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Description : Taken from my DarkLoops project. This is supposed to be experimental/weird/avant-garde stuff. If you are trying to create happy/pop/melodic songs, then this is not for you. Otherwise, make yourself uncomfortable and enjoy!

Description : Make hits, no ifs ands or buts. Click profile pic for free loop packs
Get down with it drop your links that's what I do, it gets playssss
Love y'all
EbMaj FMaj GMaj AbMaj
EbMaj FMaj GMaj CMaj
My grandmother just passed away suddenly and I was supposed to send her a CD. I'm really going through it, let's blow up. Get your music out there, especially people asking for it, they need it. DM for collabs.

Description : No matter what you're going through, someone you care about is going through something worse. And you might not quite realize it until it's too late. My grandmother just passed away and I'm having a tough time it happened just the other night and it was all of a sudden.
Know who you'r eworking with seasoned vet in the game check my streams if you want to look me up. DM me to work, links in bio click the profile pic.
Drop your links.
CMaj Amin AbMaj BbMaj
CMaj Amin EbMaj FMaj

Description : My grandmother died a few nights ago. I will never get over it, I wish I spent more time with her and reached out to her more. I need to get my stuff together so I can be there for people I care about.
Let's work and blow up, I am motivated. GL and drop your beats in description, I'm making beats with others loops and dropping em in description.
Know who you're working with, seasoned vet in the game . Berkeley California

Description : A bit of hip hop trap vibes in this one drop your tracks let's work I'll try and show love
bass is D E F G
This one is dark, I just lost my grandmother

Description : Drop the music you make with it in the comments! you can get in touch wimme just click my profile. always active

Description : Sonder Brent Faiyaz Jorja Smith part 1

Description : Sonder Brent Faiyaz Jorja Smith part 2

Description : 6lack Bryson Tiller Tory Lanez Partynextdoor

Description : comment tracks

Description : Brent Faiyaz Jorja Smith Jaden Smith
custom loops available!

Description : A soulful female choir in an expressive space sings "Shoo--Doop" syllables.
Tempo counted in 4/4, but the whole thing has a slow 12/8 ballad feel, with a triplet-eighth feeling.
Harmonies: C-----Dm7

Description : Get wit me

Description : Enjoy...

Description : A soft pad plays a bolero-type rhythm.

Description : Synthetic voices chant within a church. Created entirely within the freeware synth VITAL.
Harmonies: Em7-----Dm7

Description : A thick synth patch plays some slow chords.
Harmonies: Dm7-------Am9

Description : A synth plays expressive chords at a slow tempo.
Harmonies: G#m-----E6

Description : A piano, in an expressive space, plays hushed, emotional chords.
Harmonies: A---C#m----A----C#m

Description : Enjoy...

Description : text me instra

Description : Acoustic Guitar Riff in B minor.

Description : yeah idk

Description : i think i saw her in a dream. oh well i'll make a loop to remember her

Description : Off the dome

Loops 1 - 25 of 102
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