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23rd Jun 2024 22:53 - 3 weeks ago
Description : Self Made beat and Lyrics,Music video is currently on youtube.I would like to colaborate If anyone is interested holler at me.
21st Jun 2024 17:38 - 4 weeks ago
Description : Recorded in 2012.
DJ Wats Rep Your Hood Mixtape for MTV.

Rayne Man 1st Verse
THE JiNNi 2nd Verse (Me)
17th Jun 2024 20:35 - 1 month ago
Description : Recorded in 2013
16th Jun 2024 20:33 - 1 month ago
Description : Recorded in 2013. Produced by Sinima Beatz

ArnStar 1st Verse
THE JiNNi 2nd Verse
15th Jun 2024 20:11 - 1 month ago
Description : King Quazi feat. THE JiNNi
Recorded in 2015.

King Quazi 1st Verse
THE JiNNi 2nd Verse
14th Jun 2024 20:00 - 1 month ago
Description : Pallaso feat. THE JiNNi (Recorded in 2015)

Pallaso 1st & 2nd Verse
THE JiNNi 3rd Verse
27th May 2024 19:45 - 1 month ago
Description : красиво
24th May 2024 22:03 - 1 month ago
Description : I make all my own beats. Got the twin just havin fun. I freestyled this Hook and some verses then juiced the 808 to fit. Enjoy... I'm currently writing verses. If you got one let me know???
28th Apr 2024 09:04 - 2 months ago
Description : A perfect companion piece for Leviathan.

Samples used:
WeazelBeats - Huge Ambient Drums
Planetjazzbass - Processor Slumber
HarryHockjne - Progressive House 2 Cymbal FX
Sushilbawa - CLIMAX FEELS
Nightingale - Heartbeat
YS01 - GERMAN AUTOTUNE RAP - Baba Hase Bubatz
MetalEd - Glow In Glory Bass 3
4th Apr 2024 17:04 - 3 months ago
Description : Having done a Robot Trilogy, maybe I’m now doing a Plant Trilogy, with this being number 2 following March of the Seedlings.

Samples used:
Rasputin - Krafty Bassline 2
Josee1969 - Drum And Bass 43 - Saluable Salt
xKingK420x - Tele 2
xKingK420x - Tele 1
lasse1011 - Dark Melodic Lofi Chords
ECKSjoe - Cymbal Roll
Schnatter - In A Cold Cold World There Is Someone
Arrant - Redpriest X Digicore Pluck Loop - Back Part 1
CelloCubano - Welcome Home Bongos
Ceezx - Triangle Ding
29th Mar 2024 22:35 - 3 months ago
Description : The forum is the best. Everyone is so amazingly friendly - Rather then tear me apart with the original version I got amazing feedback that I did my best to learn from. Hope this new version passes.

I would've liked a banjo in it. Leaving open for download and collabs because I know some folks like to play around. Play at your leisure.

Audition 3.0 to Audacity
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Baritone Ukulele
27th Mar 2024 08:52 - 3 months ago
Description : ... I recording this with my mic literally tied onto another mic to hold it at my head level. LOL... It's just a raw recording due to lack of equipment. I need to get mroe things.

Because of that I decided to try for a coffee shop live recording feel. I don't like it, though. I wasn't shouting at the mic but it sounds like I am.

Recording in Audition 3, assembled in Audacity. Yes I have Ableton. It's too clunky.
24th Jan 2024 20:36 - 5 months ago
Description : Another track that was not the intended project! (made some edits)

Samples used:
Maximusrome - ANTIUTOPIA
Maximusrome - ANTIUTOPIA male version
Snoogazi - Contemplative Drums
Fixturebeats - Deep Athmo Noise 100 BPM
Looplicator - And Destruction Begins
CallMeKing - Carpe Noctem - Crash
Leoalkberg - Organ D Minor
WeazelBeats - Quirky Ethnic Catchy Swinging Melody ReSampled Flute
Danke - Gitarra
DesignedImpression - Mark 1
10th Oct 2023 09:39 - 9 months ago
Description : To all Artists please free to download and use please send me links to songs you make thanks if you wanna release commercially or non-commercially must credit “featuring Frank Zozky” in the title other than that the beat is yours to use
3rd Oct 2023 04:40 - 9 months ago
Description : I’m giving this beat away on SoundCloud commercial or non-commercial use just credit “featuring Frank Zozky” please send me links to your songs, thanks
4th Jul 2023 20:16 - 1 year ago
Description : I made a few changes to the middle bit based on your feedback.

Samples used:
Kamalimani - I Am Metamorphosizing
Aeilor - Carry On - Alan De La Torre
AbdulIubireatasmr - Random Sounds
Snoogazi - Dark 2 Drums
Fanto8BC - Blue Glass Percu
Fanto8BC - Mbanza Kongo
CallMeKing - Pendulum-Cymbal - 90bpm
Graverr - Graver - Frivolous Part 2
Elijahbcrouch - Vinyl Noise
Danke - Bass Synth Loop
Rasputin - Hot Summer Guitars
PenelopeRed - 050522 PIANO
Paelin - Guitar Loop 6-1-23
1st Jul 2023 18:12 - 1 year ago
Description : This song is about finding the perfect one of your dreams and how much they lift you up as a human being
13th Apr 2023 15:53 - 1 year ago
Description : A good friend of mine Alexz Johnson just released a new album, her brother and I remixed this song Faith for her. Hope you enjoy!
8th Apr 2023 06:34 - 1 year ago
Description : Title says it all.
1st Apr 2023 23:00 - 1 year ago
Description : Was just messing around and this ended up manifesting. I played all of the instruments on this piece. Hope y'all dig.
31st Mar 2023 22:26 - 1 year ago
Description : These are live instruments. First I came up with the bass, then I recorded the drums, then I came up with the guitar, then I came up with the piano, lastly I added some synths.

Vibes take form.
23rd Feb 2023 11:41 - 1 year ago
Description : esta cancion esta compuesta por lolo liñan,se llama vamos a bailar .es una cancion pop electronica
espero q os guste y dejeis comentarios.
24th Dec 2022 16:24 - 1 year ago
Description : My second attempt at a Christmas track and my second attempt to add vocals to the second half of this track which is 296 seconds long.
Themusicvii - Cole The VII - Lord
KingBallatore - Distorted Bass 001
Justguyy - Loop 130
Fanto8BC - Pizon Bros BIG BEAT
NoLanBeats - Big Dubstep Drums
StarOfAlaska - Flex Bells Sakura
Philemonster1 - Undeniable Arp X
Hamood - 130 Bpms - 59658
xen0s - Dubstep Crash 1
Fanto8BC - Andreia Synth
BradoSanz - Run Right Past You
Dimuro - Absent 130BPM
27th Nov 2022 20:46 - 1 year ago
Description : I layered some more samples today to create another headphones moment. This time the samples led me in a much more psychedelic direction and this track was born. It doesn’t really go anywhere or do anything, but it is very present in the moment.
Steelyvibe - Pineapple One
CallMeKing - Crash
Danke - Spacey
Fanto8BC - Niamey Downtempo
Hbsamples - HBS Empa C
Etoshapovalov - Mellotron Flute Type Loop
MansonProductions - Concord Drums
TonyRhodes - Minimal Reese Bass
18th Nov 2022 12:53 - 1 year ago
Description : I layered some samples today to create a headphones moment, and found two samples that were destined to go together. Loops & samples used:
Genamusic - Violin Call Viking
Tumbleweed - SlowBluesBass 2 60 A
Fanto8BC - Vixana Voice
ajayluded7 - Catchy Whistle
dripchord - All For You Part 2
Quoronon - Babuska
Thechockehold - Lo-Fi Jazz Hop Real Tenor Sax Riff 3
Xmyrby - Leave My Mind Drums
Tracks 1 - 25 of 55