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About Me

Love to make music, play video games, and make that money. not in the music bizz yet. still perfecting my craft

Instruments I play

sadly none. back in the day i played the trumpet. i'm learning how to play the piano but my dedication is lacking.

Software I Use

Fl studio 11 producer edition. such a vast amount of vst's I can't list them all its a huge collection. like 700 gigs of samples and one shots. ableton 8 live. sonar/cakewalk, audacity.

Hardware I Use

M-audio keyboard, launch pad, akai lpd8, two 12" polk audio 500w subs, two polk audio bookshelf speakers both with two 5" speakers and one dome tweeter powered by a 200w amp. Denon receiver,kenwood surround sound processor. ,and technics graphic eq.

Listening To Right Now

lots of westcoast rap, tons of 70's and 80's funk, underground hiphop. the beatbasement on the itunes radio station. mac dre, e-40, celly cell, b-legit, any artist that has come out of the bay area i have on my ipod going all the way back to 85'. thats where i get my sound and style from. i have recently been going deep on the youtube and finding some very good electronic channels like, electronic gems, johnny m in the mix, plasmapool, etc.

10 Favourite Albums

dre and snoop got me into rap back in the day. when the cronic album hit even the rockers were playing it.
cypress hill temples of boom, that was another i played that tape till it broke.
primus, alice in chains, faith no more, and soundgarden were some of my first cds i ever owned. bone thugs in harmony still a fav of mine. E-40's, mac dres, celly cells b-legits entire catalog along with other various bay area artists (way to many too name here) i had one favorite electronic CD back in the day and it was from an Mtv host called "ray munn" he put out a mix tape that i still have an listen to.

My Influences / Fav Artists

funk, hip hop, deep house, bass music, club stuff i listened to back in the day. 90's rap. NOTHING on the radio i could give two sh!ts about. most of the commercial garbage that is out there today is 1. just bad music with bad lyrics 2. no soul behind it just a money grab with puppet artists 3. ugly people make good music too all i see are "market artists" that look pleasing to the eye but don't have a drop of talent in their bones. idk maybe i'm just getting old a bitter lolz

My Music Sounds Like

a mix of everything but mostly electronic and hip hop. you can paint a better picture if you have more colors. staying in one genre and not listening to anything else is a poor way to broaden your horizons. that and i find it fun and a bit of a challenge learning how to make songs in other genre's. you get to learn all kinds of techniques and tricks that people use to make songs.

In My Other Life I ...

love to go fishing, sturgeon is usually the main target. i'm a building mechanic and HVAC technician. you can always find me online playing some video games on xbox gamer tag is GH0ST TRIBE if you need a quick break from your favorite DAW hit me up. i'm on, soundcloud, youtube, all that good sh!t.