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Description : Kick, Hi-hat, and snare drumloop that should provide some sauce to your musical composition

Description : I hear a someone like Iann Dior,Juice Wrld or Polo G on this.

Let me hear your work if you use this :)

Description : Made with a Fazioli Grand Piano VST patch with some highpass filtering and reverb.

Root note: D
First chord: Dm
Send me beats/songs down below!

Description : First time making a loop.
Make a beat and comment the link

Description : A 4/4 bar loop I made messing around for 10-20 minutes.

Good stuff!
If you make a track with this loop, please share it in the comments!

Description : Battle type beat

Description : i have no idea if this sounds like Lil skies

Description : loop made in lmms comment what you make I will view all of them

Description : This is harder than your scout masters pecker at the annual jamboree

Description : Not sure what you could with this but I'm sure there's something

Description : maybe suicideboys idk

Description : Vincent Van glow
if you don't not make nothing don't not leave a link

Description : simple loop made in lmms comment what you make I will view all of them

Description : Remade from Icejjfish's Hold On Song

Made a bit different cuz I just went off memory instead of checking.

Description : Used a bit of compression for a tighter sound.

Description : nothing like night lovell

Description : Kinda ish

Description : Made with fx sounds from the Nintendo 64 classic "Perfect Dark"

Description : made this with sounds from "Perfect Dark" for nintendo 64
3 bars at 110 bpm

Description : better get a scuba suit cuz you gon be drowning in the poontang
LEave a goshdarn link sonny

Description : I mixed notes from sad by x and notes from Still dre by Dr Dre
i need Feedback
drop a muhfriggin comment fool
will send midi, if someone explains what that means and how
leave a link

Description : Trap beats are EASY

Description : lemme know if u use in comments


Description : Chill icytwat loop

Loops 1 - 25 of 190
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