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Description : Hey , missed you guys and sorry I've had to take a break. Getting my money sorted more important for longevity I think as an artist, and real musicians have day jobs. no excuse to not keep active. Missed you guys, miss all the people that have helped me on the way in the past, and yet here I am alone still trying to reach my goals and failing over and over.

Love to all.. will update all the links in my bio soon sorry that some are broken (chords F and C)

Description : Man, falling off- off top isn't the way to drop. Gotta keep moving and grooving because what else is there to do, snoozin'? Heck nah I want to create and relate to the people who make the world go round, you and me, he and she, we be three. keep going because maybe there won't be a next time and what you uploaded will stay for the rest of time.

(Dmin, Emin, EbMaj)

Description : Some things that happened since the pandemic started-
I got rear ended on my bicycle by a Jeep at a pretty high speed without a helmet.
Lost my grandmother who I wrote to through snail mail.
A fellow producer/artist I grew up with in Berkeley was hit by a car and died crossing the freeway (tagging).
A car cut me off two weeks ago while I was bombing a hill and bailed and slapped my back in the same spot as the car that hit me.

Banged up, time heals? Staying grateful. (Abmaj Ebmaj Abmaj)

Description : Chameleon dreamin, I bake in the sun because I'm cold blooded, eating insects because hey, it's protein. Maybe I climb a tree and feel the breeze through the leaves. Maybe I sit and stare at the sunrise and think about all the things I could be. Today is the day, and I'm changing colors.

Grapemaster, thanks for all the blessings

Emin Cmaj

Description : Fallen leaf, like when I drive my Nissan Leaf, regen when I brake, no pads.

Better start the day but for now, more loops coming your way. Entering the metadata is kinda time consuming! But rewarding. Please share what you create, makes my day even more.

C, Ab, F?

Description : Chasing mooola, I don't chase it like I don't chase her, don't act perturbed, I'm just interested in words, word is bond can't get stronger, keep to it. follow your goals, set achievable and maybe get swole. Setting aside money to make sure you're good cuz if not, stuck back in the hood.
Hope you guys are ok, I've been struggling it's ok, took a spill on my skateboard. At almost 37 might be time to retire.

(Cmin Bbmaj Cmin Bbmaj Abmaj, Abmaj Gmin, Abmaj Bbmaj)

Hit me for part 2

Description : Hope you guys like this one, thanks for the kind comments it's always appreciated. Liking what you're sharing and making as well.
Inspiring me to put some more stuff in the works with building out a site and tools for producers w my makeshift company Produce Hits so maybe I can devote more time to that. This site is seriously awesome thanks guys.
Cminor , Ebmajor, Gminor, Abmajor

Description : Like legend of zelda my wallet's getting swell yea.. not really just gotta have a higher ceiling, make it out the trap cuz I'm not even on the map.
Dminor, Eminor

Description : Hope you are well, thanks for the support. New stuff in the works like building my site out again after it crashed and the computer I may have a backup on won't start for some reason lol. I wrote some nice articles on there so I may try and rescue that bad boy.

Description : Same old story, different narrative, different narrator.

Description : Hope you are having a blessed day!
Dmin Fmajor, Dmin Fmajor,
Eminor, Dminor, Eminor, Fmajor!...

Description : Cminor AbMajor, DbMajor
Hope you are having a good day.

Description : Hope your day is filled with happiness.
Aminor Gmajor, Aminor Gmajor
Fmajor, Gmajor, Fmajor Gmajor

Description : Hope you are having a good day.
Cminor, Abmajor, Aminor, Abmajor
Cminor, Aminor, Abmajor, Gminor

Description : Hope you like it

Description : Hope you are having a good day..

Description : Made this, and hope you like it.

Description : Hope you are having a blessed day and be well! LEt me know what you think of these loops.

Description : Thanks for listening and downloading, y'all are seriously awesome. see ya next time.

Description : have a good day y'all.

Description : hope u like

Description : Hey Grandma Barbara, sorry I didn't continue to write you those last few months. Hard to find a reason, I took you for granted. I wanted to make you that CD, but I was scared what you might think of my electronic music. I'll try and keep pushing though, maybe I can get it going again, but I am struggling so hope you understand. I spoke in your memorial today and remembered how you appreciated me playing sax for Grandpa Dick's memorial. Bye grandma.

Description : Ayy hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for using these loops in your stuff, it's awesome. Gotta update my profile soon so I can get more organized. Don't really use social media any more lately. Feels better in general but who knows. Be well and enjoy your day!

Description : Gotta get up, even when the times are tough. Never had it rougher but the struggle is so easy relatively comparing myself to celebrities, let alone to people in a worse place. I've got it made. So why can't I be happy, maybe I'm not working hard enough. Maybe I'm not eating right. Gotta fight. Things are hard, so I just gotta take charge. Maybe life would be better on mars.
Love y'all.
Eminor F#minor Gminor Amin

Description : in a rut gotta get out, gotta break free of my own bad habits, make it a habit to not end tragically, mathematically losing but spiritually winning, physical fitness like PE Class I try and remember the ways I was taught. Not comfortable, but being flush never was about being content. Need to come up, not gonna front, but I've been lightweight out to lunch.

Loops 1 - 25 of 120