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Description : ghost
Description : Trap Strings Produced with Kontact vst with Cymatics String Library at 132 Bpm
Description : drlp02 82
Description : Groove 80bpm beat with drums and bass
Description : A chill, emotional, melody created via keyboard
Description : No More Time Lead 125 BPM
Description : No More Time Bass Dist 125 BPM
Description : Hope usable for you
Description : Hope usable for you
Description : orchestral
Description : Let me pls know if u use it
Description : This is a synthetic guitar synth with distortion
Description : This is my very first loop. Hope you guys enjoy! Made this on audiosauna.
Description : anotha one
Description : Should work for many genres
Description : Full Trap Drum Loop
Description : Trap Beat Snare/Clap
Description : Trap Beat Hi-Hat
Description : Trap beat 808
Description : Real played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit.
Description : I honestly think this is one of the worst loops i have ever made.... Let me know what yall think :/
Description : Share with me if you use it ^_^
Description : I am that one guy who can flip from hip-hop one day, then straight into HARD ROCK the next day. So Rock on hard to this!
Description : 808 distorted, XXXTentacion
Description : Percussive loop - Glockenspiel about solitude to a souls release from his mission to burn all. 85 bpm,Dm. Happy story tells Peace!
Loops 1 - 25 of 74356
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