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Description : Majid Jordan is underrated

Description : send your tracks with this

Description : Send me your beats

Description : comment your work pal! don't just download :) Enjoy!

Description : Virtual Instrument: NI Massive

Description : Blured Pad

Description : Audio signal processing

Description : post what y'all make in the comments

Description : Seeing them in Seattle with suicideboys

Description : This is the synth anthem of my coming track Kingdom. Chords: Em - B

Description : Enjoy!

Description : Weird drum loop at 105 bpm. Hihats run at regular, triolic and dotted beats as if they can't decide.
Eight bars, kick, double snares and nervous hi hats and a pong-ish tom.

Description : Trap Drums Loop with 808.
Link what you created with the loop!

Description : Live Sound

Description : ok remake of the melody for "Freaky"

Description : sync with my acapella same name...check my track for arrangement.

Description : D# minor harmonic scale
Piano from NI kontrol
From my latest beat on my ytube
Would love to hear what you create with this

Description : made in massive

Description : Southside x OG Parker x ExoDrip

Description : comment your work! it'll be appreciated!

Root note:
C - B - A - G - B

Description : Rhodes with some pads in the background. let me know what you think. Ready to Collab! Bmajor

Description : Yamaha FG-160, double tracked for stereo

Description : Yamaha FG-160, double tracked for stereo

Description : omnisphere, kontakt, retro color

Description : if ur listening this ur an emo underage boy

Loops 1 - 25 of 860
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