11th May 2018 18:18 - 6 years ago
Description : One of those tracks you put your headphones on and your off too fantasy land for bit.Its all over the music spectrum on this track.*no foul language but does have lyrics that contain adult language

Comments (13)

If you have time take a listen and give adamms some feedback.

Zootman 13th May 2021 07:05 - 3 years ago
Far out, this is kind of uncomfortable and challenging but intriguing at the same time. I just hope we/they are saved...
Killick 11th May 2021 04:47 - 3 years ago
Really cool track man, I've listened to plenty of electronic music but nothing that sounds quite like this.
thechockehold 17th Sep 2019 19:33 - 4 years ago
Nice, but not weird at all.
djtheobserver01 17th Sep 2019 18:43 - 4 years ago
Very nice !!
i enjoyed listen to it !
Indieground 8th Jul 2019 07:59 - 4 years ago
I like this concept/ track
Beginning with a dancefloor vibe and vanishing it in complete other territory
Cool idea mate
ClickbaitCabaret 7th Jul 2019 01:50 - 4 years ago
I Love what sounds like a synth done as a reverse take in the intro, before "lets get some fish."Great job on the vocal loops mix.I love the way they fade in and out. This track has a kind of "light hearted hostility" to it. Like its funny, but angry at the same time. It kind of reminds me of the stuff the early electronic artists did in the 70s and 80s. Like throbbing gristle, psychic TV, vica versa and so on. Though this track is a throughly 21st century quantized digital mastering version of all that. So it is quite different in that way. It has a slight ambient bent in it as well (I'm on my third listen of it now)That happens toward the end before the crazy preaching and crying. I must say this is the most intriguing thing I've heard on looperman in some time. Possibly ever, so kudos.
Orlando51 13th Jun 2018 01:56 - 6 years ago
Something special and fun...thumbs up !:)

BLEEP 12th Jun 2018 11:07 - 6 years ago
Brilliant track!

it looks like a movie piece, it's really fascinating! congrats for the performance!

tepbeats 10th Jun 2018 16:09 - 6 years ago
weird? idk
awesome? for sure!
DRJBEATS 10th Jun 2018 15:41 - 6 years ago
this some alien shit hahaha crazy asf but its defo cool, nice track man
NaejMusic 13th May 2018 16:28 - 6 years ago
the rhythm is house,,but everything else is weird
Alien 12th May 2018 02:46 - 6 years ago
Ludwigbroo 11th May 2018 19:29 - 6 years ago
Really cool!

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20th Jan 2021 03:02 - 3 years ago
Description : Electric guitars and synth myself, mangled Shakespeare from my better half. Bass, percussion and accoustic guitar loops from LM: danke-percussive-loop; psychotropiccircle-fretless-112-01; psychotropiccircle-fretless-bbm-80; fanto8bc-stones-and-bottles; weird-percussion-sounds; ferryterry-160-bpm-acoustic-guitar
29th Dec 2017 15:23 - 6 years ago
Description : A song I wrote over a guitar track that I found on YouTube. Link to the original track can be found below.

Have been attempting to write 2-3 songs over the past couple of months with little success, when this one just appeared out of nowhere.

It's a bit odd I guess (which is why I tagged it as weird) but I enjoyed creating and listening back to it, so here it is.

Thank you!

Music: In Albany New York - The 126ers
12th Oct 2020 23:03 - 3 years ago
Description : Every instrument is performed and recorder live. Piano, double bass, drums.

Another try from my horror jazz collective.

Instruments Used:
-"LIRA" upright piano (MADE IN USSR 1973)
-"BLAST CULT" upright bass (MADE IN USA 2016)
-TAMA Imperial Star + Pearl OMAR HAKIM snare + Various Ziljian cymbals.

Let me know what you think about this tune. Tnx.
29th May 2013 09:16 - 11 years ago
Description : Many of strangeness here ....
A link between two musical worlds quite different but united in this message of harmony.
"Silverpaw" (former Looperman) had in the depths of one of its hard drives, this arrangement that I made the past year:
He decided to bring this theme, with a text and this voice ....
Very surreal but I really enjoyed ....

I hope it will be the same for you.

Thank you for listening.
18th Jun 2019 21:50 - 5 years ago
Description : "no internet connection" Album track probe OUT on all platforms.

8th May 2016 05:11 - 8 years ago
Tags :
Description : I have nothing to say about this track
21st Aug 2021 20:48 - 2 years ago
Description : I started out making this track a Vocal track, then it turned into a Chillout track but, now I'd say DubJazz, PsychoFunk or Weird. You be the Judge.

23rd Aug 2013 00:06 - 10 years ago
Description : Hey guys! Well, this is the first time I upload a song with my voice. I have to confess that this is not a style I usually sing. And, as an extra point, this is my first song in english. My native language is spanish, my english is not perfect, so sorry for mistakes (grammar, pronunciation, etc). Well, about lyrics, I explain the story on description of the instrumental version. If you want to read the story or hear the instrumental track, go here [ ]. This song was made on Magix Music Maker 2013 Premium and Adobe Audition 3.0. I hope you like it. Thanks! SUN & MOON... FIRE & ICE HEART... LIGHT & DARK FUSION...
18th Jan 2022 12:35 - 2 years ago
Description : I haven't done anything in awhile. I got tired of screwing with this so just did some gain staging & panning & slapped it on here. It definitely sounds like something I would do.
14th Mar 2023 01:07 - 1 year ago
Tags :
Description : Again not sure of genre but it is kinda weird. Very much an experiment and Im not sure if it works but someone will let me know no doubt. If you can cope at all probably better with headphones. Pad sound is guitar treated with reverbs, crazy drums constructed from Akai kits and free jazz SFZ kit, sax samples and minimal synth line from arturia minifreak
27th Mar 2018 09:17 - 6 years ago
Description : Hey everyone! Here's a song I made using loops that all came from here on
I hope you guys like it!
18th Dec 2016 22:51 - 7 years ago
Description : I found an old recording of me playing guitar on 8-track and decided to use it in a new track. All parts have been recorded using analogue equipment. I've then slowed down, sped up or reversed as I recorded them digitally. Then came the difficult part, attempting to piece it all together in ableton without everything being too out of time (there's no way to make it perfect).
Once I'd EQ'd out some of the loudest hiss, I started applying effects and eventually mastering it all.
What you get as a final product is a simple song executed in a very weird way. I'm quite happy with the disorienting effect. I hope you like it too :)
27th May 2020 08:51 - 4 years ago
Description : flsouto X DeadStringer X killacamsos X 808ZADDY X DiabloProductions X JoeFunktastic
1st Feb 2017 17:46 - 7 years ago
Tags :
Description : Sorta vaporwave more trip hop
1st Oct 2019 19:28 - 4 years ago
Description : A simple, weird little tune... Dunno where to put, so will be there. Any suggestion (except to delete it)? :)