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Tags : | Acoustic | 2.93 MB

Description : Thank you for listening.

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.07 MB

Description : A powerful piece of epic chillout dance music that's something a little different for me. Rhodes and filter swept, bowed strings are heard a lot but there's also one section of rocking guitar, one slide resonator guitar solo, fat basses, various far out pads and other synths and 10-15 drumloops supported by 6 or 7 programmed acoustic drumkits. Look out for the funk section in the middle (3:02) with some delicate grooving from bass and guitar. Lots of beauty here so I really enjoyed making this. My favourite section is the last 90 seconds with some bowed string melodies I find highly memorable and could listen to for hours. Let me know if you have a favourite section/moment as well as any you don't like or think could be improved (that's always possible). Now press play and sample some of what never really ends in my mind but has to in track form so that people will at least attempt to listen to it. It's only a little bit of infinity as infinity is much larger than 10MB so won't fit on Looperman...

Tags : | Rock | 7.24 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Another great collaboration with Mark Ratcliff, and the addition of Eric Morris. Eric is a world class guitar player who has chops to rival the likes of Van Halen, Satriani, et al. Mark on bass, harp, synth, arrangement, vocals, production, and anything else we needed including donuts. Eric on the mad guitar solo towards the end. Me on rhythm and a few other things. A great song that is this good only because of the efforts of Mark and Eric. Enjoy.

Tags : | Pop | 6.28 MB

Description : Vocals by Farisha and if you haven't heard her work you should. It's amazing!

The track is a bit minimal and I've tried to allow the multi layered vocals shine and not be over cluttered with much else. Percussion is Superior Drummer (using brushes instead of sticks), bass is a Sterling Sub 4 (a recent acquisition) played in live with an attempt at some funky slap stuff in the last chorus (tricky!) Guitar solo is my trusty Godin XTSA on the acoustic setting. Keyboard is a patch from Logic X.

So good to be working with this quality of vocal. Thanks Farisha.

Comments always welcome.


Tags : | Trance | 8.21 MB

Description : The affects of the multiple Super Moons in 2014. This has been a challenging year, but through Him, I'm strong...I'm strong!!

Guitar solo by veteran "Looper" AllenV. Please take a moment to hear more of his talent:

Tags : | Dance | 4.42 MB

Description : A little dance number

uploaded mastered version 5-19-14

Tags : | Rock | 5.11 MB

Description : Carlos Santana grows up on the Arabian peninsula with his BFFs Sindbad and Aladdin

came up with two different drum sections for this that seem similar when you are not listening to the small percussion elements. nightengale-cryin,
thehumps-mando-1-notes-c-d-100-bpm, thehumps-cabasa-skip-1 uploaded mastered version 5-19-14

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.95 MB

Description : Love and respect goes to Patricia Edwards who gave me inspiration to do something with this acapella.

Never mind the guitar solo at the end, It doesn't sound right and I got bored and just left it there..

Tags : | Electronic | 13.19 MB

Description : Just finished a track using two guitar solo's by Ferry Terry. Many thanks for that!

Don't ask about the name :-).

As always, feedback is more than welcome!

Tags : | Blues | 2.99 MB | Featured

Description : Guitar Solo

Tags : | Pop | 5.40 MB

Description : I have had some great support on this track from my very old friend Steve Wright (check him out here)

Not only a stunning guitar solo and end section he also put the cello part on and helped me a lot with the mix. Thank you. A shout out too for Stephanie Kay and a really powerful vocal line.

Hope you enjoy and as ever your comments are always appreciated.


Tags : | Pop | 3.75 MB

Description : I want to Thank all who gave suggestions on improving this track and all those who listen to it also. I added more reverb to the vocals, lower the guitar solo, added a little more compression, tweet the keyboard and remastered the track. Please take a listen and give your opinion and/or suggestion. Thanks for lending your ear.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.54 MB

Description : Here is a song that I dug up out of the archives ! The only reason that I posted it is because there is a ripping guitar solo in it that I improvised and nailed it on my first take. That does not happen often. LOL. The mix is not my best work but I hope you enjoy it. All was made by me.

Tags : | Jazz | 4.79 MB

Description : I wrote the lyrics a while back but it took until now to find a suitable song. Forgive me for calling it jazz but it does have a guitar solo and some FL scat!

Description : Atmosphric classic hip-hop instrumental with guitar solo

Tags : | RnB | 8.06 MB

Description : This song envelopes what my father, Ike Turner. portrayed in his book of the same title, "Takin' Back My Name". I wrote this in his loving memory.

Guitar solo by veteran "Looper" AllenV. Please take a moment to hear more of his talent:

Tags : | Jazz | 5.87 MB

Description : Harold Ginn: Rhodes Piano,Bass
Joey Six: Lead Guitar Solo
Neil Montgomery: Tenor Sax Solo
Nicola Offdani: Acoustic guitar
Raul R: Percussion, Drums
Frank Kennedy: Mixing,Editing,mastering

Tags : | Rock | 5.40 MB

Description : a track heavily influenced by Egyptian sitars and groove metal. Has a really funky bass line. The drums are hard hitting. Crazy guitar solo.

Tags : | Jazz | 6.17 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Ferryterry (guitar solo), Guto (rhytm. guitar)

Tags : | Jazz | 5.04 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Acoustic jam (to remix)Ferryterry (acoustic guitar solo, Francisco O. (bass/rhytm.guitar)

Tags : | Techno | 2.20 MB

Description : Techno/rock song with a sweet guitar solo at the end by a good friend of mine... from the "Renaissance Project"

Tags : | Rock | 2.95 MB | Featured

Description : A little pop song that I could not get out of my head until I had it recorded. Hate my vocals but love the guitar solo. I am new to the Looperman world but have the vague notion that I do not fit in here. Everyones stuff sounds oh so professional and my song so rough and non-electronic. Still...comments?

Tags : | Blues | 8.74 MB | Colab Request

Description : Comments please!
As i m very excited to multiply collabs (production and guitar playing)i wrote this guitar solo to show you all some of my game....I really enjoy playing blues but not producing much(i prefer funkiest stuff)i'm more of a lead guitar and i play all kind of style , really poor jazz though.
All comments more than welcome!
Looking forward for al kind of collaborations!Contact me!

Description : demo track , try to make some vocals to this one!
at the moment i'm working on guitar solo to this track.Drums - alividlife , guitar , bas - me.

Tags : | Funk | 4.00 MB

Description : the groove is based on something by spivkurl and looneygoon did awesom job adding some heavy breathing and bird tweets effects of mine. the brass and bass and guitar solo are loosely based on a 12-tone scale in some very loose serial applications. enjoy. I need a guitarist to lay this down for real

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