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Description : 103 bpm
Description : I tried to recreate the synth lead that you hear in coldplay and chainsmoker's song "something just like this
Description : the drum track for this song. simple and sweet with vintage sound to it
Description : a bass line made by cherry picking 6 different ones
Description : 2nd synth of the pair, or main lead
Description : 1 of 2 complimenting synths
Description : Used FL Studio 12
Description : let it play
Description : If you use give me link ;) bye
Description : yeah yeah yeah
Description : Major lazer type pluck
Description : This is a simple loop I made in FL Studio 12 and Audacity. Let me know,if and how you've used the loop if it fits into your project ;) Made with Percussion Samples ;)
Description : Sounds like some pnd or drake type of drums... enjoy.
Description : YAaaaaaaaaA
Description : Made with Sylenth 1 preset. Was used in a Hybrid EDM Trap project that is yet to be finished. Hope you find a use for it.
Description : (in my opinion)
Description : Another one
Description : Made with fl, using sytrus. It just sounded like a bellinger melody.
Description : Tape sound
Description : Tape sound
Description : {Key Am} Last one for tonight :)
Description : Something I heard years ago somewhere. I made sure to burn it in my head when I did, however. :D
Description : KEY :F-min TEMPO: 103bpm Some Kontakt choir with FX
Description : Sub Bass and a nice Snare Please share your work if you use it :)
Description : Okay, i'm seeing so many downloads, but a few links WHERE'S THE MUSIC PEOPLE lol. Seriously though, if you use it please link it below, the anxiety from the excitement of what you all created is killer :D
Loops 1 - 25 of 90
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