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Description : Planets are one of a kind, each one with its own vibrance and color. Collect 'em all, lol. Grapemaster loops are da bestest!!
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Description : Swimming and observing the life inside the great unknown sea here on earth, there's no reason to explore outer space when we can just explore our deep oceans. Immmerse yourself in the salty water and enjoy the thought that we might not know everything just yet. Free loop pack in bio.

Description : Just keep chugging along. Life stops for no one. -Grapemaster
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Description : There's a sort of calmness after a heavy storm. You have to pick up the pieces, and figure out what you still have and what might be ruined. The sun breaks and you see a glowing sky apart from the heavy storm that is still going on in the distance. Free loop packs in bio.

Description : Here's another loop. Hope you are liking these, drop links below. Realize that we are sitting on shifting plates, nothing is ever solid here on earth. Just gotta go with the flow, and hope that it doesn't all come down on us. Free loop pack in bio.

Description : Haven't seen the sun rise for a minute. Kinda smokey here in Cali. Oh well.. gotta get back on that early to bed, early to rise life. Hope you are all doing well. Free loop pack in bio, I'm about to release another one for this month.

Description : Heyy, hope you guys are liking these. Hit me up! Appreciate all those reaching out and leaving warm comments, contact info in my profile pic.

Description : Hope you guys like this one, it kinda reminds me of an incubus type feel. I can just imagine blaring electric guitars coming in with an emo singer on top, lol. Have a good one! hit me up, IG is best please get that contact info in my bio click profile pic, free loop pack.
Asus, Csus, Gsus

Description : Hope you like this rhythmic synth sound, it's so beautiful how it sort of takes you down a vortex, reminds me of our dark universe, how we look up into the sky and just see darkness surrounded by small stars. It's amazing to think what might be out there!

Description : This one kinda reminds me of playing Super Mario 64 on the main level, where the world is open to roam free and do whatever. Super Mario 64 was a revolutionary game, one of the first 3d games! This reminds me of this fantastic feeling where you're exploring new worlds. Hit me up, click profile pic.

Description : Immerse yourself in a new world, we just landed on Mars, on Pluto. Now we're in another universe, completely separate from ours. Another dimension, and a completely new reality. I hope you love these loops and hope you are having a good day. Feel free to reach out, click profile pic for contact info.

Description : Ayyy, hope you like this one, hope you are having a good day. Don't let anyone get you down! Here in cali the fires are in full blaze, and the smoke is building up. Hard to breathe, but it is okay. Keep making hits, especially with my loops hah!!

Description : Nice wavy synth for ya, feels like RnB to me. Super slow and laid back, nice for a ballad? Drop ya links, always makes my day, thanks for the love, hope you are doing well. Hit me up on IG, new free loop packs in bio click the profile pic.

Description : Some strings to soften the mood. Drop your links! Hit me up, contact info when you click on my profile, I'm working on my next loop pack release for September. It will be free.

Description : Whether you're playing tennis and you want to hit that sweet spot on the racket or you're making love, this loop could go perfectly with whatever vibe you are after. I've been working hard for months to bring some of the best new, original, and untouched loop packs to the game. Click profile pic and follow my IG.

Description : Light one up, or avoid the smoke from the cali fires- this one could go both ways. I'm slowly and steadily improving from my accident about 3 weeks ago. Xrays came back said no fractures no fluid in lung. I played tennis yesterday and won handily, played two matches and bagelled opponents 3x. Here's to renewed vigor. Hit me up on IG, click my profile pic for info.

Description : Sometimes easier to remember the good and forget the bad. This loop reminds me of stuff I used to make back in 2005 and on, and the people who were awesome enough to enjoy listening to my music with me while we enjoyed each other's company. Feel free to drop links.

Description : I hope that hope does not fade for all of us in these times. Sometimes it does for me, however carrying on to see the sun rise for another day is always important. Thanks to those who have reached out and showed love, feel free to drop links in comments. Hit me up on IG click my profile pic.

Description : Ayy hope you like these epic synths with the beautiful immersive sound. I hope you make something cool with it and post it below for all to hear. You guys are awesome, get a free loop pack in my bio.. i'm going to rotate in a new pack soon.

Description : Hoep you like this one, free loop pack in the bio. Working hard to get you the tools you need to make the dopest beats of all yo friendzzz.

Description : Something about still being here, still being able to live my life, after a near death experience and being hurt but not crippled. Something tells me I have a renewed sense of vigor. Nothing can stop me now. I recently got hit hard by a Jeep about 10 days ago while riding my bike and somehow I'm still in one piece!

Description : Hey, hope you like this one and that you are having a good day. I'm slowly recovering from my bike accident. I feel weird, but it's okay. The guy luckily didn't cripple me for life or anything, I just got a heavy hit in the rib cage and went flying from behind. I'm lucky I heard him screeching so I could prepare.

Description : Cmaj hope you like it.
I'm slowly recovering from the bike accident with the guy who ran me down. i'm trying to get over it but it's hard. Still, I'm lucky and still here doing okay check bio for free loop pack. I'll release another one soon.

Description : I'm releasing new beat packs constantly, click bio.
I just got hit by a car going over 35mph from the rear while riding my bike. Luckily I'm okay- it hit me in the rib cage and I'm lucky I didn't get hit in the spine, the hip/knee or I would be crippled for life. Also wasn't wearing a helmet. I'm slowly recovering, really I'm fine it's just a few gashes/bumps/bruises, this happened a few days ago.

Description : Bells trap melody, hope you like this one.
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Loops 1 - 25 of 60
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