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Description : Chill piano loop in 55/110 bpm.
hope usable.
link what you used it in.

Description : Made some strings for a beat but I changed my mind and just made the strings.

Description : I couldn't find out who it sounded like. I made it in 70 bpm but you can use it in 140 as you please. Be sure to comment what you used it in.

Description : A DSK Vst that I have and now used.

Description : A moody synth melody. This could easily be in a lil uzi type beat.
What will you do with it?

Description : Used this thing and made this thing.

Now post your thing... wait no I mean beat...

Description : drop a link if you use it

Description : fast, got some low notes at the end of each 2 bar

Description : I hope I get better at sound design (T-T)

You can make some cold beats with this.

Description : link your creation pls

Description : This is for a guy from the first loop.

Description : A lil trap but for you guys and girls.
Funny story, I got caught lacking for my math test in class today (-_-)

Description : comment what you got

Description : hard hitting drums with bell perc
in the last 8 bars hihat and perc pitch go down

Description : comment what you got

Description : drums off my newest beat

Description : made detuned piano chords, reversed, added reverb, eq, and chorus and came up with this.
In E minor

Description : hard hitting simple drums
no open hats, so feel free to add them if you want.
drop links if u use it

Description : A scary melody using a string layered over a synth.

Description : it ain't truth and it lies.

Description : comment what you got

Description : comment what you got

Description : Screeching strings that could provide a hard beat drop.

Description : String 'Strikes' with an extended hit at the end of the second bar.

Description : Could act as a good sub-melody. Feel free to drop links if you use this.
Used TyrellN6 plugin.

Loops 1 - 25 of 109
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