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Description : POP Dance

Description : [FREE] Lil Peep Guitar Type Beat - 'Mother Love' (Prod. SAKÜ)

This beat is available for you to use and make profit with, but please credit me (Prod. SAKÜ) where possible !

Tags : | Trap | 1.83 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : hello, my name is Lyam, I would like to know your opinion about my new project that I will be launching soon. if anyone is interested in a partnership just call me on instagram @lyam.808
Peace and love to all


Description : Hey guys,

Maybe I'm lucky. I'm looking for a male rap part in one of my projects. Hook is already there ( Female). Will upload the beat (draft). First without the hook. Topic is regretting a break up. Leaving someone hanging. More details after we see the style would fit.


Description : I wrote this song ages ago but what a time to release it now because a lot of us are feeling lonely so if this song touches you use it as an opportunity to reach out to someone who you think is feeling lonely this is a time when we can do good to others. Maybe if you guys send me video I would love to use it into this song... I'm just thinking out loud... I know some people like to do covers of my songs if you need instrumental don't be shy to ask :) I don't bite i promise

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.63 MB | FL Studio

Description : Sometimes all you need to get inspired is a break, a letter, and a nice pad sample. This is the product of one of those times. I love the flow of it.

I'll put it on YouTube when I can come up with some cover art - maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy.

Description : Spitting lyrics on a track

Description : hip hop instrumental

Description : If you want to put your vocal be free to do it but tag me:

Magnolia - (Track name) feat (your name)

Coment in the track with the link of your music. Hope you enjoy guys

Description : Just something I made a little while ago. Would love to hear vocals on it.

Link me to your music in the comments

Would love to hear your thoughts

Please contact me if your interested in working!

Prod. Quasi

Description : Let me know what you guys think about this beat, I would love to have some feedback.

Feel free to DM me if you are interested in collab!

Description : kind of a trip hop synth. if you make good use of this piece id love to hear what you come with. feel free to share links in comments section. Thanks for listening guys. oh also 120bpm

Tags : | Cinematic | 5.49 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Covid19 in Fb (F Minor) is a short inspirational composition covering Loss, Sorrow, Love, Joy & Change during COVID19. A Classical Rock Music Rhapsody and Soundtrack in composition it audibly it covers these emotions during this very hard period of self confinement. Ultimately, my hope is more for an understanding, accepting and better world. We can but hope. It is my hope that we can but change. Comment and like

Description : I would love to hear some feedback on the track. the main guitar melody is posted on my page if you would like to use it. I would love to hear what you came up with using this melody. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or inquiries!

Description : i know i have pushed many ideas and feelings to one track but i love this piece of art , enjoy

Description : Credit @ Title (Prod.TKB BEATZ)
Free But 4 Non-Profit Only
I Love To Hear it, If used send me Link

Description : i dont even know what genre this is tbh. ill put it under future bass doe

Description : Zelda Gunna Get Covered N Zoeys World of Love BSide Ft Thoyz94, Cobra1, Prodskc, Minor2go, YungEsse, AnxiousBeats, SadBoy and on Vocals Segi Yaro

Tags : | Rock | 4.30 MB

Description : Isn’t being in love beautiful, I’m singing here with my other half Serg AKA Dioman he is the best! A military man (Never seen anyone look so hott! In uniform) who knows everything about honor, bravery and most of all how to love and respect a woman, he earned his stripes haha seriously his love inspired me to write this song and it’s REAL! He joined me on this duet. The tracks by ryini beats. Alternative rock. Thanks bb for singing this with me I love you xxx

Description : (Prod. Xeos Beats x Who's wyler) - 135BPM
If you use this track for whatever reason, it just fair to give credit to the producer (Prod. by Xeos Beats x Who's wyler) or share your work and leave a feedback.

Instagram : @xeosbeats if you want a collab or a specific beats or on my profile contact page

Leave a comment to see what you did with this beat

TAG - Ignore
trap beat 2020 instrumental guitar flute drums bass chill rap sad beats love hip hop

Description : not skrillex i promise. Also You Are Allowed To Use This In Youtube Videos

Description : Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well during these times. My new single for the summer "Good Karma" is coming out everywhere May 29th - But like always; I wanted to give it the looperman community first.

For more music, follow me on spotify, facebook, or instagram under @goldenhaben

love u all

Tags : | Pop | 3.11 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Came across the muse vocals on here by AAP and Leo Valentine and came up with this song,id love to be able to release it urgh so
not really sure the genre so i just selected pop

Tags : | RnB | 2.16 MB

Description : Contact me if your interested in this track...

Comments are welcome!!

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