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29th Oct 2020 00:44 - 3 years ago
Description : Very short mini techy roller.
24th Feb 2011 00:01 - 13 years ago
Description : Title comes from Quake. If you know the game Quake, then you might have heard the Q1 soundtrack, maybe. It was made by some band called Nine Inch Nails. Check YouTube out for a listen of the soundtrack.

My track takes it's cues from that soundtrack. It's not as amazing as some of the stuff on that soundtrack, but I am not picky with what I make. This track is also considerably shorter. Kind of like a violent segue to another track.

This is a final mix and done with it. I didn't want to keep trying to extend it into ambiance or even build it up more. Short and simple.
22nd Feb 2011 23:49 - 13 years ago
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Description : I rarely get tracks done these days so I don't have many up. Luckily, A member contacted me for a hip hop tune. I wanted to get the framework done by the weekend(this past weekend 2-10-11). I went with the 101 arrangement. Simple but effective to get things rolling. Thats about it.

Everything was recorded using Propellerhead's Record 1.5. Hardware used was just a controller(axiom pro) and a guitar processor(Pod Xt). Nothing else unless you count a guitar as hardware lol.

It's a demo, unmastered, rough mix. Let me know if theres anything off or just post me a random review about a funny viral video on the net. It's all good. I'm not picky, Cheers :D

Updated 2-23-11
I ran this mix through multi band compression to brighten it up. Original sounded muddier than heck lol.
16th Sep 2010 07:03 - 13 years ago
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Description : This track was originally started on May 9th of 2009. Basically everything from the drum beat, metal toy piano, the background drone/effects, and that weird guitar thingy lol, were already in place. I didn't work on it for a whole 24hrs. I put in a lot of time and scrapped some stuff. Kinda found out why this track never got finished. Basically what was added was some glitching of the drums(Thank you mr Dr. Octorex!) and laid out some wack solo guitar-ish noise. I don't feel its finished it's just one of those track that just kinda stays that way I guess.

Originally made with Reason 4 and updated with Reason 5 and Record 1.5, Cheers :D
4th Jul 2010 09:08 - 14 years ago
Description : This is a remix(re of some kind more or less) for 'A Drowning' by How To Destroy Angels. I'll say I'm kinda hesitant to put it up. It's got some great sounds and new ideas, but I felt it was...not fully fleshed out in the end. Not to say it I don't like it. I've listened to it for the past two weeks before putting it up here. It's also not a quick remix. Nothing against anyone that does that. I'm just slow lol. In all seriousness, it was quit a bit of work. I can go on and on about how I set up all my instruments, the methods I used to make some string sections, etc.. The most I can say is, the first verse is more thought out than the second(only two in it). The bridge passage is from the original. That bridge really p*ssed me off. In the end I had to use the original tracks version. I'm not thrilled with it, but lack of creativity hits and its a punch in the face back to reality. The second verse is pretty back to form as the original. Not complex but felt like it put it back in place I guess. Then an outro that pretty much tails off. Most of what took the longest was the mix(s). Over and Over and Over... Headphones, Monitor, Ipod, CD... Just a constant "this still sounds like sh*t" mentality. It probably still does sound like sh*t in all honesty. I'm my worst critic lol. I'm ranting now. Anyway, this isn't the final. I put it here to receive some critic and maybe another pair of fresh ears response. This isn't mastered. Just mixed. I don't think making it all compressed and loud is going to help. It's also going up in Orchestral cause it's kinda orchestral maybe? Idk.

This is a legal remix :D and the stems can be found at

Track Detail:
All sequenced in Reason 4. Mostly all Orkestor patches put into splits and sub mixes. As always with stings the lovely Touch Orchestra Patch.

Thanks for your time and reviews. Cheers :D
24th Apr 2010 09:57 - 14 years ago
Description : It's been a long time since I posted a track.

I wanted to go with something very spacey. Huge sci-fi fan, from anime to cheesy 60's B movies. I didn't want something all dystopian. It's been done. So, I kinda thought I would make something about a lonely space traveler. I named the track after the Voyager I space satellite. The 'Voyager' in my head(vision?) was just an astronaut. But, he watches the earth die. The last person alive scenario. Hard to imagine what the last person alive would have in his head....

Track Detail - Sequenced in Reason 4. Nothing on this is a real instrument. The intro pad is a weird little Malstrom patch with a envelope filter and chorus. The chorus module is cv modulated non synced so its kind of wild. The first pluck instrument is a Koto. It's not played the way it should so it sounds more like an acoustic guitar. The violins are a Mellotron patch. The acoustic guitar isn't a preset patch but was made using Reason's other presets. I like that patch. Could of tried recording a guitar but I found that mock up to be alright. Other sounds were some weird modulated textures made with Thor. Drums were just samples that were filtered and pitched to fit. Kick and snare played off my Axioms pads. Hats were in a Redrum module.

Listen and enjoy. If you don't like it, leave me violent feedback lol. Cheers :D
15th Mar 2009 12:48 - 15 years ago
Description : Old track. Inspired by Neurosis, Down type doom metal. I put this together myself from little ideas here and there after jamming with some friends and old band members.
10th Mar 2009 13:00 - 15 years ago
Description : I had been trying to work on this for some time now. Months maybe. Novemeber'ish 08 or so. I really liked this and the way it builds up. I started this after hearing the samples of the Skold Vs KMFDM album. That's how I had kinda seen this song going. Now I just listen to it from time to time and still think about working on it someday or at sometime. Short, unfinished but still something I am proud of(kind of lol). =D
9th Mar 2009 09:51 - 15 years ago
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Description : A friend found this track on my lappy not to long ago. It was titled WIP43. WIP's are 'work in progress' file and session that most the time I never finish. He called it indie hipster electronic crap lol. Anyway, I finished it up a week ago. Didn't take long. I took longer trying to master the track myself, so blame me for the compression and overall volume. Cheers.
5th Mar 2009 13:43 - 15 years ago
Description : This song is nearly a year old or so. Originally it was supposed to have live bass and guitar, that got tossed out when I just couldn't get the right feel to it. It's also one of the last times I rewired into Ableton Live for Reason. Its kinda moody and the end product is heavily compressed.
28th Feb 2009 10:12 - 15 years ago
Description : This track was made around the same time as Fractured Return. It has similar elements. The note progression, effects, etc. Its the continuation of a track called 'Maggot'. Where Maggot was a darker song, March was a more light sided view of things. I like Maggot more just cause it was a almost fully completed song minus the mastering.
28th Feb 2009 09:27 - 15 years ago
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Description : Sigh, another weird track. I have no clue how to label them sometimes. About this track, It's pretty straight forward. The main melody is actually from a sample. It was just triggered with my mpc(r.i.p.) and that's how that came about. Some odd little tricks and automation stuff also. This track is related to March. Both tracks are similar in textures I would say.
27th Jan 2009 13:10 - 15 years ago
Description : A pretty new track I had worked on recently. Full title was Life and Love. Strange coming from the dark and depressed industrial guy I guess. Inspiration for the song? I would have to say the soundtrack from the film 'The Fountain' done by Clint Mansell. Choice film if your into weird romantic mescalin induced drama's. Cheers
25th Jan 2009 12:55 - 15 years ago
Description : I've made many tracks named Gabriel. Named for the archangel. This is a current fave right now. It is shortened and fades out because nothing else was added to it in some time. Sounds used in this song: reversed and echoed Arab phrase, D chord chopped up and delayed/ping ponged, and glitched sample of Robert J. Oppenheimer quoting the Bhagavad Gita. Sequenced in Reason, cleaned up with Ozone3.
22nd Dec 2008 00:03 - 15 years ago
Description : This was one of my first tracks made alone. The mix down wasn't done by me as I bricked it crazy. It was a first in alot of areas. Drum programming, sampling and the guitar recording. The guitars were directly recorded into a laptop thru a m-box with the signal running from a Line6 xt. The second guitar and bass were recorded using only a digitech rp150. I think everything was recorded with Ableton. Almost all the effects were just stompbox patches from the L6xt. This track also had a bleed from another track leading into it, so the start of the track just kicks in to mine. Hope that's a good description...
28th Nov 2008 12:34 - 15 years ago
Description : This track is something new and different. I will try to finish this track as I'm really into the flow of it so far. Its influenced by my current consumption of El-P I would say.

Updated on 5-10-09. This is pretty much the final on this. I couldn't really kill the song as I liked it. I added guitar to it then just looped it and added some stutter/toggle effects to it. If anyone feels like they can use this or any part of it for something just contact me and I will bounce out the whole thing in individual files and give them to you. Cheers
Tracks (16)