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Description : without effects

Description : without any effects

Description : with sub bass

Description : with a bit of reverb

Description : with filter

Description : normal 808 with low cut filter

Description : with distortion

Description : with reverb and delay

Description : from my newest Remix : Sam Smyers - Want You (remix by Pelican Beats)

Description : plucked 808 bass

Description : from my newest Single "The Children"
with out any Effects or Filter
(you can hear it on soundcloud or on my Profile)

Description : pluck with arp from my newest outcoming single "The Children"

Description : with sub bass

Description : some jazzy chords with the Undertale music

Description : with sidechain

Description : no description

Description : with big room filter

Description : without 808

Description : with Reverb

Description : Some Bass line without any effects i used in my newest song.

Description : some easy chords

Description : Some Bassline i used in my new song!
on Soundcloud

Description : Pluck melody like Avicii

Description : A lot of reverb and Dela

Description : reverb and delay

Loops 1 - 25 of 37
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