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Description : distorted synth bass and wobbles made with massive x

show me what ya got!

Description : Gross Beat + EQ

Description : i hope you enjoy. the first part is normal, the second is halftimed so you can add some variation throughout your beat. please comment with your creations, and click my profile picture if you would like to contact me. i made a beat with this loop that i can also send to you if you would like!

Description : interesting melody with instrument called Koto on garageband. I'll keep making these till i get writers block

Description : space sound synth loop by 310

more loops on my profile!

enjoy/leave the link!

Description : Just posted my brand new FREE Loop Kit.
This is the piece of sample from there. Go get full loop kit and 10 another FREE loops! Link in profile!
Also leave a link in comments so I can check ur beats out.

Description : Massive Soft Organ by 310

dark vibes

enjoy/leave the link!

Description : Roddy Ricch Gunna Lildurk Young Thug Drake Type Loop

Description : FX: Celemony Melodyne, Izotope Nectar, FabFilter Timeless2, Pro-Q2 & Pro-R

Description : Travis Scott X Wheezy X Pyrex X Pvlace TYPE LOOP "Latina"


Description : loops like these, drum patterns and other loops for cheap? send me a message :)

link what u made!

melody for rap, trap, drake

Description : Made with electrax and nexus.
Send what u make!

Description : only Chords August Forster Grand with a lot FX by 310

check out my profile for more!

enjoy/leave the link!

Description : Gunna x Future Melody

pads, dark, bells, drake, lil baby

Description : Show me what you do with it

Description : Roddy Rich Flute Melody By RpoBeatz
For Personal Loops Contact me Via Email
Send me what you made!

Description : Una Chorda from Kontakt 5 by 310

more pianos on my profile - check it out!

enjoy/leave the link!

Description : Arp,Pad,Flute

Description : Made with Xpand! enjoy and show me what u guys made! Have a nice day :3

Description : Root Notes Are C - A# - G# - A#

Description : g minor leave what u make in description

Description : /LEX, part1/guitar/
/roddy ricch/polo g/gunna/lil keed/wheezy/
*dm me for more
*check part2 (flute)
/comment if u like this loop
/show me your beats made with this loop
*check my other loops

Description : /LEX, part2/flute/
/roddy ricch/polo g/gunna/lil keed/wheezy/
*dm me for more
*check part1 (guitar)
/comment if u like this loop
/show me your beats made with this loop
*check my other loops

Description : Comment what you've done!

Description : Click my Profile Picture to download the MIDI!

I upload loops almost every day so feel free to contact me on Instagram (itsmochajones) with any questions or requests!

Drop a comment with your beat or song & thanks for rockin with me!

Loops 1 - 25 of 443
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