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About Me

Burton Philbrick
phatkatz4 Blues Band and My doom metal project
Deviant Internment
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I make music, catch mice and eat tuna (^._.^)/ purrrrr *scratches on furniture* OK, really LOL! Music is all about fun and self expression. Play what you feel...It's an art just like any of the other art forms and not about competition, to me anyway. I do it all out of love of the art and It's just a blast to see what creative ways i can come up with to virtually kill my characters. Gives me more music to listen to at work as well. Homemade guitar builder.

Instruments I play

Guitar, Bass, cigar box guitar and other homemade guitars.

Software I Use

Reaper 5 is my main DAW. Then i use a Audacity works well for quick simple fixes and I use it for compressing, tagging tracks for upload here. I use alot of free vsts with the exception of a few like Addictive drums.

Hardware I Use

'92 Ibanez EX360, Ibanez Gio, '98 Fender Squire (customized) another customized Squire electric guitar, Mark 1 3/4 scale student acoustic, and '99 Squire P Bass, Ibanez SdGr 5 string bass. Casio keyboard, but i mainly use piano roll in reaper for programming midi. Home made Cigar box, cookie (and various other tins), license plate guitars. Yamaha G 50A classical acoustic guitar, Sekova 4 string banjo My voice samples that I make myself are recorded with the voice recorder on an android mobile phone and edited in Audacity. Emachines Et1831 01 and 07 (upgraded) Desktops(2) Sony Vaio laptop. Dell lattitude e6400 laptop. Lexicon alpha desktop recording audio interface(2) M-Audio fast track audio interface. Sure mic, Rockville RMC XLR mic. Earnie's Balls guitar and bass strings, DR Red devils guitar strings (yep they're red :p) Eleca acoustic string on the cbgs Sony MDR-V150 studio series headphones, ATH M50 headphones.

Listening To Right Now

Love Doom/groove metal, darker classical, recently discovered Funeral Doom (such upbeat happy music)Black metal, Blues, classic rock, but i listen to alot of music from here. Indie music, in my opinion, is far better!! :D Thanks Loopers!

10 Favourite Albums

Black Sabbath older albums, Candlemass (most of them)My Dying Bride- Turn loose the swans, Like gods of the sun, probably my 2 fav from them but I love them all :D Huge influence on my music. Darkthrone - A blaze in the Northern Sky, transylvanian Hunger There's just too many to list!

My Influences / Fav Artists

Horror genre, paranormal, History, life, death, spirituality, space exploration, literature, poetry. Love gothic stuff, medieval stuff. Doom metal (my Dying Bride, Candlemass, Black Sabbath some of my favorite Doom bands)Black metal (Darkthrone one of my all time favs)for its dark, cinematic, intertwining of dark melodies/harmonies Love Blues!! so much soul to it! Audiobooks inspired me to try making voice samples/voice acting for use in tracks, and of course this great community has a lot to do with encouragement to experiment and always just do your thing musically. If you like it yourself then others will too. Love the loops I find here, they inspire soooo many tracks! thank you for that :D

My Music Sounds Like

3:D> Dark, epic, cinematic, emotional, like a horror movie. I like music that has emotion to it, be it happy, sad, ect. I try to put that into my music, Music you can "feel" Music should tell a story, and transport you to another world.

In My Other Life I ...

Elementary school custodian