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Description : I thought about adding more ambient stuff into the background, but didn't want to overdo it. Enjoy!

Description : Experimental little thing.

Made with Serum and a glitch I worked up.

Description : Was messing around making more glitchy stuff and couldn't help myself. Here's an obnoxiously long tapestop backspin lol

Description : Man I love this stuff lol

Made in serum.

Description : Gotta fill my sample pack lol

Description : Made this one using a slowed down lofi toploop and some serious post-processing lol. Also a couple of my Serum presets for layers.

Description : Only used a frequency shifter this time, although I also may have changed a couple of patterns :)

Description : Can't forget the roots.

Made with Serum

Description : This one is pretty calm.

Description : It's so fun to just mess around in Serum.

Description : Something unoriginal :)

Description : Here's something original.

Description : This was made in serum using literally just a sine wave, which is filtered and moving the course pitch. Post-processing is just an OTT and some reverb to fill space, as well as a big ol Sub bass.

Description : Made using a Serum preset for the Sub, and some random Cymatics riser I just chopped up. Post-processing is minimal, with an OTT, a filter, and some reverb tails.

Description : Same thing as the last one, although I think I just changed the pitch of the sample randomly.

Description : This is the same Serum preset with some variation, as well as variation in the filter and a bit of reverb to fill some space.

Description : This sounds sick. Made in Serum :) Only post-processing I did was add an OTT and a filter.

Description : I'm gonna start uploading some of these types of things.

Description : Made this using a Moonboy Serum preset and messing around with the starting position/ repeating the same section of the sound.

Description : Last one for now.

Description : And another one.

Description : Made a bunch of these and haven't used them yet so i'll upload them here. :)

Description : This is pretty.

Made using LABS

Description : I tried to upload the full version of this loop I made, but looperman doesn't like it

Description : Made this by putting a saw wave at the bottom of the piano roll and did a bunch of post-processing to it.

Loops 1 - 25 of 286