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Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.81 MB | FL Studio

Description : I add some guitar solo at the end :)
Hope you enjoyed this)
If you make something with it,pls leave a comment)

Tags : | Ambient | 3.61 MB | Logic Pro

Description : I wrote a poem one evening and built this short beat around it...capped with a simple guitar solo. No clue what genre this fits but it's low key with just a little punch in the face at the end.

Description : try something different than i usually do... hope you like it! tell me what you think about and excuse the guitar solo i made it with a mpk mini it's difficult ^^
I don't make the piano melody, i take it from the cymatics python MIDI pack.

Description : All instruments composed, arranged and recorded by BradoSanz - Lead Guitar Solo and Mastering by Rockman

Description : Needs lots of work, but a solid start. More lyrics need to be written. Everything is Synth except the Dark lead vocal. Yes, the Chorus vocal is Sampletank 4. Drums: AD 2 Sampletank 4 and guitars are Shreddage. I don't know, is the transition too weird? Metal to trippy psychedelic? Update 9-2-19: Added a Sub Bass and brought the guitars up in the mix. Also deleted a Vocal section to make room for a future Guitar Solo.

Tags : | Rock | 7.56 MB | Colab Request | Reason

Description : This is my second track I uploaded. It's rock song witch electronic element. Still need guitar solo, not recorded yet. Feel free to come up with your melody line and vocals if you like this song. Name It-your name, Abi Ottkin Production Let me know if U use It.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.10 MB | Studio One

Description : alternative / hip hop beat, with some guitar solo

Tags : | Rock | 4.11 MB

Description : My little version of Randall822 and Patricia Edwards tune. Same intro but different harmonies for the verse and chorus.Laurent Schwaar, guitar. Alex Richard, bass. Laurent Wirz, drums. Claude Barbotte, Hammond. Guitar solo by Mik Korinec. With excellent loops from Zac Wilkins, Rhodesy.

Tags : | Blues | 4.06 MB

Description : Been away for a while. I am doing something I usually don't do with this one. Here is a blues track I put together in a day. It features everything being done by me, with improvised solos for each instrument. This was done using Fl Studio 12 and my Korg M50 keyboard. I plan on adding lyrics to it down the road and having everything much cleaner. Anyhow, enjoy!

Which Solo did you guys like best?
2:18 Guitar Solo
3:57 Piano Solo
5:34 Synth Solo
7:13 Bass Solo

Tags : | Weird | 2.78 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured

Description : This is a totally different remix from the original song. I put some bwamp loops and a guitar solo plus added more drums fills and created a totally different groove

Tags : | Rock | 4.60 MB | Colab Request

Description : This is a composition still in progress. I have the backing tracks for the bass and drums I programmed turned down and the guitar solo is louder. The chord progression keeps repeating, and only the guitar parts change, so I need to add a bridge, and also have someone help me with the bass and drums. You can see my video on my youtube channel so you see how I play the solo. I can make it much better with the right help.

Tags : | Jazz | 7.07 MB | Colab Request

Description : Bass Guitar solo with Zoom Bass Effects!

Tags : | Jazz | 2.89 MB | Colab Request

Description : Featured Bass Guitar Solo Improvisation

Description : Thanks to julietstarling, 808purp, alabafruit and audioendo for the loops! I added a verse and a bassline to these boom bap vibes... Always want to add a guitar solo and some other vocals to all my tracks, so I welcome people's input!

Tags : | Rock | 8.55 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Psychedelic blues rock? This is on the APOCALYPSE album, vocals and guitar by Sunny War. I built the song on a great Tumbleweed rhythm guitar loop - looperman-l-0498019-0068256-tumbleweed-120-aminor-gtr-rhythm - that I originally had running throughout. We stripped the first part way down, and then Sunny brings in that Tumbleweed loop melody in the second part, with variations. We doubletracked the vocals, with Sunny singing it through twice slightly differently; I've done it before and really like the effect on certain songs. Sunny delivered another extremely tasty guitar solo. There's more that could be done with this song orchestration-wise - and in fact the original orchestration had much more to it - but I think somewhat stripped down is the way to go on this one.

Tags : | Rock | 8.31 MB

Description : this is cinematic rock. becuase my friend playing the guitar wants me to put it under rock. The guitar solo at the end may be too loud or too soft. my ears when volume deaf as I made this. opinions? may add vocals if I can find the right one.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 8.28 MB | Cubase

Description : My heaviest and most extreme track. Also the first with no synths. Crashing and smashing programmed drums and dirty layers of electric guitar (with a psychedelic, Eastern feel at times). Bass guitar plus a slide resonator guitar solo. No drum loops. Don't play this at your grandmother's funeral. Not unless she was a real headbanger.

Description : My roots are mostly in heavy rock and metal, mostly down tempo stuff these days. I've come across some folks here that helped remind me that it's okay :) This is a condensed version (sorry for some of the weird splices) of a song I started a while back. I'm no real drummer or vocalist, definitely not a lyricist by any stretch. One verse, a chorus and then I draw a big ol' blank. I'm looking for someone to take over vocal and lyric duties on this and maybe more in the future. If any drummers, guitarists or anyone want to collab on stuff like this, please hit me up. All instruments are real and I probably should have pitch corrected the heck out of my wobbly voice. Pretty good guitar solo towards the end. Thanks!

Tags : | Industrial | 9.97 MB

Description : Industrial machinery provides an oppressive backbeat whilst the tension builds towards vocals and onto an extended guitar solo.

Includes Looperman loops from CorruptionEDM & others.

This is a first cut demo and any feedback is welcome!

Tags : | Weird | 1.71 MB

Description : A bit of an experimental track.
I was inspired by those crazy guitar solo's fueled by intense feedback that you only get at live gigs. No guitars in this just synths.Let me know where you'd take it and if you don't mind any mixing tips would be appreciated.

Description : A track a couple of friends and I did for a project. Programmed in Reason, vocals and guitar recorded and mixed in Pro Tools. We had a lot of fun, as you can tell by Imhotep freestyling in different voices such as DMX towards the end. It was his first time recording and we look forward to many more fun sessions like this one. Guitar solo played by Ryan Lare

Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists.
Applied loops (fully or partially):

MINOR2GO: 0159051-0030708 (Hiphop Guitar - Lift your voice - Steel),
0159051-0030707 (Hiphop Guitar - Lift your voice - Clean),
0159051-0052472 (Guitar Quality Gold - Only You 1),
0159051-0024252 (Guitar vs Piano),
MEGAPAUL: 0448131-0067922 (Dark Times 65bpm A Pads),
0448131-0061745 (Bezoig van Pommelen Solo Git Eminor),
0448131-0072483 (Do not reanimate 90bpm E Guitar),
0448131-0072493 (Old Grapefruit 90bpm A Guitar Solo),
INSANESMILE: 0025227-0024994 (Insane Aucustic Patterns Ending),
0025227-0025000 (Insane Aucustic Patterns 5),
SERIALCHILLER: 0000003-0000074 (Chilla Cool Bass Loop 1),
DUSTHILL: 0139050-0006639 (Melodic Bellz 4),
DEXTDEE: 0116269-0048196 (strick and screetch bass),
REALSTRINGS: 0175741-0009205 (Real Strings - 8),
MARIOSH: 0840075-0060481 (Guitar Sample),
HAVEN: 0302616-0023322 (half step bend and run variation),
FERRYTERRY: 0747210-0059519 (140 bpm jazz guitar),
ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0038693 (104 AM 120),
BALANEL: 0034137-0000602 (Yo si Andrei),
MRROBOT: 0082073-0005872 (Johnny Cash like Drums),
SHSMUSIC: 0507837-0041500 (Well Day Blues with Mhyst laid back beat),
SARAWUT: 0088060-0002487 (Jazzy beat 100 Bpm full 1),
PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0005733 (DnB 124), DANKE: 0671112-0082847 (Shades of summer).

Update 2015.12.22.: some minor fine tuning for the better balance.

Tags : | Rock | 7.65 MB

Description : This is truly a message for today...Agape Love, unconditional love is something we all have within, but must be willing to share it.

Would like to give a shout-out to those whose loops made this track possible:

Organ & Piano: Dusthill

Percussion: JDOT2006 -

Guitar Solo: GuitarJock

Please go and check out more of their talent.

God Bless

Tags : | Acoustic | 2.93 MB

Description : Thank you for listening.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 118
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