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31st Jan 2023 07:27 -  1 year ago
Description : thank you Ali Amelia,your vocals dropped in perfect with the beat i made
21st Nov 2022 00:42 -  1 year ago
Description : several looperman loops
16th Sep 2022 18:43 -  1 year ago
Description : put together the beat then found the treat with VashElite catchy little number hope you like it !
20th Aug 2022 06:42 -  1 year ago
Description : Vocals-Across-by-officialkmsr
Drums-808s dreams by-RandomAccessData
Guitar-Afrobeat guitar loop-benin-demo by-Negusfirst
Mixed and produced by Gadgetland Music Factory
Thank you for providing the talent to this mix !
5th Feb 2022 22:48 -  2 years ago
Description : From an AAP pella
12th Jun 2010 12:51 -  14 years ago
Description : Public service announcement !

comedy rendition of a fake commercial of a fake company
called the I.T.C.H. institute !
the institute for treatment of chlamydia and herpes!

back in the day my old roommate had a nightmare that his
lower region was green ! and he found a magic lamp, wishes.
genie , the whole bit ! made a wish to have the green removed,
and poof everything vanished !
waking up instantly and after some searching, relieved that it was just a dream, he had told me about the dream, and i suggested that we make a public service announcement!

"Be careful where you play my friends'

Johnny Gadget
Gadgetland Music Factory
24th Apr 2009 17:31 -  15 years ago
Description : (LYRICS)

Train track Sally was a helluva girl
she lived up on the mountain
In her own little world
She'd come into town every month or so
Straight to the depot she would go
She'd get up on the tracks
Looking far and wide
bearing her soul
you could see inside
She lost her man
and he's been gone for a spell
The towns folk gathered and said what the hell

Train Track Sally Your looking for your man
and that's alright
Train Track Sally When you find him
It'll feel Just Right

Well it's not like nothing
That they haven't tried
They got up on the tracks
and they took a ride
She stood up tall and was understood
It might have been kinky
but it was good

Train Track Sally Your looking for your man
and that's alright
Train Track Sally When you find him
It'll feel Just Right

She staggered up the hill
With her supplies
knowing damn well she had been baptized
So if your in town
and there's a crowd on the track
Join right in
but watch your back

Train Track Sally Your looking for your man
and thats alright
Train Track Sally When you find him
It'll feel Just Right
22nd Apr 2009 02:33 -  15 years ago
Tags :
Description : Here is another Love song for My Little Rita Hottie !
12th Apr 2009 14:21 -  15 years ago
Description : this was a song I wrote about ten years ago or more? I had this up in a different version, then pulled it because I uploaded it on in a contest to win $5,000 well the competition was intense! I really didn't have the time to produce a full blown music video! just me on my cam singing it, almost everybody else had a professionally done video, I didn't make it to the top ten! "Bummer" but that is OK! it is funny as hell, and all my friends and family request it at the cook outs and campfires!
2nd Apr 2009 03:17 -  15 years ago
Tags :
Description : Barry morgan blue tooth comp with a little gadget thrown in ! and a special cameo from my girlfriend Rita in her looperman debut as ...
(Kimmie) the pissed off girlfriend in this saga of regret! thanks Barry ! We both had fun with this one!
Johnny G. and Rita Hotttie
29th Mar 2009 21:33 -  15 years ago
Tags :
Description : Some people believe in UFOS and believe that alien abduction is possible is this song a true story? "I will let you decide" (Enjoy!)
28th Feb 2009 20:25 -  15 years ago
Tags :
Description : Travishuckins glitch comp entry called aphexuation! never knew this genre existed till now really different ! had a blast creating this one all Travishuckins loops
23rd Nov 2008 02:09 -  15 years ago
Description : Drunken thoughts; tripped out backing track by mr. E he called it gadgetscape ! "Different as Different does"
31st Oct 2008 01:26 -  15 years ago
Tags :
Description : Well after a long hiatus without internet and shutting down the studio and then moving in with Rita and stuffing all my studio equipment into her little one bedroom apartment Iam back in some kinda way just threw this together to start things off! hope everyone is still alright ! "happy halloween my fellow loopers glad to be back!
21st Jul 2008 12:54 -  15 years ago
Tags :
Description : "It's all about you baby! I love you Rita!"
14th Jul 2008 03:30 -  15 years ago
Tags :
Description : the hand that rocks the decks,Sweenster, vicious monkey
cyco, Johnny Gadget
14th Jun 2008 09:37 -  16 years ago
Tags :
Description : Seen a dead squirel wrote a song about it !
It's road kill baby!
10th May 2008 09:51 -  16 years ago
Tags :
Description : Another A cappella from
feat. Sol Hen Speak ( Forensic)
under creative commons authourity ! link below
first attempt at putting some sounds to a rap a cappella
Not exactly my genre of choice, but I am trying to be a little more versatile with my music production!
Tell me what you think (HONESTLY) I am way out of my leauge here thanks!..........................Johnny Gadget
5th May 2008 08:05 -  16 years ago
Tags :
Description : Another great a cappella from Feat. Sunbyrn
If you like the boys to men style harmonies, You will like this one! Trying to branch out a little and do something different than my usual style! Let me know what you think!
Creative Commons authority, Here's the link!

thanks for the listen,
Johnny gadget,
Gadgetland Music Factory
adjusted vocals less reverb per request (Blunted)
3rd May 2008 16:42 -  16 years ago
Tags :
Description : If you like Beck then you will like this! another a cappella
from CCmixter !
this a cappella was done by a guy named, brad sucks
this as well obtained and used under creative commons
authority here is the link
3rd May 2008 09:05 -  16 years ago
Tags :
Description : Came across this spoken word by snow flake, the words
deserve a listen !
again used under creative commons authority.
check link
1st May 2008 20:26 -  16 years ago
Tags :
Description : I was working on this track and thought it could use some vocals so I went looking, and believe it or not I found
Amelia June This A cappella is called Lies and some how
this fit like cinderella's slipper I swear! Feel free to check it out ! used under creative commons authority this had a label called Trifonic here's the link so you can go and check it out ! "I encourage it !.........Enjoy,
Johnny Gadget
Gadgetland Music Factory
(All looperman loops other than the a cappella)
Here is the link to her my space it is worth the listen!!!
28th Apr 2008 18:08 -  16 years ago
Description : a steam locomotive called the Cleavland steamer, also known as
the Looperman express
25th Apr 2008 08:01 -  16 years ago
Tags :
Description : whewww what a rush FINALLY good luck everyone i took this down just to make a few volume tweaks and I don't know how but somehow it wouldn't upload well i got it! I like the way it turned out! hope you do to, this was really fun to do ! thanks to all who made this possible! In the begining there was a subliminal suggestion not to upload early, so your ideas wouldn't be stolen!
"If you have to use someone else's ideas then i guess I am honored that you would steal mine! ~let the games begin~

Johnny Gadget,
Gadgetland Music Factory
19th Apr 2008 09:14 -  16 years ago
Tags :
Description : This was a track done by mrE, Spoken words and vox added by me, inspired by the rampant increase of addiction in the world and the suffering of innocent individuals and codependents living in the shadows of this ever growing problem. "Think twice before you do', And love the ones around us!, and together perhaps we can make this tiny globe a better place to live! "Thanks MrE, If this helps just one person,
then it was well worth it!...........Johnny Gadget
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