24th Sep 2016 22:19 -  7 years ago
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Description : An elegant dame from Edwardian days, one glass eye staring through us, beyond us, prepares the seance to call back our dearly departed.

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If you have time take a listen and give DanGoldstein some feedback.

Spivkurl 20th Oct 2016 19:18 -  7 years ago
A very appropriate song for me and my kitty to hear right now, and we are enjoying it thoroughly! Very good composition, and the mix feels very dynamic where I'm sitting. Have not listened to much chromatic music lately, but I'm glad I'm hearing yours today. I think you've done really well on this! I apologize for not responding in regard to this halloween project... it has been a difficult time around here, and to be honest, aside from the pumpkin on the front steps, halloween has been far from my mind. It seems to come down to survival right now, and I'm sure you understand. I really am digging this song! Major Fave!
Wobbin 12th Oct 2016 22:40 -  7 years ago
Reading some of the other comments, Its funny how everyone has his/her own look on this haha.

For me it sounds like some sort of chase. The song goes 'faster' along the way where it sounds like more drama gets involved into the scene. or intensified. However you'd name it. The parts starting around 2:55 sound typically like a 'caught scene where the beat represents a heartbeat'. But that could also come because I recently made an epic intro for a aboriginal themed track where someone is wandering the woods and get caught by an aboriginal tribe where his heart is going crazy from.

Anyways, I like it man. Its very weird, but also brings in more depth then it reveals at first.
- Wobbin
SonnyChapelle 8th Oct 2016 15:40 -  7 years ago
The first few minutes remind me of "Child of Light" which is a video game, link for inspiration:
If you are really considering doing something in video games, i would definitely recommend you!
DanGoldstein replied 9th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks Sonny. If I can quit my state job with a gig writing for Sony I'm on board (me an 5000 more talented composers I am afraid!). But anyway - yea - check out that link. can seem some similarities. Thanks for checking this out. Dan
swindla007 6th Oct 2016 17:30 -  7 years ago
Well i gotta say i love the darkness, and also the almost video game quality it has. I love originality and creativity and this has both. Awesome work my friend.
DanGoldstein replied 7th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks Swindla. I'm glad you liked it. Loopers over the years have commented on the video game quality of some of my tracks. I suppose I should look into that for real. I look forward to checking out your stuff. Regards - Dan
DijamMusic 6th Oct 2016 02:24 -  7 years ago
Hello Dan,
There isn’t any word that can be said about your talent mate.
Big well done to you mate.
Really enjoyed it.

DanGoldstein replied 6th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks Jamid very much. I'm stoked that you liked it. We have to raise the bar just a bit more on each track. Looperman has been an incredible environment for encouraging that as I'm sure you have experienced as well. Looking forward to checking out more Jamid! Talk to you later. Dan
crucethus 5th Oct 2016 19:57 -  7 years ago
I love whole tone atonal music, and this is nice, plus the midi makes it sound spookier in like a seventies-eighties way. I love the fact you are exploring all the flavours music has to offer in the theoretical world!.
DanGoldstein replied 6th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago
I'm happy you can dig the whole tone approach, Cru.

and yea - I'm so behind on synth sounds and techniques that I will probably be stuck in the 70's-80's for the duration of my writing career. But hey, it's a great tradition to keep alive. LOL! Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked the track. I'm about to check out some of the tracks here in Wobbin's Halloween thread as well.
Burtsbluesboxes 5th Oct 2016 16:29 -  7 years ago
I like this version. I have some samples from a few movies that will work well setting the seance scene nicely. Is that knocking on the table I hear? I wonder if this medium is one that produces the ectoplasm snot stuff ;)
DanGoldstein replied 6th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago
I'm happy if you can layer on this, Burt. I think the harp solo section near the beginning is a likely area for the medium's entrance. The entire end section is really just groove and could receive any number of effects or even a slide solo. If you want threads, or just a wave of the entire mix, I will put in dropbox.
athousandmarias 3rd Oct 2016 18:28 -  7 years ago
Hi Dan,

I'm listening to this track and staring at the Edwardian Haunted artwork in a dark room while everyone else is asleep. Haha. But instead of being spooked by her, I feel that she's giving me a sense of strength and power. :) Do I want any of her "mystical, spiritual knowledge and awareness"? - Yes, please! :-D

Although it is subtle compared to the other elements of the track, the most striking feature for me is the drum loop that sounds like someone knocking or some footsteps. Although, I wouldn't want to actually hear those sounds right now. Hehe. Kidding.

Midisparksartsales is awesome! I'll see if I can create a spooky track. I've been going through boxes of my grandmother's stuff and I've found interesting objects that could inspire tracks too!

Through your music and website, you invite us to be more imaginative and creative. Thanks, Dan! :)
DanGoldstein replied 5th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago
Hey Itiyati

Yea - she is an interesting subject that Edwardian lady. I can see her in the light you cast.

I've been having fun learning Drummax. Actually have a few more little hits from Drummax to spice this track up.

I am really flattered and gratified by your comments about the site. Next best thing would be to actually start selling some art!

I hope you do give a shot to a spooky track. If there is anything I can do to help let me know.


joecramer 2nd Oct 2016 11:09 -  7 years ago
Hey Dan,
this is interesting stuff. In a way it is like DesignedImpression said kind of game music. Could be a part of the soundtrack from System Shock .... check this link out to get what i mean ..... this soundtrack was the best i ever listen to in a game. Fear pure :)

I really enjoy the listen

stay tuned
DanGoldstein replied 2nd Oct 2016 - 7 years ago
well - that video blows me away in all respects. One thing I noticed in the very first part were some one-shots - that is what I think this track needs - little hits here and there to create more ambience, more story. But anyway - thanks Joe. Glad you had a chance to listen to this. Please do stop by the site at the link I shared and see if you like one of the art pieces for Halloween. I'm sure Burt will be up to collab on something, as would I. Regards - Dan
Orlando51 1st Oct 2016 18:49 -  7 years ago
Very interesting stuff Steve...more so because I'm toying with the dissonance myself recently, but I doubt whether I can come up with something as successful as this..:)
Admirable experimental work ! Faved !:)

Compliments and respect_____Orlando
DanGoldstein replied 1st Oct 2016 - 7 years ago
I'm glad you liked the piece Orlando. I used a 5-note whole tone scale, transposed 3 times to create four sets of five notes each. I am looking forward to hearing your more dissonant experiments. Thanks for checking this one out. Best regards - Dan
DesignedImpression 25th Sep 2016 19:06 -  7 years ago
Hey Dan, After hearing Edwardian Haunted then hearing this is like the next stage scene. Could be a video game type theme, im playing to it in my mind and as odd as it may sound it works in a different but cool kind of way. Your studies with scales have been fun to dab into. The instrument sound at 0:20 into the track is a nice choice I enjoy working with that same type of sound as well as the one that starts at 1:00 into the track. Cool drums, got that dnb/dance feel which makes the mental thought of this composition very interesting for me. Fan of older synth sounds. All these new instruments are too much haha.
DanGoldstein replied 30th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
yea - actually i have put the whole thing together into a new track - combining original plus some development so you are right one with your comment. I have a lot of catching up to do as far as sounds go - might be using old school sounds for the duration at the rate i am going. glad you were able to stop by. I have a Halloween track contest going so I hope you will check out the art for that and pick something out to write for. Best regards - Dan
BLEEP 25th Sep 2016 13:21 -  7 years ago
the beat sound is lower than others instruments. It's certainly an artistic choice, right?
DanGoldstein replied 30th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
yea - actually I have dropped this idea of starting off with the low beat. tried to blend the drums in more in the most recent update of this. thanks for your comment.
StarVesus 25th Sep 2016 01:19 -  7 years ago
Weird xD Love you!
DanGoldstein replied 25th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
yea - most of my stuff is. Thanks for checking it out. Love you too! Regards - Dan

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