21st Apr 2024 00:15 - 3 months ago
Description : Decided to try my hand at making a 70’s old-school Disco track, shamelessly complete with a variety of Disco cliches. Tried to write some Disco lyrics but couldn’t come up with anything worthwhile. Decided to write lyrics about our cat. Name is “Bailey”, but mostly we call her “Bailey Boo”. Vocals made with Synthesizer V Studio from Dreamtonics.

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If you have time take a listen and give EricMilligan some feedback.

VintageNights 5th May 2024 23:18 - 2 months ago
Very interesting what you can do with modern AI generated Voice. I think you have done a very good job. Not 70s. Disco Style but a very nice groove and feeling to it. Cheers, Oli
EricMilligan replied 6th May 2024 - 2 months ago
Hi, Oli! Yes, isn't exactly 70's. I tried, but didn't quite hit the mark. The vocal actually isn't really AI. Synth V is just a very sophisticated sampler VST. Needs midi input or drawing in the notes to establish the melody line. Lyrics are inputted by the user, not AI generated, It is quite different from all those AI voice things that are out there now. The lyrics for this track would probably have been lot better if done by AI. Ha!

I just checked your "influences" listed in your profile. We share many of the same ones, including Enigma. But, there are some I don't know and will check them out.

RuslanG 4th May 2024 23:23 - 2 months ago
Nice song Eric!
EricMilligan replied 5th May 2024 - 2 months ago
Thanks, Russian!
theHumps 29th Apr 2024 12:50 - 2 months ago
That's so sweet you wrote a song about your cat and I love the Bailey Boo singing parts. And the vocals works so well with the music, great effects on them, reverb is perfect.

Sure, I'm back in 1975 with my stylin' moon shoes on my feet and mood ring on my finger. lol

Good stuff!

EricMilligan replied 29th Apr 2024 - 2 months ago
Thanks, Wayne. And Bailey thanks you as well! :)

I'm pretty sure I never had moon shoes (don't actually know what they are), but I think I might still have my mood ring salted away someplace in the bottom of my sock drawer! :)

deanp 28th Apr 2024 19:37 - 2 months ago
This is my 2nd full listen to this. Just reading some of the other comments and I think the bassline is a good job and perfect for this genre. I agree on your comment that it can be easy for the vocals to get lost - and reverb should definitely be used with caution. The vocals on this track stand out though and I like the delay effect you have on them. The cat vocal on the end was quite funny - it appears that, at the end of the day, the cat got all the reverb.
EricMilligan replied 29th Apr 2024 - 2 months ago
Hi, Dean. I'm very gratified that you liked the cat vocal! And yes, Cat petty much got all the reverb and quite a bit of delay as well! :)
Kirkoid 28th Apr 2024 09:09 - 2 months ago
Perfect Disco, we need more of it. The bass line is particularly authentic.
EricMilligan replied 28th Apr 2024 - 2 months ago
Thanks, Kirkoid. Was actually fun to make. I don't usually come up with great bass lines, but this one did seem to fit.

VicaMOOR 28th Apr 2024 02:47 - 2 months ago
Very groovy. It's giving the vibes of skaters coasting down Long Beach, California, on a warm, summer afternoon. Loving the bass, the performance, melody, and lyrics.
EricMilligan replied 28th Apr 2024 - 2 months ago
Thanks, VicaMOOR. I think the lyrics are actually kind of funny. Singing about a cat, but for some reason they did come together pretty easily (very unusual) and allowed me to finish the track. :)
crucethus 24th Apr 2024 07:08 - 3 months ago
Oh I forgot, You being a fan of Trance Music, and also having that Irish last name, you may enjoy this master mix of Chicane and Clannad. Saltwater.
Arguably the greatest Trance tune ever made.
Original inspiration:
EricMilligan replied 28th Apr 2024 - 2 months ago
Steve: thanks so much for connecting me with the music of Chicane. You are right, I really do like Trance a lot, but I really only have a superficial knowledge about it, frankly. Had never heard of Chicane or the track, Saltwater. Just spend a couple of hours learning about him and listening to his music. Definitely my kind of music for sure. Is (almost) inspiring me to try once again to make a Trance track worth listening to.
deanp 22nd Apr 2024 10:55 - 3 months ago
Hi Eric, I like this track you have made. For me, it has a Murder on the Dancefloor vibe to it. The mix sounds well balanced with the reverb control on the vocals being spot on. it is a very atmospheric track. Well done on a good job.
EricMilligan replied 22nd Apr 2024 - 3 months ago
Thanks, Dean. Had to check out Murder on the Dancefloor on Apple Music. I definitely can see connection you noted - with the original version. The vibes in the versions by Royel Otis and the remix by Guetta and quite different. Less disco.

Worked a lot on automation generally with the track, including automating several of the variables controlling the reverbs on the vocals. Also did multiple layers of some of the vocals, with panning and very short time delay offsets. Reverb mix and delay settings on the L and R panned tracks was a bit more than the ones for the C panned tracks. Initially had issues getting the lyrics to be intelligible in the mix, but that method seemed to work mostly OK. I generally try to restrain myself using reverb so things don't get all mushed up.
dimestop 21st Apr 2024 15:16 - 3 months ago
great mix Eric, the disco era had me, i was always dancing my arse off, you certainly captured the bouncy vibe from that time, good vocal, nice work
EricMilligan replied 21st Apr 2024 - 3 months ago
Thanks for encouragement, Dimestop. I was too busy trying to be a lawyer to do much dancing back then, but never let go of the music. I'm getting better at doing vocals with the Synthesizer V software, but there people on their forum who have done really amazing stuff, with videos, posted on Youtube. I really don't know how they get the vocals so nuanced. Yet, still not even close to what a real human vocalist can do, which is frankly, comforting in a way. :)

crucethus 21st Apr 2024 04:45 - 3 months ago
Awesome mix, kinda modern disco, but you need those Orchestra string sweeps from the TSOP era to really make this feel authentic.
Good Work, love cats
EricMilligan replied 21st Apr 2024 - 3 months ago
Thanks Steve. You are right. Need more strings, and French horns, and flutes and wah wah chunky-chunk rhythm guitar. Going to give that some thought. Thanks for the links. I am enjoying where you took me with them.


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Have a great day!
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