The Industrial Loop Maker
  • From : Porto Alegre, Brazil
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About Me

My website: https://flsouto.com/

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Instruments I play

Software I Use

SoX, Linux

Hardware I Use

Listening To Right Now

Everything in this playlist:

10 Favourite Albums

Everything in this playlist:

My Influences / Fav Artists

Power Noise Movement, :Wumpscut:, Mental Ulcer Forges, Imminent Starvation, PAL, Ars Moriendi, Speedy J, Uncivilized World,
Zhark Recordings, Adam X, Panacea, Orphx, Synapscape, xotox, Empusae, Pneumatic Detach, Stendeck, Hypnoskull, Asche,
Totakeke, Tarmvred, ATR, NIN, t_error 404, Ah Cama-Sotz, Stahlfrequenz, Endif, Lucidstatic,
Proyecto Mirage, S:cage, Monokrom, Scrap.edx, Synth-Etik, Nin Kuji, Komor Kommando, Nullvektor, Config.sys, Cervello Elettronico,
IN[TOXIN], Chrysalide, Genetic Selection, Cenotype, Noise/Girl, Organic Cage, Ex_tension, Zweifelhaft, Wai Pi Wai, Syntech, Broken Fabiola,
Unter Null, Phosgore, Hydrocyanic, Gridlock, Mind Necrosis Factor, Edgeist

My Music Sounds Like

computer underground (cu), hacker, gamer, soundtrack, algorithm,
android, alien, noise, industrial, rhythmic noise, drones, science-fiction,
neuromancer, sci-fi, space-opera, digital hardcore, cyberpunk, futurism, space fiction, experimental,
futuristic, progressive, weird, digital, offbeat, cryptography, virtual reality, AI, artificial intelligence,
artificial reality, cyborg, machine, robots, industrial metal, doom, djent, techno, IDM, ambient, electro,
power noise, noize, aggrotech, instrumental, distorted sounds, breakcore, power electronics, distroted drums

In My Other Life I ...