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Description : Goes with the piano riff I recently uploaded. Also in c harmonic minor. I highly recommend using both samples.

Description : Another Frank Dukes style sample I hope you can enjoy. This one is in C harmonic minor and utilizes c minor, b diminished, and d diminished chords. I highly recommend you download the corresponding trumpet sample.

Description : lemme know if u use in comments

Description : f/Eb/f/Eb/Db/Eb

I wish I had a better strings library. :(

Description : Contact me only via Instagram or Facebook please!
Share your music with me. Just leave a link.
CUSTOM LOOPS? Infos on my profile page. (Click on my profile picture)

Description : Loop is based off of MMZ, PNL...
Genre: Trap/Rap/AfroTrap/Dancehall/Reggaeton/Pop

If you want a custom loop, you can send me a private message or leave a comment.

Description : Enjoy!

Description : Enjoy!

Description : Wavy Guitar Synth Riff in B minor.

Description : scarlxrd x prxjek inspired drums

Description : tried to remake ZOTiYAC's 5k freestyle, but its different... still fire tho
leave a link \/

Description : A piano i played myself and added effects to in Logic Pro X.
Plz send beats

Description : $$$ Do you like the loop? Leave me a comment;) Hi! :) If you use the loop, send me please your finished result link in the comments.. If you have a question, please look at my profile and click to link(FB).Thanks.

Description : @numbbert2o
hope usable, leave a comment if u like this, it's important for me

Loop in B - Major

Description : Enjoy and show me what you can do.

Contact me if you want this loop in a different key or tempo, or need a custom loop. A lot of you guys ask me if I have\do sample packs or .midi files. YES I DO, contact me for info.

Recorded live on REAL xylophone in my studio, captured by two mics.

Description : Internet series
Array name: Bozuk Düzen

Description : Realized with Fl Studio, Kontakt and Yamaha CS1X. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !

Description : Fruity loops 11

Description : Choir loop - DOPE

Description : A guitar loop with some effects to make it sound more complete, please send me your project!

Description : Reminds me of a Kanye type of sample...

Description : Hit my e-mail for custom loop packs

Description : If you use this, post your beat.

Description : Hope u like it!
IG: xylon_aesthetic

Description : tokyo vibe=)

Loops 1 - 25 of 947
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