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Description : Playing around with hi hats and I liked this muted sound after applying a treble cut. This rhythm is very common in contemporary latin music.
As usual, the loop is royalty free and requires no credit. At the very least, leave a comment here and connect with me on social media.
Description : Sync with same name Lead, beat and Vox
Description : Sync with same name Pad, beat and Vox
Description : Sync with same name Pad, Vox and Lead
Description : Quake Groove
Description : Show me what you make with this and I'll check it out. :)
Description : Made in FL Studio 12, key is Cminor, how me what you make!
Description : Sick choir loop; goes with Greasy 808, drums, and Piano Loop. A minor. Enjoy!
Description : Sick Trap beat, goes with Greasy 808 and Greasy Piano Loops
Description : Sick A minor 808 bassline. Enjoy!
Description : Sick A minor Piano loop. Enjoy!
Description : Made in Reason 10
Description : I made this in Fluty Loops. Lel. I chopped up one of my older beats but I doesn't includes a sample I swear Its 100% Self-made.
Show me what you made with it
Description : Tones of sanity.
Description : Bright piano sounding synth loop with a twist.
Key: C# major
Description : Classic sounding Hip-Hop synth with a focused pattern in the key of C# Major.
Description : Funky bass line with bright pluck sound in the Key of C# Major
Description : Kick
Open hi hat
1 percussion sound
Tom with low pass filter
Kick is tuned to A#/B_flat
103 bpm
4 bars
Description : A hard-pounding late-1960's West Coast Funk groove. Medium tempo, 4 seamless bars.
Description : Sytrus
Description : A choir of trombones plays some bold chords.

Implied Harmonies: Ab---Fm
Description : 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : psssOOOOOO o o o o
Description : hmu if you wanna know how to make this. you need serum
Description : off the new track coming out "Reasons pt. 2"
Loops 1 - 25 of 116
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