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Description : Not sure what you could with this but I'm sure there's something

Description : maybe suicideboys idk

Description : Vincent Van glow
if you don't not make nothing don't not leave a link

Description : simple loop made in lmms comment what you make I will view all of them

Description : Remade from Icejjfish's Hold On Song

Made a bit different cuz I just went off memory instead of checking.

Description : Used a bit of compression for a tighter sound.

Description : nothing like night lovell

Description : Kinda ish

Description : Made with fx sounds from the Nintendo 64 classic "Perfect Dark"

Description : made this with sounds from "Perfect Dark" for nintendo 64
3 bars at 110 bpm

Description : better get a scuba suit cuz you gon be drowning in the poontang
LEave a goshdarn link sonny

Description : I mixed notes from sad by x and notes from Still dre by Dr Dre
i need Feedback
drop a muhfriggin comment fool
will send midi, if someone explains what that means and how
leave a link

Description : Trap beats are EASY

Description : lemme know if u use in comments


Description : Chill icytwat loop

Description : Synth bass loop.

Description : Chilling drums groove.

Description : Orchestral bass loop

Description : Orchestral strings loop.

Description : Fast paced hip hop rhodes piano loop

Description : im unchained, you cant change that
lets face facts
Im laidback
I lace tracks
I was late for class
i saved the bell
he payed me back

Description : you could ask me to leave what makes me what is me,
we could see what the outcome would be
what is earth? what is dirt? what are leaves from the tree?
what is hurt? an emotional sea and your boat wants to sink,
in the sink where you hurl but continue to drink
what to think but this world is so cruel and so cold
but theres stories untold so dont fold
and if you hold dont think it'll better but better yourself by slowing your role
-me in 2016
good stuff amirite

Description : So basic but I made a slapper with it, so I know someone on here can make a slapperer with it.

"let it be, sippin Hennessey till the end of me"

Description : Platypiss

Loops 1 - 25 of 183
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