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Description : Circa 2018
Get wit me or get lost!

Description : I used this in one of my projects. Sounds kinda like some drill/grime but at the same time something ghostemane would use

Description : Alan Walker type melody.
Feel free to link me what you make!

Description : layer this with the part 1 and it'll be dope

Description : acoustic guitar with a few effects
please credit me if you use it

Description : tags: playboi carti, lil uzi vert, pierre bourne, young nudy
comment if u used this loop, I would love to hear it

Description : A Heavy Electric Guitar Riff that will make you want to head bang again

Description : Comment with the beat you made with my melody loop . message me on my socials for the MIDI file and custom loops (click my profile picture)

Description : Send your work!!!
Bass : (D A# G D F G)

Description : A happy synth loop that can be used for nick mira type beats etc.

Description : tags: hyperpop, glitchcore, juicewrld, nick mira, internet money, sad, bladee, yung lean, whitearmor

Description : Just a weird loop i made with Toxic Biohazard
Preset: Heaven (you can find it on the Synthetic section)

Description : A piano loop progression played in the key of D Major, with added reverb and delay for deeper atmospherics.

I like u positive :)
A.PROXY on the beats!
Feel it bro!
Koroche, eto besplatno, pacani :)

Description : A chilled piano loop I created, with added reverb and delay.
Is in D major.

Description : Lead Choir...
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Description : Analog Lead Synth...
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Description : Melodic Drip with Spanish Guitar..
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Description : Nice Ethnic Flute..put it on top of the Guitar or just on intro..
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Description : Dark and Low Strings...
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Description : Made with an old Piano one shot from the apex pack + some effects
Show me your stuff

Description : Just show me your creations in comments!!

Description : Description : Dark guitar loop for Gunna x Lil Baby
Leave your work in comments!
Contact with me on Instagram (click avatar).

Description : guitar my prod

Description : Made with ElectraX preset,plugins ValhallaVintageVerb and RC-20.
I would love to hear what you'v made, leave a link in the comments.

Loops 1 - 25 of 4373
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