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Description : show me ur work!!!

Description : please comment your work
i you wanna to collab please dm me at my instagram
i will always respon fast!
gross beat on it though
only contact:

bpm: 180
key: E5

Description : share results with me :D


Description : hip hop nice oldskool vibe drums

Description : For Bussines And Custom Loops Email Me !!!

Description : Could be like EDM type or Trap really

Description : Simple Piano Montuno in Cm. 180 bpm. Works in classic salsa tune or with hip-hop-like beats. Works also in 90bpm. Please let me know if you need variations, breaks or different chord progressions. Just write me :-)

Description : Made With Purity, Within The Lydian Scale.

Description : 1.5x slow

Description : made this one a long time ago

Description : nice agressive piano melody

Description : Hope usable

Description : made this for a friend of mine but he wont use it anymore...

please show me the results in the comment section.

thanks:D !!

Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope usable

Description : now that´s a lot of damage!

Description : Hope usable

Description : Best for dirty production; Ronny J type beats

Description : drop a link with what you made

Description : enjoy

Description : Used morphine again,removed the reverb and fiddled with the EQ of the VOX Paranoid MC.

Description : Tell me what you think

Description : 808- Pierre (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Kick- Uno (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Clap- 6ixty (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Snare- Snare (OKC Organized Kit)
Hat- Hi Hat XO (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Perc- PBS SNP Slow Snap (Polo Boy Shawty Kit)
Open Hat- HHOP 808 XO (OKC Organized Kit)

Loops 1 - 25 of 699
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