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Description : This track is the first two sections of what will (hopefully) be a three-part piece essentially a suite. I am posting parts 1 and 2 because I think they are ready for feedback from Looperman members. Part 3 isnt done yet because it requires Human League style vocals from a singer with a distinct British accent. I have the melody and lyrics worked out. I sent a private message a while ago to a Looperman member who I think has the right voice for the job. But, havent had a response. Until I find a vocalist for it, I cant finish the piece. In any case, the total file size of the complete piece would be greater than the Looperman limit, so it will have to be split into parts anyway.

Parts 1 and 2, in fact the whole thing, were inspired by acapellas posted here on Looperman by Jacques Demers:




If you havent checked out Jacques tracks yet, you really should. He doesnt set them up as featured so it might be easy to miss them.

The harmony in Jacques acapellas sounded very Beatle-ish to me, and that made me want to try my hand at doing a George Martin style treatment. I remembered that ScottsCovers here on Looperman had mentioned an instrument called a Mellotron, which was used by the Beatles, the Moody Blues, Genesis, along with other groups of that era, so I decided to use a VST mellotron as the primary instrument for Parts 1 and 2.

The acapella in Part 2 was in a different key than the one used for Part 1, so I needed to find a chord progression in Part 1 that would modulate the key. Jacques gave me some advice on that, which you can see in the comments on his first acapella.

Part 1 has harp, mellotron flutes, clarinet, french horns, and my attempt at a Penny Lane type trumpet solo (but much simpler). Part 2 has a string ensemble, solo oboe and trumpet in unison, and some Daniel Langois type processed guitars. Both parts were recorded at 60 bpm, largely because thats where the acapellas seemed to sync best. However, I played the instrument tracks freestyle (rubato), so the tempo actually varies somewhat. Definitely not quantized!

There is a storyline behind this track. Part 1 is the blooming stage of a relationship. Part 2 is about the relationship in decline. Part 3, with vocals, will be about ending it.

Ive included the transition to Part 3 (which will be a more traditional synth pop section) and just a bit of the first verse backing instrumental so you can get an idea of how things are headed in the final part.

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  1. frankjavo65
    frankjavo65 on Sun 1st Mar 2020 - 2 years ago

    thanks for share!

  2. LYnx999
    LYnx999 on Fri 5th Apr 2019 - 3 years ago

    I could be the vocalist. Can I send you a finished version when I'm done?

  3. PatriciaEdwards
    PatriciaEdwards on Tue 5th Mar 2019 - 3 years ago

    Hmph! This is truly truly AMAZING! I did NOT expect those vocals in the beginning. It was like a "come follow me" hype and when I got to the destination there were angels singing, diamonds silver gold and all that sparkled floating about the atmosphere. I was greeted by lovely hosts dressed in all white, smiling, warm and welcoming me. It was like I was floating, unworried and unbothered about whatever it was I left behind. And then, what I'm guessing was part 2 took me to yet another place! Again, didn't expect the vocals, but they are so perfect here. I'm so dreamy eyed right now...I looooove your work. [now to wipe up some of this drool] Great great stuff! :-)

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thanks for the very nice feedback on the track, Patricia. It's great to see you back on Looperman. It's been a while, not that I should talk. I've been here only sporadically and haven't posted any tracks for quite a while. Anyway, I've often wondered how you were doing and if you would return.

    I must tell you that I have been sitting on a partially finished track using your spoken acapella, "Summer Breeze". I actually think it's pretty good, or capable of being pretty good. BUT, I need a male vocalist (baritone) for it. Needs to have a voice like Luther Vandross or perhaps Barry White. So, it has sat on my hard disk for years, unfinished. Very frustrating because I think it could be something worth listening to.

    You had a cold when you did that acapella and it gave your voice a husky character that really set the feel of the track. That's what inspired me.



  4. sheensheep
    sheensheep on Sat 17th Jun 2017 - 4 years ago

    I usually avoid older tracks on users' profiles, but I just had to leave my thoughts on this one.

    This is a brilliant masterpiece. It's so expressive with so much emotion all the way through. And as the track continues to evolve it never loses its touch, with each section never feeling out of place. I disagree with @ sqrtofneg1 when he mentioned the trumpet sounds out of place. It gives of a feeling of confidence which I mention later.

    I love how it transitions from this beautiful orchestral piece to the drum and guitar part (which feels intense and yet somehow calm at the same time. I almost cant put it into words), then goes on to this electronic feeling break.

    As I listen through the song, it becomes extremely easy to conjure up vivid images and stories in my head. Its the mark of a great listening experience.

    I think youve achieved what youve set out to do in capturing the blooming stage of a relationship, then seeing it decline in part 2. The first part gives off an air of mystery, curiosity, and shyness, and when the trumpets come in, it sounds like the person has become more confident to approach. Then the harps come in and it feels like the start of something beautiful. I can imagine two happy faces smiling in each others wake.

    Then in part two, the mix of beauty from the guitar and intensity from the drums feels like two people who care about each other (or maybe once did) start to fall apart. I could go on forever so I think Ill stop here Haha

    The perfect mixing is only a bonus. I can only imagine the amount of time you spent on this track. I really wish that someday the third part will come to light, even though it has been a long time since you uploaded this. It feels like a story has been left unfinished.

    There are some really good tracks here on Looperman, but in my opinion, this one tops it all. I really hope you continue to make music like this.


    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thank-you for listening and for your very kind comments, Sheensheep! I'm glad you liked the track. I feel badly that I haven't finished it. I suspect I could could find a suitable singer (for hire) on Soundbetter, but I just haven't got the lyrics right yet. And I'm reluctant to pay out good $ to complete a song that really isn't as good as I think it could be. Interestingly, I really haven't attempted anything like this since. It was entirely dependent on those wonderful acapellas from Jacques Demers. I have several other tracks of varying genres in development, but nothing ready for exposure here on Looperman. All require vocals and the lyrics just aren't flowing for me. But, I keep on trying. :)

  5. sqrtofneg1
    sqrtofneg1 on Fri 17th Feb 2017 - 5 years ago


    This is astoundingly good.

    It's extremely expressive, it captures the emotion of love.

    Sounded a lot like the beatles at the beginning, but it morphed into something else later on.

    The trumpet part in the first part sounded just a little bit out of place when it first came in.

    Fantastic first part.

    The second part had some expanding synths around 4:00 that were great.
    Also, something like mallet percussion is prevalent throughout the second part, which added a little bit of sparkle.

    The third part sounded promising as well.

    It would be great if you did finish this project - I would like to hear it in it's entirety.

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thanks, sortofneg1. I'm sorry I didn't respond to your post sooner. I do appreciate your listening and leaving a comment. I agree, the third part does sound promising and it is very frustrating that I haven't been able to finish it off. I have partially completed lyrics. Not great, but getting there. My hoped-for singer didn't pan out. Still looking, but frankly, no sense locking in a signer if I don't have lyrics for them to sing. So, this remains a work in progress. Many other tracks in the same status, I'm afraid. I seem to be getting more picky about what I am willing to share (not satisfied with the quality of my tracks) and, at the same time, finding it harder to finish off anything. Is a bad combination I think. :)

  6. athousandmarias
    athousandmarias on Thu 18th Aug 2016 - 5 years ago


    I stumbled upon a trailer for a childrens book that featured a classical guitar and violin rendition of The Beatles Blackbird. Then I remembered Dont Keep Your Love Away and I just had to visit Looperman and listen to your track again. :)
    Masterful. Love how you created this beautiful mosaic of sound around Jacques amazing acapella tracks. You really captured the blooming stage of a relationship. Part 1 is definitely my favorite. Listening to it induces one into a state of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. That, indeed, is what happens during the initial stage.

    Thanks for being very detailed in the description, I'm learning a lot as I read the story behind the two pieces.

    Looking forward to hearing Part 3 and a lot more new music from you!

    Really wonderful work :)

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thanks itiyati! I really appreciate the positive feedback on this track. It is the only one I've left up on Looperman. My plans for completing the third section of the track kind of fell apart because I couldn't find a vocalist to collaborate with. Actually, all my music-making has hit a roadblock because pretty much everything I've been composing has been intended for vocalists. And, I can't sing at all! :)

  7. jacquesdemers
    jacquesdemers on Mon 23rd Mar 2015 - 7 years ago

    hi eric its me jacques dont worry i,m still alive, " i,ll be back" and it,s gonna be
    " not to bad girl's " , so they let me out of they psychiatric hospital......it's a joke...because i found an unlock door and i run out, so fast, i heard what you did and i was impress of your work , i love that and i just want to thank you to used my files, this time i move from my big and expencive place for more modest, its gonna take a few weeks and i'll be back with new stuff, than i did this winter, take care , jacques demers

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Bonjour, Jacques! It is SO good to hear from you again. I was worried. I thought you had abandoned us here at Looperman.

    I'm very glad to hear that you liked how I used your files. They were great inspiration for me. The track has been pretty well received by Looperman members. Unfortunately, I have not found a vocalist to finish off Part 3 of the track, but I keep searching and hoping.

    I am looking forward to hearing what you've done over the winter. I have not been very productive. I did just complete the Berklee Music online Songwriting Course. Very interesting. Focus was entirely on writing lyrics.


  8. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Sat 20th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    This is a very enjoyable couple of track! Very soothing and dreamy. Overall I thought that the quality of the mix was really nice! I only noticed that there was a little crackling in the right side near the beginning of the first track, which could be clipping, but maybe it comes from the melotron VST? Not a big deal. And then in the second track, the bass seemed very heavy to the left, which of course could be fully intentional. Just thought I'd bring it up because I just was talking to you about mono tracks. Everything else struck me as very pleasing! Nicely composed and performed! Fave!

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Pat: I really appreciate your advice and explanation about use of mono in your response to my comment on the "Proximal Vicinity" track. I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to convert stereo tracks to mono. I'll check out the Logic Pro plugins, but I thought there might be channel strip setting that I could change. Some of my VSTs give me the option of loading a mono version of the instrument, so starting off on the right footing might be the better solution.

    Your comments on the Don't Keep Your Love Away track were really interesting to me and I've just spent some time trying to figure out what was going on. I had an adaptive limiter set for a max output of 0db as the last plugin on my mastering output track, so I thought that would avoid clipping distortion unless I had clipping occurring in one of the instrument channels. My master output showed a max level of -2.7 db for the first part of the project so I thought I was OK. Then I inserted a metering plugin and changed its location in the sequence of plugins I was using in the mastering output track to see what each of the various compressors, EQs, etc. I had on the channel was doing to the output signal before hitting the adaptive limiter. I discovered that I had a compressor that was pushing the signal above 0db on the left channel. I also found that I had levels in a couple of the individual instrument tracks exceeding 0db, although it was my understanding that there actually is headroom on those tracks in Logic Pro and slight overages do not cause clipping.

    The bass imbalance on the second track is a puzzle to me. I checked level meters for the bass tracks and left and right channels are completely aligned in their movements throughout the track. I need to listen to the track and not watch the meters I think to see if I can figure out what's going on. Anyway, thanks for the advice. It has prompted me to pay more attention to details on my mixes and not to just assume that a limiter at the end of the signal chain will right all wrongs! :)

  9. Carrol
    Carrol on Mon 8th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    This is a lovely piece of music, I can picture an orchestra on a stage playing this and there was a tiny snippet in the vocals in the beginning that reminded me of Kate Bush. Can't wait to hear it finished.

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thank-you Carrol. I really like Kate Bush's work, so there probably was an influence from her coming out in the track unbeknownst to me. I constantly worry that something I compose is actually a copy of some song I've heard in the distant, or not too distant, past. I actually played the track for my granddaughter, who plays cello in the Ottawa Junior Youth Orchestra. She agreed that her friends probably could play the piece. It's actually not too complex. But, I don't think she really was impressed by it, so no live orchestra is likely in my future anytime soon! :)

  10. VickyDan
    VickyDan on Sat 6th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    Hello Eric ....

    Probably a little late to comment, forgive, but I just discovered. This is great. You have a bold way to design your music here, as at one time just gone today.
    I am really impressed with your very musical concept, very harmonic. There would be much to write yet, but I prefer to listen to. not forgetting nevertheless to congratulate you.


    Reply by EricMilligan

    Hi, Dan. Never too late to comment! Merci pour votre critique. It was a lot of fun doing this piece and I learned a great deal I think. I'm finding that creating music is a strange business. I really don't know where the ideas come from and when I finish a track that seems to sound OK, I think to myself that I have no idea how I actually pulled it together. And, I'm convinced that I could never do it again. That being said, I really do hope that I will be able find a vocalist and finish the third section. It isn't looking too promising right now. But, I am a patient man. :)

  11. Musicante
    Musicante on Fri 5th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    Really cool, Eric. Love anything that sounds Beatleesque. I work with Scott quite extensively, and love his Mellotron pieces. Great vocals, too.


    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thanks so much, Musicante. I've just discovered the Mellotron. It was actually a comment by Scott here on Looperman that made me check it out. The VST works pretty well and it just made me try to create something beatleseque. The vocals are from Jacques Demers. He's composed for Cirque du Soleil. I'm pretty sure he hired session singers to do the acapellas that I used.

  12. RichieWinn
    RichieWinn on Thu 4th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    Very very good arrangement. How thoughtful and beautiful you have made the mellotron section at the start and that harp is knockout. Very Beatles inspired and that's no bad thing at all. Love the vocals and your instrumental support for it is just perfect. Great work.


    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thanks, Richie. Just read your bio. Looks like you and I were playing in bands about the same time. Actually I had a few years headstart on you! :) But I assume you were in the UK and I was playing around Vancouver, British Columbia, then upstate New York for a few years. Anyway, thanks for the feedback on the track. I really need to find a UK-based singer for the third section. No luck yet. If you know of anybody who can do UK synth pop type vocals, please let me know. I've got a definite sound in mind.

  13. 15ludwicke
    15ludwicke on Thu 4th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    gorgeous arranging. loving the tremolo strings, really adds character to the whole piece!

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thanks for the vote of confidence on this track, 15ludwicke. Worked quite a bit on the strings, although I have to admit I really don't know much about the theory of arranging them. Right now, my arrangements are pretty static, not a lot of movement by each of the string sections. I'm working on improving that, or at least I'm thinking about the fact that I need to be working on improving that! :)

  14. larrybarrow31
    larrybarrow31 on Thu 4th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    Nice artistic direction, i like it.

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thanks, Larry. Still hoping to have a collab with you some day. Please keep me in mind.

  15. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Wed 3rd Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    oh man Eric....this is way above and beyond good...I am sitting here imagining the kind of thought that went into the arrangement...the George Martin thing is quite prominent in the intro & 1st section & I really like the intricate instrumentstion...but the second part is just out-of-sight good laid-back listening...almost creamy with the rich instrumentation & really emotional progression in the backing...subtle melody development of the kind that creates mind pictures...the outro sounds fantastic & a great lead in to what comes next....If I sound like I`m gushing a bit....I am...no flattery intended...its just music of the finest calibre....Ed

    Reply by EricMilligan

    I'm glad you liked the track, Ed. Yes, quite a bit of thought and experimentation went in to it, although the more I listen to it, the more I realize how simple it is. Used a fair amount of automation to get dynamics with the VST acoustic instruments, but I still have a lot to learn about how to use them effectively. As I told ProgRockDan1, I have not been able to find a singer to do the third section, so this whole thing is stalled indefinitely. Very frustrating.

  16. ProgRockDan1
    ProgRockDan1 on Thu 6th Nov 2014 - 7 years ago

    I thought it began like a Beatles copy but it did not take long for you to attain your own style. I have spent a lot of time trying to find good ways to deal with my lack of singing talent. I have worked with a few vocalists. I find I have to ask 3 to 5 to get one to be interested. Then only 1 out of 2 will actually follow through with a song. Excellent job I am going to listen to more of your music. Good luck with part 3,

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thanks for the comment, Dan. Finding the right singer for a specific track is incredibly frustrating I agree. I have very specific ideas of what I want the vocal to sound like, so that is really limiting. I have recruited a few singers (not on Looperman) who are willing to collaborate with me, but then my problem is that none of my unfinished tracks actually work with their voices. And, turns out that it is a lot harder than I expected to compose, write lyrics, and produce something that would work with them. I haven't heard back from the Looperman member that I had in mind for Part 3, so I'm just plain stuck. Almost desperate enough to try it myself using a vocoder. Ugh! :)

  17. ScottB55
    ScottB55 on Wed 8th Oct 2014 - 7 years ago

    Yeah, a bit beyond my budget now, too. Also, the module is not included. That's another $500 to $1000 depending on which you choose. As far as volume, the snare is no louder. Your volume is controlled through your module's volume control. It just feels better than a pad and has better rebound response. You can buy a mesh head and put it on an acoustic snare drum for silent practice. They are about $10, so if you have an old snare, you can try one out and see how it feels. I love them for practice.

  18. GoldenOokami
    GoldenOokami on Thu 2nd Oct 2014 - 7 years ago

    This is an incredible piece. It's not common for one to listen to such intense yet gentle piece. Orchestra is a true genre that requires concentration, and this is just outstanding what you did. Melletron is a very nice VST that I've attempted, but I've never been able to successfully use it. You made it sound very realistic. Overall, both part 1 and part 2 are masterpieces. Beatles-like, but still with your own style. Happy to have heard such track. Looking forward to part 3.


    Reply by EricMilligan

    Yes, the Mellotron is a very interesting instrument for sure. It has a unique sound I guess due the fact that in the original instrument, the 10 second tape loops that were triggered by each key had a certain amount of wow and flutter. Never did sound totally realistic. Mostly, this track uses the "flute" preset on the Mellotron VST. The other orchestral instruments are from sampler VSTs and they do sound more realistic. I'm still not very good at using the keyswitches to control articulation on these kinds of VSTs. I think it is possible to get a much more realistic sounding orchestral mix than I am managing to achieve. But, its definitely better than I used to be able to do, even a year ago. So, I guess the lesson here is that we just need to keep creating and experimenting. :)

  19. Hitozuma
    Hitozuma on Thu 2nd Oct 2014 - 7 years ago

    you should try to do music for money u have talent..

  20. Hitozuma
    Hitozuma on Thu 2nd Oct 2014 - 7 years ago

    wow is so beautifull ...really love it

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thanks, Angel. Glad to hear that you liked the track so far. Looks like I won't have a vocalist lined up for part 3 as I had hoed. Am now scouring all the Looperman acapellas to see if I can find an alternative. Still want a very specify sound for the vocals.

  21. crucethus
    crucethus on Thu 2nd Oct 2014 - 7 years ago

    Hey Eric.

    "BTW, if you are ever downtown in the Market area and want to get together for a coffee sometime, send me a PM and we can set something up. I don't think its a major breach of online etiquette to actually meet a fellow Looperman member in person?"

    Indeed I just may do that. Still exploring the city and upper gatineau myself and have yet to make it to the market.

    Reply by EricMilligan

    OK. Let me know when you are ready to venture downtown!

  22. ScottB55
    ScottB55 on Sun 28th Sep 2014 - 7 years ago

    I like this kit: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Pintech-Professional-Series-Road-Pro-Kit-J07725-i3658982.gc .
    The snare is the one I have in chrome. If you do get a kit, don't get anything unless it has the mesh heads. There is actually more rebound than real drums, especially on the toms.


    Reply by EricMilligan

    Looks nice. A bit beyond my budget at the moment. Is the pintech snare louder to play on than a normal "pad"?

  23. ScottB55
    ScottB55 on Sun 28th Sep 2014 - 7 years ago

    Hey Eric,

    I got the Alesis for recording and practice purposes. I can't play my acoustic kit because of the volume. Yeah, the feel is different, but I bought a Pintech snare with mesh type head. It's really fast and I even use it for practicing my rudiments. My Alesis kit has real heads, but they are still not as responsive as real drums. Roland makes a good kit, but they are a few thousand. The mesh heads are a must. Pintech has some good kits with mesh heads and a bit less than Roland.


    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thanks for the advice, Scott. I think I've heard of Pintech. Will need to see if there's any place here in Ottawa where I can check them out. That Roland kit I played on definitely did not have mesh heads.

  24. RenzWilde
    RenzWilde on Fri 26th Sep 2014 - 7 years ago

    What a treat. Here's something you don't hear everyday. I heard Strawberry Fields at the beginning after the acapella intro and then it just got better from there.

    Part 1 was good but to my surprise I liked part 2 even more. Very Moody Bluesish in the second part.

    If I could pull off something like this I'd impress myself :)

    Great work. I faved

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Yes, definitely some Strawberry Fields in there! And I agree that Part 2 is probably more interesting, music-wise. I wish I paid more attention in my harmony and counterpoint classes. I really have no idea what I'm doing. Just fiddle around until stuff sounds OK to me.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment, RenzWilde. I really do appreciate the feedback.


  25. ScottB55
    ScottB55 on Wed 24th Sep 2014 - 7 years ago

    I thought your trons sounded familiar. I love mine and use it when I can and want that classic prog sound. Glad I was able to turn you on to it.

    As far as drums go, there are some really good drum VSTs on the market. I use them with my Alesis kit. These sound better than actually trying to program them. They are actually samples from real drummers. I have actually used them to learn new beats. I slow them down to start and practice them till I get it good enough to use.

    If I can help with anything else, let me know.


    Reply by EricMilligan

    I have Superior Drummer and it looks like it would work really well with an electronic kit. Right now, I just use it for the preset midi sequences it comes with. I'm curious. Why did you get the Alesis kit. I played on a Roland kit for a day or two last year. Rented an apartment in Edinburgh and it came with a Roland kit set up in the living room. Lots of fun, but my drumming chops have slipped so badly that I really wasn't very good. Also, playing on the pads really felt funny. Like having a whole kit of practice pads. Bounce simply wasn't the same. it was the cheapest Roland kit available, so that might have been part of the reason.

  26. promenade2239
    promenade2239 on Wed 24th Sep 2014 - 7 years ago

    hi Eric, the first part of this song reminds me of music I could hear on some 'Classics' radio station - so some calming and nice orchestral sounds... I am enjoying much the second section: nice strings, woodwinds with female voice. This is some kind of a very old-styled chillout. Really mellow sounds indeed! I like the arrangement - it is really well done.
    Greetings, Alex

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thank-you Alex. A lot of the time, I try for a contemporary sound and people say it's "old school" or "retro". This time I really was trying for a something quite retro. Seems like I succeeded. :) I'm not doing so well on Part 3. It has been a couple of weeks and I haven't heard back from the Looperman member I asked to do the vocal, so I guess its time to consider some alternatives.

  27. ScottB55
    ScottB55 on Wed 24th Sep 2014 - 7 years ago

    Whoa, Eric...You got it happening here, my friend, and I'm not just saying that to get a high placement for my latest track, but I digress!

    This is really Beatle-esque in the beginning, IMHO! Love the vocals and harp. As I listen, I'm thinking I may have to have this for further and future enjoyment.

    I'm curious...Some of your flute and string passages sound like a mellotron. What VST are you using for these? I actually just posted a track using my Pro M-Tron VST. Do you have this?

    Again, nicely done. I look forward to the third inception.


    Reply by EricMilligan

    Well, Scott. Got the idea of using a Mellotron VST from you actually! Yes, I am using the same VST as you. Turns out I apparently have some mellotron patches in one of my sampler VSTs, but the M-Tron Pro worked really well. I don't have all the added extras, but I have enough to do what I need to.

    That drum intro that opens the second section was a bit of a challenge for me, by the way. Thought of you as I was doing it. I don't have any trigger pads (or real drums for that matter) and I find it awkward to program real sounding drums on my keyboard. Took a lot of fiddling (and effects) to get that intro to sound halfway decent. But, I kept at it because I wanted to try to live up to the standard that you set with your tracks. Kind of embarrassing that it was so difficult for me, frankly. Next time will be easier. Right?


  28. Mosaic
    Mosaic on Tue 23rd Sep 2014 - 7 years ago

    Hey Eric

    Mate very Beatles Strawberry fields sounding piece, very beautiful piece, not much else to add, except totally loved the journey it took me on...FAV big time...Peace n much Respect...Mosaic...

    Reply by EricMilligan

    thanks, Mosaic. Glad to hear you liked the journey. So far, the ratio of listens to comments on this track is kind of pathetic, so I figure its just a bit too much off the normal path for many Loooperman members. But, hey, I don't really care about that. I'm happy if even just a few members find it worthy.


  29. crucethus
    crucethus on Tue 23rd Sep 2014 - 7 years ago

    Very Moody blues, Beatles Inspired indeed. I am looking forward to the third part because the Human league and my 7th grade music teacher showing me a Moog synthesiser is what inspired me to learn keyboards and synthesisers and to write music. Well done Eric

    Reply by EricMilligan

    Thanks very much Crucethus. Wow! You must have had a cool 7th grade music teacher! Mine was an old-school ex-british military band guy. Excellent musician and taught all the students all the instruments in the band. But, no Moogs and no Human League. Mind you, this was actually pre-Beatles so can't hold it against him! :)

    BTW, if you are ever downtown in the Market area and want to get together for a coffee sometime, send me a PM and we can set something up. I don't think its a major breach of online etiquette to actually meet a fellow Looperman member in person?

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Description : free beats!

Description : I created this track for the love I have for puppies. I love them. Everybody does. This day I went to this park nearby my colony and saw couple of them and thought of making something musically. So this is what i came up with. This time I haven't played much with FX or Technical aspects. Just pure simple & soft melodies. As it is unmixed & unfinished track, request you to boost the volume a little. Hope you all like it! Cheers! :)

Description : I decided to make a cover track using only the free LABS instruments from SpitfireAudio - so I picked the classic "Souvenir" by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Enjoy!
LABS instruments used:
- Scary Strings
- Strings
- Strings 2
- Amp Cello Quartet
- Choir
- Dulcimer
- Granular piano
- Chiffons piano
- Moon guitar
- Hand bells
plus a few percussion extras from Garageband!

Description : Hello dear everyone, I wish you all happy Valentines Day filled with love and forgiveness, May you find the right One in this day :)

Have a romantic mood :)

P.S. Most of plugin is my favourite Nexus 2, True Pianos, and Vengeance sound packs, haven't mastered the right way but wanted to deliver a little bit of love today to all of you my Loopermans :)

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Description : So, Ive been working on a new track. After my last song The Moments That Take Your Breath Away, I was filled with a sense of overwhelming pressure to live up to, and even exceed the expectations I held myself to. This led to a pretty bad creative block Im slowly but surely working myself out of. That is what this song is going to be about: me coming to terms with my own expectations and breaking free from my creative block.

The song itself is still very rough. I used an orchestral soundfont (big thanks to @GregVincey for pointing me in that direction) for the intro to give it an epic feel. For the most part, its going to be cinematic, telling a story. I imagine it dropping into experimental future bass; something different. Ill also be looking forward to having a singer with a strong voice to really nail the intensity and emotion, but Id rather finish the track first before going down that route.

Im looking forward to some constructive criticism.

*Please note: This is only a preview of the song, because its really not done yet. Ive had many variations of how this song should be like, but none I was particularly proud of. Theres more info in the description about the meaning behind the track and info on the track itself*

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Description : Hey there,
Thank you for being more than 100 on my YouTube channel! I really appreciate it and it helps me to compose more! :D

I recorded my voice with my brother so as to make an epic choir! I really hope you will enjoy this new thing! :)

Score : https://musescore.com/user/2544941/scores/4285511

Don't hesite to subscribe on YouTube for more Celthyan!
Also follow me on MuseScore : https://musescore.com/user/2544941

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Description : Nothing religious for me in creating this concept and my message Musical.
I just tried to adapt music once again, for the harmonious voice of Michael Webb ....


Thanks for your listening ....

Description : This is an orchestral pop piece. I composed the notes in Noteflight and then imported the resulting MIDI into Mixcraft 6, where I assigned instruments and inserted percussion loops. Thank you to Glitchwall for Peppy Drums at 100 Bpm, Sinthetic Records for Acoustic Drumfill 1, MrTOfficial for Pop Them Drums, EpicRecord for Drum Kit - Relaxed Variation 6 Snare, rasputin1963 for Whirlwind Rise for Dance Breaks, and yappy for Stick Together 100Bpm Drum. I am just starting and I'm really interested in learning more, hopefully from you! About that collab request: if you would like to yank the MIDI files and play around with this, I'd be happy to upload them to Mediafire and send them to you. I can even give you sheet music, if that helps you out.

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Description : First one I posted on here not too long ago when I tried this out. Would love to dabble more with this type for sure as I love the orchestral/cinematic tracks I find on here! Great loops I found by MINOR2GO that I threw together. I just added the bass drum and slight fx here and there. I would consider this cinematic as well. Thanks!

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Description : Violin Bow Factory is a remix of Rainbow Factory by WoodenToaster wich is a NightCore track. The story behind Rainbow factory is pretty dark so I invite you the check the original version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRx_iXgLAyw

Feedbacks are welcome

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Description : A sad and beautiful orchestral track

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