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Description : Here's a cool sounding melody, could go great in electronic music, maybe a pop hip hop beat, etc.. hope you guys like it and will continue putting out more stuff. Trying to up my game more and more, let me know any feedback and what else you want from me please feel free to reach out. Have a blessed day.

Description : but i'm back and in action again guys, i got a nice one since i been working. My seasonal job ends this week, it's kinda scary but i think it'll be okay. Actually i know it, i've been here before and i can survive as a starving artist lmao. Nah we gon' ball out. F that.

Description : Ayyy is it possible that overstating is what might be the excess we see around us, overstatism and the things we think are cool might be overstated too let's jsut rejoice in the fact that we don't know the facts. Fax machines gone now too, pretty funny. Ayy stream of consciousness hope you guys are well happy holidays. here's anotha one.

Description : Ayy a little jazz never hurt anyone. HOpe you guys are having a good holidays. Seriously thanks for all the love.
Aminor, Ebmajor, Bbmajor, Bminb5-E7alt

Description : As the world turns I churn in silence thinking about space and time, why einstein chose to dine and nap constantly, spending only emotion to increase the intellect of a gazillion insects to increase our understanding of this earth.
Hope that you guys are well.

Description : Ayyyy this is some dancey stuff. I'm doing okay, gotta keep going, gotta head to work but really enjoying what youg uys are making with some of these loops and i'm hooked. Gotta keep uploading. Feel free to share and i'll update you on my life soon, reach out for tails/midi.

Description : Ay here's a little thing I did before I gotta go to work, seasonal job ends soon. I almost died in the ocean yesterday haha. I cramped up and was lucky to catch some white wash back into shore on my boogie, no wettie, trynna find some meaning in all this crazy thing called life ya know. Peace.

Description : Ayyy, the beach is where i'll be at catching the next swell. Hope you guys are doing well, I have had hardly any time working a seasonal job to fatten the bankroll, can't wait to get back to providing some of the dopest loops in the game. I keep making beats out of my melodies and forgetting to upload the melodies! here's one.

Description : Ayyy it's my birthday and you can cry if you want tooo... hope you guys are doing better than I am. I'm one year older. lol. it's okay, love y'all.
hit me up for the tails, MIDI, and whatever else you want to talk abourt. -grapemaster

Description : Ayy shorty what's happenin'. Here's a little synthy vibe. Pretty epic, hope you have a great day and I'l be back with more soon. Been working a ton, but I set up my music station again after I tore it down to focus on getting some paper.

Description : Cool little loop, use it for what you want. Have been making more beats and less melodies but here's a melody!!

Description : Sometimes all you see is the crawl, but what about sticking around long enough to spread wings. Fly away because we don't last forever, and maybe things will be different next time. Hit me up for tails, MIDI, or just to reach out, appreciate you guys. Click profile pic.
Gmaj EbMaj
Gmaj Dmin Ebmaj

Description : Sometimes you need to escape. Escape from what? The physical is only mental. The world is ours.
Let's create a better reality by crafting dope music, THANKS for using my melodies and sharing with the world, let's make history.

Description : Making it big isn't a small task. Sometimes never ready for what's inescapable, unemploying the landscape, as I need to create a new garden for my crops. Reap the benefits of the produced hits. The feeling, it's love. Let the sounds wash away your pain, or wallow in misery to get through it.

Description : Nearly identically different from the last and the next. We keep going as the world keeps turning, in tandem with bicycles and people. Keep the juice flowing, we need more oranges in this county.
contact info in my bio

Description : Some slow stuff, gotta run out I've been having less time but this is one of my fave things to do is get loops out to you guys.. going to keep doing it as much as possible thanks for all the support lately too. I will release a new loop pack shortly. This loop is something a lil different.

Description : Remember all the things, reminisce and reflect as the tide comes in and out with the waves. Spend some time really getting to know the true you, not to others but to yourself and the infinite relationship we have with our inner dialogue. Listen and conquer. Waves help the world go round. Links!!

Description : I have been working more, and so less time to make and upload loops. However I will try and do what I can to keep getting these out, because the stuff you guys make is epic and also just love that you are enjoying these. Happy to share... hit me up on IG for MIDI or custom. One love

Description : Planets are one of a kind, each one with its own vibrance and color. Collect 'em all, lol. Grapemaster loops are da bestest!!
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Description : Swimming and observing the life inside the great unknown sea here on earth, there's no reason to explore outer space when we can just explore our deep oceans. Immmerse yourself in the salty water and enjoy the thought that we might not know everything just yet. Free loop pack in bio.

Description : Just keep chugging along. Life stops for no one. -Grapemaster
Thanks for downloading my free loop pack in bio, I'm about to release another one when i get a chance. For now click my profile pic and hit me up!

Description : There's a sort of calmness after a heavy storm. You have to pick up the pieces, and figure out what you still have and what might be ruined. The sun breaks and you see a glowing sky apart from the heavy storm that is still going on in the distance. Free loop packs in bio.

Description : Here's another loop. Hope you are liking these, drop links below. Realize that we are sitting on shifting plates, nothing is ever solid here on earth. Just gotta go with the flow, and hope that it doesn't all come down on us. Free loop pack in bio.

Description : Haven't seen the sun rise for a minute. Kinda smokey here in Cali. Oh well.. gotta get back on that early to bed, early to rise life. Hope you are all doing well. Free loop pack in bio, I'm about to release another one for this month.

Description : Heyy, hope you guys are liking these. Hit me up! Appreciate all those reaching out and leaving warm comments, contact info in my profile pic.

Loops 1 - 25 of 78
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