make better music than this crap xd
I made it in a 150 project file sorry xd

Description : 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.

Description : I started a remix and made this "Illenium" style drop. Leave links in the comments :3


Description : It sound good with another mine loop: "Like Deadmau5" check it out!! ;)

Description : I got inspired, I didn't copy any song xP

Description : Here is the version of my Deadmau5 lead with sidechain. Have fun! ;D

Description : A little Deadmau5 type of lead for your tracks. I hope you like it! ;D

Description : here are some chords I made for a new track I'm working on. If you want this massive patch just ask.

Description : Simple modern techno loop made with Deadmau5's XFER sample pack.

Description : If you use this please share it with me would love to hear what you make. I love these type melodies but didnt really know what to do with it so im giving it away.

Description : Tech House Deep Drum Line that features a Serum One Shot and Deadmau5 Style Kick Drums

Description : Produced in ableton using the saw bass from the song "Hey Baby" by Deadmau5 with a pitch modifier in 85bpm an example of the drop being used can be found here:

Description : A recreation of Deadmau5's Plucks

Description : this a deadmau5 loop i made with z3ta+.

Description : The main synth from the song I remember by Deadmau5 Made in Magix Music Maker 2015 Premium. Synth used: Tyrell N6 Preset ADSR1-1_8 Gate High- cutoff

Description : i was trying to make the pluck from deadmau5's raise your weapon. i made a chord progression with it

Loops 1 - 25 of 66
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