23rd Aug 2013 00:06 -  10 years ago
Description : Hey guys! Well, this is the first time I upload a song with my voice. I have to confess that this is not a style I usually sing. And, as an extra point, this is my first song in english. My native language is spanish, my english is not perfect, so sorry for mistakes (grammar, pronunciation, etc). Well, about lyrics, I explain the story on description of the instrumental version. If you want to read the story or hear the instrumental track, go here [ ]. This song was made on Magix Music Maker 2013 Premium and Adobe Audition 3.0. I hope you like it. Thanks! SUN & MOON... FIRE & ICE HEART... LIGHT & DARK FUSION...

Comments (21)

If you have time take a listen and give SoraSolitudine some feedback.

TRX1 1st Oct 2015 23:20 -  8 years ago
I have an idea for a CGI short film I think your words go Absolutely Perfect for; Hope you like Sci Fi. :)
SoraSolitudine replied 1st Oct 2015 - 8 years ago
Well, actually this song has its own story. It's set in the future. A virus is killing all women. This virus was created by an evil organization that wants to have the control to establish a new world order. There is a resistance group. But there is a huge difference of forces. All women who belong to this group of rebels are dying because of this virus. Only one is immune, and she is the key to the whole thing. She must be protected. And for her bad luck, her husband falls in battle. Now she has to survive somehow. So, the song is a cry of hope and despair. She is Annüin, the last widow.

It's a little crazy idea, I know... :P

Thanks for listening.

TRX1 1st Oct 2015 23:15 -  8 years ago
Enchanting. I love your use of Piano & cinematic orchestration. Truly Breathtaking.
SoraSolitudine replied 1st Oct 2015 - 8 years ago
Thank you!

Soulcreepa 11th Jan 2014 15:04 -  10 years ago
This is really a beautiful artistic creation, Soleil! Really love the atmosphere of this song. I need to check more of your music.
SoraSolitudine replied 12th Jan 2014 - 10 years ago
Thanks for listening and comment :)
mariocatalan 4th Sep 2013 15:16 -  10 years ago
Beautiful, the music and voice... wow!!
SoraSolitudine replied 4th Sep 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks! :)
Mar_Schiavon 3rd Sep 2013 21:33 -  10 years ago
Great Work! Nice song at all, very original!
SoraSolitudine replied 3rd Sep 2013 - 10 years ago
Thank you! :D
beerling1970 3rd Sep 2013 18:57 -  10 years ago
This beautiful and I love the lyrics too brilliant work.

SoraSolitudine replied 3rd Sep 2013 - 10 years ago
Thank you very much! :D
7ophrenica 3rd Sep 2013 00:14 -  10 years ago
Hope you like it
greets Andi
Platohedron86 30th Aug 2013 03:51 -  10 years ago
Loving this track! I may use it in a short film I'm producing, if that's alright with you...? :)
SoraSolitudine replied 30th Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Yes, you can use this song :)
Just 2 things:
1.- Let me see the video when is finished. (send me the link)
2.-Please, don't forget credits. It would be sad for me if you take away my effort.
Thanks for listening and comment!
StrawHatDJ 26th Aug 2013 23:02 -  10 years ago
A simle track that has bee put together really well.
Sing more in your native tongue. Nothing wrong with what you have done. I just personaly think alot of other languages sound much more natural and better than english when it comes to singing.
Words need to flow together in harmony. Good work.
SoraSolitudine replied 27th Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks for your words!
I agree with you, but I think that is better to sing english lyrics, 'cause all people here understand that language. English is the common language in this website. If someone from Germany or France or Iran sings in his native language, probably most of us wouldn't understand what is he singing.
So, I will upload english acapellas. People will understand.
Well... thanks for listening and comment! :D
Mykael 26th Aug 2013 22:12 -  10 years ago
This is just absolutely gorgeous! Never mind your English (which I think its very good), it's how the lyric, instrumentation, and your lovely accent that all make this a very special listening experience.

Love & Light,

SoraSolitudine replied 27th Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Thank you very much for your words! :')
dellaa 25th Aug 2013 00:33 -  10 years ago
weird but relaxing :d
SoraSolitudine replied 25th Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
ScottB55 24th Aug 2013 10:55 -  10 years ago
I love your stuff....BUT! Don't be self-conscious about your vocals and cover them up! Put it up front...I want to hear YOU! This track is a real beauty, but it will only be at it's best with your vocals standing out. I really want this song in my collection, but only if I can hear your excellent vocals! Sorry for the tough love, but I honestly don't think you know how good your are.

SoraSolitudine replied 25th Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Aww! Thanks for your words.
Well, I've tried to fix my voice (for second time. True, in the first try my voice was too off).
Listen again if you want (I hope I have done the enough well ._.)
Thanks again for listening and comment! :D
SeriouslyJoking 24th Aug 2013 08:06 -  10 years ago
Oh, yes I like this!!
You go girl - great work here. I also hope you manage to upload and share your Acapellas here soon.
SoraSolitudine replied 24th Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Well, about the acapellas, I don't know if someday I'll be able to upload.
Thanks again for listening and comment! :D
ShortBusMusic 24th Aug 2013 05:23 -  10 years ago
That should read, "the vocals in places are a bit back in the mix." In the old days we could edit our reviews so they didn't have all of the errors.

ShortBusMusic 24th Aug 2013 05:21 -  10 years ago
I haven't been around much this summer.....this is actually the first song I've listened to since my return. I realy enjoyed your work. The in places are a bit back in the mix, but for the most part you did a really stellar job with both the composition, and the production.

In order to upload acapellas, you just need to follow the procedure listed here:

You already have an avatar, and a profile, so the next step is to contact Shan at the link on that page.

Best of luck in all you do, and again, a wonderful job with song.

SoraSolitudine replied 24th Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Hi there!
At first, thanks for taking your time to comment. It's significative to me.
Well, about the song, I've tried to fix my voice (for second time). Listen again if you want.
About the acapellas, I sent a message to Shan, but I can't upload acaps yet. I wonder how much time it takes.
Maybe I didn't write it clearly. Honestly, I had no idea what to write.
Anyway, I hope I can upload acaps soon.
Thanks again for listening and comment! :D
joshweps 24th Aug 2013 04:27 -  10 years ago
SoraSolitudine replied 24th Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
I wish I could upload acaps.
Well, thanks for listening and comment! :)
CognacXE 24th Aug 2013 03:24 -  10 years ago
I looked into that too..I'm not able to do it either. You can always email me some if you'd like. I'd love to produce something around them.
SoraSolitudine replied 24th Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
I'll bear in mind. Thanks! :)
CognacXE 23rd Aug 2013 15:52 -  10 years ago
Awesome and original content. I would love to hear more of your voice! Hit me if you have any acapellas. Great job!
SoraSolitudine replied 23rd Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Well, actually I tried to upload acapellas, but I couldn't.
I was read about a request but I have no idea how to do it.
For that reason I don't upload acaps.
Do you know how to I can be able to upload?
Well, doesn't matter.
Thanks again for listening and comment! :D
VickyDan 23rd Aug 2013 09:15 -  10 years ago
¡Hola ....

Too bad that your voice is a little off .... but despite all, you have achieved something very melodic. A good concept and a good approach.
It is very pleasant to listen to, and you have a great mastery of the samples that you used for your creation ....
Congratulations ....

SoraSolitudine replied 24th Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks for your words.
Well, I'm going to try of improve this song. :)
clindsay 23rd Aug 2013 00:53 -  10 years ago
OK - love the music - like the arrangement - this is seriously good (not really weird)- problem is that the main vocals are not clear enough and get lost in the music. Background vocals are terrific. I think the main vocals need a recut/remix where they are more forward. Your English is fine it's the mix that is problematic. This is a gem - just need to shine it up.
SoraSolitudine replied 24th Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Well, at first, thanks for the criticism. It makes me improve.
I guess you are right about main vocals. I've tried to fix that. You can listen again if you want.
To be honest, I wanted to give a "whisper effect" to my voice. I guess I didn't achieve it :P
Anyway, thanks for listening and comment! :D
brillbilly 23rd Aug 2013 00:51 -  10 years ago

And thank you for being part of those elements.!

Your inner mystical magic is such a gift, your talent is breathtaking in it's painting such deep thought provoking cinematic dreamscapes!

I wish all young people would turn to making music,and not turn to wars.!

Knowing that you hold close to your heart your love for Earth,i can smile knowing others care deeply about the way things are changing fast!.

Be very proud little're a shining star!

This was Beautiful including your voice as its genuine and heart felt,so great job!

SoraSolitudine replied 24th Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Aww! Thank you very much for your words!
I wish I had kind words to reply, but you took away all of them.
I only can say: Thanks! :D

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Very surreal but I really enjoyed ....

I hope it will be the same for you.

Thank you for listening.
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I hope you guys like it!
18th Dec 2016 22:51 -  7 years ago
Description : I found an old recording of me playing guitar on 8-track and decided to use it in a new track. All parts have been recorded using analogue equipment. I've then slowed down, sped up or reversed as I recorded them digitally. Then came the difficult part, attempting to piece it all together in ableton without everything being too out of time (there's no way to make it perfect).
Once I'd EQ'd out some of the loudest hiss, I started applying effects and eventually mastering it all.
What you get as a final product is a simple song executed in a very weird way. I'm quite happy with the disorienting effect. I hope you like it too :)
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Description : This is is just a weird little acapella piece I was never able to find the chords to. Wrote it ages ago. I put it into a bad sounding round because I'm bored tonight.

Apparently I can ask for a collab. Gorsh. I doubt it's good enough to do anything with, but I'd be curious.