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Description : Lil Peep x Melancholy type

I want links in the comments to what you do with this
Description : Hope usable
Description : Loop at 102 bpm, me playing the djembe and with the sound of a Barcelos Rooster, a small bell which I got as a souvenir from Portugal. Loop counts 4 bars.
Description : the splendour of nature
Description : Hope usable
Description : One Short riff repeated
Description : From my track Only human
Description : From one of my tracks
Description : This is one of the intro keys I used for my track Karma's Gonna Get U on my track page
Description : This is my beat for my track Karma's Gonna Get U on my track page
Description : hope usable :3
Description : jazz or funk type loop
Description : the law of the strongest, real bullshit like cup world 2018, crappy football.
Description : love love love this community
Description : life lesson
Description : enjoy the loop
Description : like a rebirth
Description : Hope usable
Description : road trip
Description : Here's numba three. Show me what y'all got. 102BPM D#Min
Description : Here's numba two. 102BPM D#Min
Description : 102BPM D#Min. Let me know what y'all come up with!
Description : Made with Logic Pro X. Please send me your beats! (C minor)
Description : piano Melody 44
102 BPM
Description : Lo-Fi Piano Loop
Loops 1 - 25 of 164
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