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About Me

Hello...My name is Randall and I live in Western NY in a small town called 'Lockport'. I started playing at around 20 years old while I was stationed in Metz,France in the Army. The first band I saw live, was a band passing thru...called 'The Beatles'! I remember them well and even talked to George Harrison some while they were on break. They played in our little NCO club of about 25-30 soldiers, then moved on....and then became famous. Of course then people didn't have digital cameras...and why get an autograph from a then 'unknown band' passing thru trying to make a living?

Instruments I play

I play Guitar, Bass, Pedal Steel Guitar,
5-String Banjo, Dobro, and some keyboard. I also have a Fender Strat 12 string that sounds great.

If you want to see these instruments and other equipment I have had, and pics of me when I was in my band(s), they are available for viewing at:

Use search box to find me at:
www.Facebook.com=Randall Miller
www.AcidPlanet.com===Randall822 (no pics here)

Software I Use

I am using Pro Tools 8.3 and using MBOX 2 Pro as the sound card interface with inputs for instruments and mics. I use sample loops from various companies. Actually, I just started using computer software for music production for the first time in Nov. 2007. Pro Tools is a big program and I doubt that I'll learn it all.

Just added a new Dell 27 inch monitor to my laptop, much easier on the eyes!!! :)

Hardware I Use

Besides the MBOX 2PRO, I am using a Dell XPS
M-1710 laptop with 4 gigs ram. I also use a Glyph GT050 250 Gigabyte external audio firewire hard drive to record on. I use a Korg Karma and/or a Korg M3 Workstation as my Midi controller, and also to make songs with. I also have a M-Audio Axiom 25 midi controller to use on mini vacations if I want to, and not have to take along a big keyboard into the hotel.
I have recently also have boughten into the Line 6 RTAS software to expand my sounds.

(I bought a Korg M3 and a set of KRK monitors with the 10" sub woofer. Great sound)!

Listening To Right Now

Actually, I listen to music only while driving to and from work. Mostly I am busy with my home recordings and getting many ideas from songs or partial songs on TV. On my way to work, I usually listen to a Canadian radio station, and alternate from listening to rock, to country, and easy listening type songs.

10 Favourite Albums

Mostly, 60's to early 80's type music. I don't like Disco or Rap!

My Influences / Fav Artists

Mostly anyone from the late 60's, 70's, and early 80's era. (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Blonde, The Ventures). Many great artist too numerous to mention from that era.

My Music Sounds Like

A variety of styles and artist. I grew with country music, and then had my own band playing country-rock, and some bluegrass music. After the Army stint, I got into a country band and then started my own country-rock band. Then after that, I did sound reinforcement for several different bands, then stopped playing cold for over 20 years while working shift work.

In My Other Life I ...

I am now retired as of Mar.31 2011. More time to make music now. :-)