14th Jan 2024 03:42 - 6 months ago
Description : This track is a collaboration with another Looperman member, Salve Clements, a very talented vocalist from Australia. Salve wrote the lyrics and composed and recorded the vocal melody and lyrics.

In working on the mix, I simply wasn’t able to achieve a proper balance in the overall sound. So, I got some help from Wytse Gerichhausen of White Sea Studio in the Netherlands. He was able to fix the problems I had created and got it sounding the way I had hoped it would.

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If you have time take a listen and give EricMilligan some feedback.

AnthonyAttard 14th Jul 2024 10:24 - 4 days ago
Really great collaboration. I liked the song and the sound. The singer is excellent too. Very well done
Best wishes, Anthony
EricMilligan replied 14th Jul 2024 - 3 days ago
Yes, Anthony, Salve is really a very special singer I think. Not just a singer, but song-writer as well. I was aware that this track is not really the kind of music that Salve really prefers to do - Salve's taste I think runs more to Pop/RnB material. But, I think that this, somewhat more eclectic material, worked out well and Salve's vocal definitely made it into something unique, not generic.

Tiltedbeats 27th Jun 2024 14:07 - 2 weeks ago
What a great collaboration. Cant fault anything here, what a journey.. Thank you :)
EricMilligan replied 14th Jul 2024 - 3 days ago
Thanks for the positive feedback, Tiltedbeats. I do listen to the track once in a while and each time I really appreciate what Salve did. A complex melody, well-developed and meaningful lyrics, an excellent vocal performance using a very inexpensive USB microphone. These really elevated the track to someting worth listening to. I was lucky to have Salve agree to collaborate on the track.

RuslanG 5th May 2024 09:34 - 2 months ago
EricMilligan replied 5th May 2024 - 2 months ago
Thanks, Ruslan. This time I caught that it had auto-corrected your name! :). Could not edit my reply, unfortunately, or would have fixed it.

Tumbleweed 29th Apr 2024 20:04 - 2 months ago
well, I`m going to have to check your vocalist out Eric..really good on this one and the lyrics come through nice and distinct. Has an epic feel but the bouncy rhythm is catchy. Sounds to me like the work you dad paid off...well done man. Cheers..Ed
EricMilligan replied 29th Apr 2024 - 2 months ago
Yes, definitely check Salve out, Ed. Very unique I think. Has a pretty sophisticated sense of melody and obviously can compose decent lyrics.
ripzore9191 17th Feb 2024 20:34 - 5 months ago
I really like the style of this track, The synths and bass give me a kind of mysterious feeling that i can appreciate.
well done!
EricMilligan replied 20th Feb 2024 - 4 months ago
Thanks for the encouragement, Ripzore. Glad you liked it.

BeatMaker4real 15th Feb 2024 22:14 - 5 months ago
This is a very nice sounding track.
EricMilligan replied 15th Feb 2024 - 5 months ago
Thanks, BeatMkaer4real. Getting the mix fixed by Wytse made a real difference.

Cxrcus 15th Feb 2024 16:14 - 5 months ago
This is a vibe!
EricMilligan replied 15th Feb 2024 - 5 months ago
Thanks, SC.

CINCOCENT 13th Feb 2024 20:32 - 5 months ago
Yeah mastering tracks are not easy and you need patience. Don't know how it sounded before but it sounds good right now did they charge you by the way? Nice use of vocals on point with this genre. Don't know about this to much very electronic
EricMilligan replied 14th Feb 2024 - 5 months ago
Yes, I guess I ran out of patience. Actually, the problems with the track were rooted in the mix itself. I didn't even get to the mastering stage with it. Sounded harsh and vocals were competing with the synths and strings. Wytse fixed the problems somehow. I actually don't know exactly what he did, but he does have a lot of real analog gear in his studio. And yes, of course he's a pro and quite in demand. Was worth the investment. Not something I'll probably ever do again, but was necessary for this track.
hobertni 13th Feb 2024 17:46 - 5 months ago
great composition! you carry on with a few different moods throughout this one and it is enjoyable to listen to. sounds great too

nice work,
EricMilligan replied 14th Feb 2024 - 5 months ago
Thanks, Hobewan. I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out. I can take some of the credit, but really it's Salve's vocals that made the track.

WatayaandBobo 18th Jan 2024 01:59 - 6 months ago
Cloudbusting like in some respects - but oh to be referencing that - and further it but really stands on its own - deep rich sounds take us on beautiful journey, mix is superb, vox sublime - Fantastic collaboration, great track.
EricMilligan replied 18th Jan 2024 - 6 months ago
Yes. Quite right. Only in some respects. Basically, the first section (after the cathedral choir thing).

Deep rich sounds were, in varying degrees and in different parts of the track, a combination of synth bass, acoustic bass, brass, and vocals.

But, the challenge was getting a rich sound throughout because so much middle high and high frequency material was competing for space in the mix. That was the challenge that Wytse finally solved, when I could not.

Thanks for the positive comment on the track. Very nice to hear that you liked it.

Regards, from Ottawa where it was -18 celsius this morning. I'm sure it was much, much better in Hawaii! :)

dimestop 17th Jan 2024 17:15 - 6 months ago
fantastic work congratulations all involved. the intro is stunning a beautiful builder. straight in to industrial vibes and then wow what a vocal. then we get melodic vibes. great synths and delicate little hits. 3.17 its all change mood again, tear at your heart strings, as in the song change is a good thing and you stage the drop well on 5.00 and i just loved the play out as professional sounding as professional sounding can be, top job.
EricMilligan replied 17th Jan 2024 - 6 months ago
Hi, Paul.

Thanks for the encouraging comments on the track.

I did think that Salve's vocal really made this track something special. I guess that's why I took so long trying to get the "sound" to live up to Salve's vocal.

Many years ago, long before LM, I was in a kind of chat group with musicians from across the world. I admitted to another participant, an accomplished professional French composer named, Philipe Chatillez ("le chat") that I had composed lots of fragments of tracks, but never really completed a full track. He said I should not be afraid of just combining different pieces to create a whole.

I guess that's what Salve and I did with this track except that we actually planned it this way - as a musical progression.

So, probably 30 years after getting the advice, I finally put it into action! Slow learner! :)


xstokes 17th Jan 2024 16:20 - 6 months ago
hey Eric, what a collab! it’s a good balance between epic and intimate, the instrumentation and production are top notch. the first synthpop section is my fav — has kinda a kate bush thing that morphs into a titanic starship thing. massive track, your efforts show.
EricMilligan replied 17th Jan 2024 - 6 months ago
Hi, Xstokes! Thank you for the kind words on this track. You get the prize for recognizing the inspiration for that first section of the track. It was definitely Kate Bush. Actually “Cloudbusting”. I found a patch in one of my VSTs that really reminded me of that track, and just started from that to build the instrumental backing. And, to my credit, this was well before the world rediscovered Kate Bush because “Stranger Things” had used one of her tracks. She has always been one of my favourite artists, and remains so.

Regards from very cold Ottawa,

2Sisters 14th Jan 2024 21:22 - 6 months ago
Hello Eric. Thank you for your detailed reply to my previous message! Unfortunately, it doesn't happen that often here that someone takes the time to answer in such detail.
But I'm afraid I made a mistake on one point (sorry, but English is not my native language).
There aren't too many effects on the vocals. No, the effects used here fit this song very well.
I basically meant that I would like to hear this voice without effects! (this should be understood as an expression of my admiration for the singer).
I hope that I have made myself clearer now?
Kind regards again
EricMilligan replied 15th Jan 2024 - 6 months ago
Hi, Manuela. Actually, I did not interpret your comment on the vocals effects as a critique, although I really like to get constructive critiques of my tracks. It really helps me improve, and luckily I often get quite helpful comments from LM members. It's good to know what is done right and works well, and what doesn't.

I agree that hearing more of Salve's vocals would be nice. I recall that earlier last year Salve posted on the LM forum (I really do miss the forum) seeking collaborations. I believe there were no responses, which is unfortunate.

If you are interested in hearing another vocal by Salve, you can stream the song, "How You Been" which is available on Apple Music. Probably on Spotify as well. The beat was purchased, so is not original. Salve wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocal. I worked with Salve on the production/mixing.

Zivonmusic 14th Jan 2024 16:32 - 6 months ago
This is incredible.

Eric, It seems you have a blended indie pop, cinematic and industrial vibe to create something that is hard to describe.
I can see this being on a cinematic trailer of sorts or even teh intro to a show.

The voice is greatly mixed in and all sounds seem to blend together well, which im sure balancing was no easy task given the unorthodox sounds you used.
bravo overall
EricMilligan replied 14th Jan 2024 - 6 months ago
Thanks for comment, Zion. I think you are right about the mix of genres. It definitely does not fit comfortably into just one box. I'm very happy with the way the mix turned out. The instrumental parts, particularly in one section, have sounds that are in the same frequency range as the vocal. Not only were they competing for "space" in the mix, but the overall sound was somewhat harsh. Simple EQing did not fix the problem. So, I turned to a pro for help. Wytse really improved the mix. Took it to a place I was not able to reach. :)
Shaman77 14th Jan 2024 13:51 - 6 months ago
It sounds very good to me)
EricMilligan replied 14th Jan 2024 - 6 months ago
Thanks for your kind words, Shaman77. Glad you enjoyed it.
2Sisters 14th Jan 2024 11:55 - 6 months ago
Hello Eric. With this voice as a basis, you can only make good songs! I have rarely heard such a great voice! The mix is also very balanced. The instruments are excellently selected and placed. The basic rhythm and the varied design of the song span an excellent spectrum. Even though the song is so long, it's not boring at all. Certainly, the ending could have been designed a little differently than you did with the fadeout. Perhaps a dramatic final chord befitting this wonderful epic voice would be better here. But that is of course a matter of taste. I would also like to be able to listen to this voice without any effects. But this song is definitely one of the standouts here at LM and is definitely worth a favorite for me.
Best regards Manuela
EricMilligan replied 14th Jan 2024 - 6 months ago
Oh, Manuela! I completely agree with your comments on Salve's vocals. Salve is a unique voice. I think I'm not bad at coming up with melody lines, but Salve has a much more sophisticated sense of melody. I was very lucky that Salve agreed to collaborate on this track with me.

And yes, I think the mix turned out really well. Wytse definitely rescued it. This track was actually 2 years in the making, mostly because I simply could not get the mix to sound right. Having the tools is one thing. Having the skills to use them properly is entirely another matter.

I supposed the ending could have been different. It is actually the only place where the lyrics provide the title to the song. I thought the fade-out of the repeated line, 'Bid me Go" somehow made sense both logically and musically. But, I admit, I do tend to use fade-outs a lot because making proper endings is really hard! :)

And finally, other than some EQ and reverb (automated in places) Salve's vocal doesn't really have a lot of processing on it. Salve is a student and has a very inexpensive USB microphone. Records vocals at night when everybody else in the family is asleep so the won't be bothered. There is some distortion at places in the vocals, but that is inherent in the original recordings.

Thanks again for the very supportive comment.


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