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In order to keep a free site for everyone to enjoy we rely on the sponsorship of relevant companies and web sites who pay to advertise here.

Some of the ads pay us for sending relevant users to them and some ads pay us a commission for sales they make from users who visited their site via a link or ad on

This page will show you how you can help us and at the same time maybe even save yourself a few dollars, pounds, euros etc.

Image Line / Fruity Loops Studio Software

Anyone that buys anything from Imageline, such as fruity loops, decadance or all their plugins or fx etc can save 10% off their purchase as long as they are a first time customer. At the same time we earn a commission on the sale as long as you go to their site by following a link from here or clicking on one of the Imageline / Fruity Loops banners you see on looperman.

Loopmasters Sample Packs & Sample CDs have got some of the very best sample packs money can buy and as a partner of any time you buy anything from them after following a special link from here or clicking on one of the Loopmasters banners you see on looperman we earn a commission on the sale.

Magix Software

We teamed up with Magix software and they pay us a commission on any sale that is made by a user that clicks on one of their banners or links on

The deals we have with them are related to anyone purchasing -

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab
Magix Video Sound Cleaning Lab
Magix Digital DJ
Magix Music Maker

Google Ads

The remainder of our ads are provided by Google. These ads should be targeted towards the content of the page you're viewing, the site as a whole or your browsing history. Google ads are also different dependant on where you are in the world so not every looperman user will see the same ads.

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