Rhythm is a dancer and God is a DJ
  • From : Nijmegen, Netherlands
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About Me

Dutch music lover who used to created mixes and now produces EDM for fun. Love to help people out and often try to leave a respectful piece of feedback.

When young (13-18) I've build up a own successful podcast in Itunes with a friend.
We collabed the podcast which ultimately followed up by a official website and YT regarding EDM mixes. With weekly mixes we managed to gain over 300k downloads over the first 28 episodes. (1 a week). We where planning to introduce 'resident DJ' episodes to share other young talent and learning from one another.
However.. I had to choose my future career at 18 and decided that becoming a chef (cooking was my other passion) would bring me more guarantees on a successful life then DJ'ing would for me.
I do not regret my decision but I kept the love for music ever since.

Instruments I play

Software I Use

* MixMeister Fusion
* Audacity
* Fruity loops

Hardware I Use

- Pc
- Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80 ohm studio headphone
- a pair of big azz speakers (RIP neighbours)

Listening To Right Now

Everything and nothing. Can change by the day.

Think of Dj Dyna, Johnny 500, Vato Gonzalez, Moombahteam, Ed Sheeran, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, W&W, Akon, 50Cent, Eminem, Sean Paul, Sidney Samson, Eva Simons, John Mayer, Passenger, Maroon 5, James Blunt, upcoming DJ's at a famous radio station here etc. etc. etc.

10 Favourite Albums

My Influences / Fav Artists

Could be anything.... From a conversation to a normal average sound, to a sudden thought, to a book, from a movie, from a commercial even (remember, they're made catchy often).

There is inspiration what could influence a lot. I think 60/70% of my influences is non musical orientated.

My Music Sounds Like

My style is quite broad, but the key remains EDM. Give it a listen cuz I don't like limitation myself here in words.

I only work on what I like myself despite it being a 'hype' or not. Or even being ' EDM producer rules' or not.

In My Other Life I ...

am working my sweaty azz off in a hot kitchen ;)