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Description : I played a one shot of a piano note then put reverb on it (wet: 100%, dry: 0%). I then recorded and put it into a sampler and added EQ to get the frequencies I wanted. It became this weird pad because of it.

KEY: D Major

GMaj7 - DMaj9
GMaj7 - DMaj9 - Am6


Description : Its Bedtime. Send what you make...

Description : A soulful female choir sings "Boo--Wee-Oooh" in a large space. Loop is in 6/8 time.

Harmonies: D7-----G7

(Hint: Try layering this loop with my "Bluesy Lil Piano Thang" loop and see wut happinz)

Description : A bluesy groove on piano, featuring a steady triplets kind of feel.

8 seamless bars, in 6/8 meter.

Harmonies: D7-----G7

Description : somin i came up with on links please

Description : show me what you did

Description : Made using maschine 2.8.7.

Description : Made using maschine 2.8.7.

Description : this is like if cubeatz did more melodic trap stuff i guess

Description : ooooo

Description : Post down below if you make anything with it.

I'm gonna post another one from this same song I made but other instruments. Same chords

Description : Description : More music box bells, good for trap or hip hop rap, second one that is inspired by The Twilight Zone from the 50s....they're in key but a bit warped by fx.

Lil Yachty, Polo G, Nick Mira, Juice Wrld, Gunna, Drake, Migos, XXXTentacion Travis Scott

Please Let me know what you made with it if you use it and I'll check it out! If you see it in a song with 50k streams, and send it to me I'll make you 5 custom loops 4 free!

Click on my picture to see more of my loops!

Description : Practicing piano i came up with this.
Feel free to use for what ever you want!

Description : 80's style dreamscape asian flute synth
comment ur creations!

made with massive in fl studio 12

Description : Bell Pad With Lead

Description : 808 D

There is also another part on my acc with kicks

Description : 808 D

There is also another part on my acc without kicks and less 808

Description : The 808s are D

There is also a Loop on my acc where kicks are inside and more hihhats

Description : The 808s are D

There is also a Loop on my acc where i took out the kicks and less 808 to create a intro

Description : hard i guess

Description : A Juice Wrld X Iann Dior X Nick Mira type loop made using Omnisphere & ElectraX. Comment if you used this loop so I can see what you made! Instagram

For the Midi's, contact me on my social media linked on my profile!

tags : Juice Wrld, Iann Dior, Nick Mira, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Skies, Trap, Melodic, Piano, sitrus, prodsitrus

Description : My first loop upload. Let me know what you guys think

Description : FREE Travis Scott Type Drums
Goes well with sum flute or piano orbells or any dark melody! 808 rlly op.
The 808 key is D3

Description : Made with a Fazioli Grand Piano VST patch with some highpass filtering and reverb.

Root note: D
First chord: Dm
Send me beats/songs down below!

Description : Some crazy sound design for you guys. Reuploading because I redid the sound just a tad.

Loops 1 - 25 of 3902
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