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Description : A Cymatics preset, an LFO automation, some fruity fast dist, some OTT, some soundgoodizer and LFO Tools sidechain.

Description : Same as the other but there's a cutoff kinda automation.

Description : A really simple pluck with that "Faxing Berlin", Deadmau5 Kind of vibe.

Description : One Kick and one clap, a open hat with two others swinging hats.

Description : A lead like Timmy trumpet would do with delay lama (and a bit of soundgoodizer).
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Description : Somes growls with Gross Beat and Vocodex.

Description : Rising melody with the "waspinator" preset from Harmor in F #.

Description : Simple kick with a layer and a basse cutted from another Kick.

Description : I couldn't not did it has a fan of Deadmau5

Description : The Dubstep Drums from my song Tellement de Salle

Description : Pretty much the same in every EDM Track.

Description : My 808s suck i know !

Description : Riverside motherf*****

Description : I v' made my best House Drum Loop with a simple house beat and a Old School Hip Hop beat sinchrinized to the BPM.

Description : Famous simple "bounce" Pattern, I did it myself but if your damn robot can not read it's not my problem.

Description : Just a basic 808 beat fro Hip hop or Rap instrumentale.

Description : The title talk from itself

Description : Same as the first one but the Vocodex preset is "For Drum".

Description : The "Chromo Kick" from FL Studio with the Vocodex preset "Clearer" the rest is just a simple melodie i made.

Description : Bell and Snare Transition to put before an 808 beat.
Snare use : "Posty Trapstar Snare - G" from the Post Malone like sample pack from Cymatics witch no longer exists.

Description : Just a simple bass pluck.

Description : Simple Hardstyle Kick Pattern and my first Loop

Loops 1 - 22 of 22
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