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Description : made using toxic biohazard

Description : Make me proud with this one guys!

Description : Drums off of a beat i just made. Put this over some hype melody and you got a banger.
Basic 808s, hard kick, open hi hats, and three different hi-hat sounds. There's a snare stutter at the end of the eigth bar.

Description : BasicallyI just put together a synth and made some chords (Idk what chords though).

Look up daft pina and just listen to his background music.

Description : This was from the sorry stuff I was working on.

Description : Sounds kinda annoying but I hope it's usable.

Description : slow and shitty drums

Description : Strings to be layered with piano. its just good for some ambience

Description : Simple piano that sounds dark.

Description : Hey diary. It's been a minute since I posted here so I guess I'll start like this.

Description : pretty bad

Description : Leave a link of what you made!

Description : Goes with the strings i guess

Description : damn midterms hit me at 100 mph

Description : late but happy new years to everyone!

Description : 132 BPM drums, part of one of my newer beats. First 808 pattern is louder and higher pitched than the rest, which makes the beat drop hit hard.

Description : Strings pattern that goes with the bells. You can bring this in to spice the beat up in certain parts.

Description : More bells that you could layer with 'Bell 1', or you could play this in the intro. Sounds detuned

Description : Simple bell pattern, if you use it feel free to comment your works down below.

Description : Really repetitive, but has potential. Sounds sick at half speed.

Description : Sounds like every melody i've heard on a Juice WRLD beat.
You could slow it down for the chorus/intro, when i slowed it down by 1/2 speed it sounded dope.

Description : Drums off of my newest beat, gives off extremely dark vibes.
Dropping a couple melodies later today.

Description : Anyone ever see that dude named kong on youtube he help start imaginary ambition.

Description : I tried making a trap beat (That boi was hard tbh).

Description : Follows the basic structure/pattern of the bells.

Loops 1 - 25 of 83
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