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Description : Boom Bap Drums inspired by Producer 6ix

Description : I was looking for a no-copyright free downsine on google and couldn't find one. So I made one myself, I used LMMS. You may use this for commercial use. Just if you do tell me thx.

Description : Throw links to your bits in the comments.

Description : Throw links to your bits in the comments.
I was inspired by a lo-fi bit tutorial that helped me create this loop

Description : Loop of Guitar

Description : I did it with the zynaddsubfx

Description : Comment what you did below

Description : Imma be honest with yall.. I forgot the the BPM of the loop but ik it's around 160 and 166.

Also tell me how the 808 was (Like was it good for you or too low or whatever).

Description : Comment what u did below

Description : Chill

Comment what you did with it ;)

Description : Used Kontakt's hybrid keys and added delay and reverb

Description : Space and trap.

Description : Let me know if you were able to do anything with this (or don't it don't matter to me too much)

Description : Decent Melody

Description : contact me with gmail for collabs or beats

Description : Average drums

Description : whenever i make songs, samples, beats, etc. I always put down what it feels like before
I can think of an actual title. I've never been to Tulsa, but this is what Tulsa feels like to me. Also there's added chords at the end so you can chop this how you like. Just drop the link when you use it thanks

Description : Piano 150

Description : dark melo, drop links

Description : A loop for (pop,) rap and techno music: Post me a link what you made with it!
all the sounds are recorded from my drum kit on my keyboard. I don't know if there are any problems with copyright looperman?

Description : Some 808 i created from drawing the Wave, included with kicks, snares & cymbals I recorded from my Electronic Drums. Drop me a link to what you made with it!

Description : Did something like the Dream Synth again.

Description : Not the blue alien looking things!

I was trynna make it sound more real but I didn't know how.

Description : Based off of Pick Up the Phone by Travis Scott,Young Thug

I would appreciate it if I can hear what you made by posting links in the comments
Also email me for Exclusive loops (Check my Profile)

Description : Can anyone give me any tips on making boom bap beats?

Loops 1 - 25 of 120
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